Zoo Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Cradles and Graves

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Goodbye Tokyo!! 

Millions of people died on Zoo Season 3 Episode 11 in a puff, if we're to understand how that beacon worked. 

I don't think we were meant to understand how it worked, but at least we know it's one stop where nobody will be teleporting anytime soon. 

Complication - Zoo

It's hard to imagine what that beacon did that they lost Tokyo in an instant like that by merely cutting an electrical cord. My first thought was they lost communication with the team or lost the team only. 

Losing the whole city seems somewhat extreme.

It's too bad the world doesn't have the miracle tank liquid. They could have flown over with a barrage of helicopters and just like that, the city would have come alive.

Come to think of it, it seems downright ridiculous that Mitch was in the tank for ten months and Chloe was floating around as long as she was when she brought back a room of the dead.

I used tank concentrate to speed up your healing.


Why were others forced into a tank for months when they could have easily been cured (even brought back to life) with shots of tank concentrate?

And while I'm on the subject, I hope they ran out of the stuff and didn't just vote Max off the island. After all, he did something heroic by using his life force to kickstart the plane's secondary power supply.

Why did Max have to die with a smile on his face while cradling his great-grandson for the first time while everyone else got life pumped into them via the tank concentrate? Talk about getting the short end of the stick.

Tank Water - Zoo Season 3 Episode 11

The good news, though, is that nothing was wrong with Clem's baby. It didn't have two heads nor was it covered in scales or any such oddity. It still wouldn't surprise me if its eyes started glowing or something, though.

Abigail put something into Sam's blood. 

The assumption must be that Clementine was in the tank, so whatever might have been injected into the baby was warded off by the mojo of the tank juice. With the many other miracles that juice produces, why not?

It was only for a short while, but oh how I enjoyed Jamie on the downside of the excitement for once.

She has been attempting to run the show at only her command for so long it was wearing very thin. She's not a good leader and when it comes to the show, it feels like she's written to be a divisive character. 

Jamie is so damn difficult to like. She's haughty and full of herself, and even when she's apologizing, it never feels quite as sincere as it should.

Mitch: You think I'm mad at you? You think I'm mad that your pathological obsession almost got us all killed. Almost got Clem killed?
Jamie: I never meant for that to happen.
Mitch: I DON'T CARE!!!! I don't care what you meant! I'm not mad at you because I'm not anything as you anymore.

When she was earlier explaining to the entire group why she thought she had to make the call to leave Mitch as Duncan so he could kill Abigail, she was so flippant and annoying in her explanation. 

She also failed to explain why she couldn't be the person to kill Abigail. She merely pointed out that you would do it, and you wouldn't do it as if killing someone was the easiest and most rational of decisions anyone would make.

Abigail is a first class nut job, but she is also a nut job with hybrid DNA in her. Should the entire world rest on a newborn's shoulders to be pricked and prodded for blood every time they need his blood for serum to save it?

The speech he gave to Jamie about being the darkness was amazing.

Do you know what it was like in that tank for ten years? I had some dreams about you and me and they were pretty good, but now I know they don't mean anything because in real life whenever there is a sliver of hope, just a little bit of a light, plane comes falling out of the sky, a maniac sterilizes the world or monsters try to tear out my throat. Whenever there's one little bit of light, darkness just swoops back in. But now it's worse because now you're the darkness. The one person I though I could trust. YOU are the darkness.


She deserved that. Every word of it. But then new life came into the world, and an older life left it.

Sad Mommy - Zoo Season 3 Episode 11

But after Mitch's grandson was born and he watched his father die, he seemed to have a change of heart about the woman he supposedly loved. 

I'll never see why they love each other or what binds them together, but the issue will be forced upon me until one of the two dies (and probably after).

At the very least, while he was apologizing for his awesome speech, he did it through bars and hadn't yet determined whether he was going to let her out of her cage.

Jamie will probably teleport to IADG with the rest of the gang. 

It was amazing how quickly Tessa made her way to Colorado, right? I don't even think Jackson was off the phone with her before she revealed herself to that team and we learned she was once an IADG agent.

She was keeping secrets from Jackson, too.

Every call they make there is to Dariela's team on that plane, so why do they even have an IADG in operation without that group? They couldn't have accomplished much without them.

How do you think this season is going to wind down?

There hasn't been word on a renewal for Zoo Season 4, and so many broadcast networks have flat out given up on scripted entertainment in the summer months.

What are your thoughts on that? Do you want the story to continue?

Hit me up in the comments. Will you miss Max? Do you wish you had visited Tokyo when you had the chance?

If you want to see earlier works from this fun show, you can watch Zoo online to see how we've come so far.

Cradles and Graves Review

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

I don't trust you, Jamie. I didn't trust you when I got on the plane in Mexico, and nothing I have seen has changed my mind. And this? Leaving Mitch as Duncan to kill Abigail?


I used tank concentrate to speed up your healing.