Berlin Station Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Right Here, Right Now

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And just like THAT, Hector is back in the game.

Despite having a massive wine cellar at his disposal, Hector claimed to be three months sober on Berlin Station Season 2 Episode 2. I believe he was not only abstinent from alcohol but his incredibly addicting life as a thrill-seeking CIA agent.

That's all in the wind now, thank GOD.

Who's the Man? - Berlin Station Season 2 Episode 2

Could Hector have lived his life in Spain without the thrills and chills he had been rushing on for so long?

He didn't seem to be doing too badly. Nestled in the middle of nowhere with a house that met his every need (gorgeous naked woman included), Hector seemed content. 

Hector knows his limitations. He knew if he got involved again he'd get involved again. While he can live without it, but when a situation presents itself, it's hard not to press in there. His restraint was notable, however.

At first, he had a hard time remembering Andrew Chevalier. Or he didn't want to remember him. Once Daniel started him down that path, it was easy to get back into a character he hadn't played with in ten years. 

Getting the Beer - Berlin Station Season 2 Episode 2

What "Right Here, Right Now" did very well was play to Hector's strengths, which also happen to be the strengths of Rhys Ifans. They can both take charge of a scene so what might have felt like a calm and idyllic dinner initially is quickly overtaken with wild bursts of flavor not already on the menu.

As both Daniel and Hector tried first to seal the weapons deal with Otto, then to discover his terror plan, they were both working Otto and Lena Ganz. Unbeknownst to them early on, though, Hector had the upper hand because Otto was trying to impress Hector.

As a man who was rarely told no, he was enjoying the challenge Andrew Chevalier provided. And while Armando's initial reaction when the fire was lapping at Otto's feet was to release the valve, Daniel knew from Lena to increase the pressure.

The discussion between Hector and Otto, as a result, was a lot of fun.

Not only did we learn why (on two occasions) Otto was buying into whatever the group he belonged to was selling, but that he was going to not necessarily wage a terrorist strike to swing the election, but to start an all-out war.

Hector: They really sold you a fairytale, didn't they, Otto. Something new, something pure. Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this, Otto, but it's all shit. Alt-right, alt-left, they got you marching to the same familiar fuckin' tune. They let you believe you have the power to change your fuckin' nation but it's an illusion, Otto, it's an illusion.
Otto: The pendulum is swinging.
Hector: The pendulum is swinging. Fuck me! Wake up, Otto! Open your eyes! Nothing ever really changes. Democracy rises, Communism falls. Communism rises, Democracy falls. It's the same shit in different coats. The only thing that brings around true revolution is war.

And can I please tell you how happy I am to hear "alt-left" from one of my favorite characters? Ah, God bless Berlin Station for giving me the opportunity to make that quote a "thing" when I've been rebuffed so many times for using the phrase in reviews. 

I can die a happy woman. 

I hate the alts. And while I realize neither of the alts was used in flattering content by Hector, that he was trying to take the biggest swing at Otto as he possibly could, it still made me smile.

It was a bummer Lena called Otto on his drinking because like Hector, I could have listened to the two of them talk about that stuff all night.

What was completely unexpected was "the goon" Armando being the son of someone important, at least a member of the BfV. Esther wouldn't be running her own son, right? Surely that would be against policy. 

Daniel: Holy shit. I gotta call this in.
Hector: Shut up. That Hitler Youth guy's in there takin' a crap or something.
Daniel: Armando?
Hector: Yes.
Daniel: He's BfV. Esther Krug is running him.
Hector: What? And you brought him to my doorstep?

I don't know what other kinds of agents or government officials might work out of The Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution, but Armando's credentials were blown by using his sim card to call his MOM.

So Sorry to Involve You - Berlin Station Season 2 Episode 2

Hector figured out fairly easily the Hitler Youth (haha!) was banging Lena, but that didn't stop Lena from turning on the kid when she saw that sim card. The best thing about the fallout of his using it was it proved how much Otto trusted the two men he was getting into bed with.

He wouldn't have done what he did in Chevalier's house if the trust wasn't sealed. But he didn't share with them what he found out about the kid, so now the four of them all hold pieces to Armando's "puzzle" that is going to get them into a heap of trouble.

When Otto kissed Lena and told her he loved her, it reminded me of when a mob boss knows he's sending someone off to be killed. Was he expecting Lena to get caught in his tiff with Armando? How much does his daughter mean to him?

She wasn't in danger for long, and I laughed out loud when the gang caught up with him racing along the dirt road. First of all, anyone who plays driving games knew Lena was going catch him eventually. But Hector's commentary was the winner:

Nice Parking - Berlin Station Season 2 Episode 2

Nice parking!


Whether Esther is Armando's mother or not, he must have been out of touch with reality for a long time. Otto said he had been with him "forever," and if Armando thought someone was going to cover his ass after he started spouting stuff like "I'll tell everyone" the truth, he must have been crazy.

My initial thought is this can't end well for Hector. He's been in hiding and isn't exactly going to be greeted with a ticker tape parade. He also just killed someone's son who could identify him.

However, he's also back in it to save the world and has Otto to blame for his indiscretions. Things could turn around by the end of Berlin Station Season 2. Maybe what happens in Europe stays in Europe.

As for the storyline, if you've been paying attention, the right dominated in the recent 2017 German elections. I didn't follow them, nor do I know if the agenda the right used to win was similar to what Otto was feeling.

Otto's word, though crude, probably aren't all that different than what some alt-right groups in the US considered during our 2016 election.

Hector is Back! - Berlin Station

Daniel: What the hell are you doing?
Hector: He trusts me. I can be useful.
Daniel: You're out of your mind.
Hector: I've been out of it too long. It's going to be just like the good old days, right Trevor?

No matter where you sit on the topics, if you take the time to listen, you can hear the despair of groups of people losing their heritage much in the same way newer groups coming into a country are trying to find ways to share and celebrate theirs in their new home.

Their thoughts don't begin as evil, but when history starts being erased or draped in shadows of darkness and one group of people lose what they feel is their identity while others' find theirs celebrated, tensions rise. 

Nobody has found a good answer to stop the alt groups from preying on the fears these groups of people on both sides have or how to ensure a melting pot can exist again, but the feelings aren't affiliated with any one country or group.

And until there is less finger pointing and more two-way communication, possibilities like what's erupting on Berlin Station could become a reality. Do we have enough agents like Daniel with rogues like Hector to help us fix our mistakes?

Are you as glad as I am that Hector is back? Was Rhys Ifans on fire? Do you think Daniel and Hector are the perfect partnership? Who is Armando's mother? 

Hit me up in the comments!!

Right Here, Right Now Review

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Berlin Station Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Daniel: He's ready to deal.
Hector: So, what's in it for me?
Daniel: If things go smoothly, I'm pretty sure nobody would notice if that briefcase goes missing.
Hector: You're assuming I need the money. Look around you, Daniel.
Daniel: Cut the bullshit! You're not retired, you're in hiding! [Hector punches him in the gut]

Hector: Interfering in German politics? There's no fucking way you have Langley's approval on this.
Daniel: Gerhardt's funding a terror attack to swing the election in her favor? That's everyone's business.