Chance Season Premiere Review: All Aboard the Crazy Train

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Season 2 of the Hulu original show Chance is off to a far more gripping start than the slow burn of the first season.

Right off the bat viewers are introduced to an entirely new Eldon Chance than the man we met last season. Apparently committing a murder has had a freeing effect on the doctor. He has embraced his newfound moral ambiguity, and he and D have become quite the oddball vigilante duo.

Chance with Patient Season 2 Episode 1

Chance's new position as a neuro-psychiatrist at a Level 1 trauma facility for victims of violent assaults seems like a pretty cushy gig for a guy who previously closed his practice due to revelations about his unsavory past, became totally obsessed with a crazy lady, and then whacked off her husband.

However, he seems to have embraced a new opportunity to "help" people: taking information from his patients about the people responsible for their trauma and then sending D out to "threaten" (ahem, beat) these assailants. Chance has gone as far as having a to-do list filled with names of their targets.

As Chance becomes more and more aggressive in his actions, D is concerned that his motives reach beyond just trying to help his patients heal. In fact, the relationship between Chance and D has done a 180 from the dynamic they had in the first season.

Where D used to be the one casually taking people out with a jab of a knife while Chance panicked about morality and logistics, it is now Chance with the one-track mind toward violence forcing D to try to talk some sense into him. Chance is now unfazed by watching his friend beat the crap out of someone, and isn't afraid to do it himself either.

You know there's something different about you Doc, from the guy I met last year... something in your eyes. Or maybe that guy was the put-on and this is the real you. But, I guess it doesn't matter, 'cause we're in this together now. Whoever you are.

Detective Hynes

Chance is embracing this newfound callousness, especially when it comes to potential serial killer Ryan Winter. Chance chokes the man out, and then anonymously calls 911 to help him, perfectly encapsulating the warring urges inside of him: wanting justice at any cost, but still not able to fully succumb to the seduction of brutality.

Consulting with a Patient - Chance

Detective Hynes has returned full force this season, blackmailing Chance by threatening to expose his involvement in Raymond Blackstone's death unless he helps the detective with the Winter case. Chance agrees and seems more enticed by the investigation than put-off by being manipulated.

However, Chance is able to hold is own against the detective, thanks to help from D and Carl who were able to gather excellent intel. It seems Hynes is battling his own psychological demons, having been transferred due to his obsession with Winter.

This is especially potent after we discover that Hynes was in love with his young informant Travis who was killed by Winter.

This Doesn't Look Good - Chance

Chance: You broke in?! You broke into his place?
D: Definitely keep asking me that. Really productive.

Chance's ability to stand up to Hynes is in stark contrast to last season and how quickly Blackstone was able to intimidate the doctor. Chance has grown a backbone, but at what cost? 

The investigation into Winter becomes personal for Chance after Winter infiltrates the victim unit and one of Chance's patients is murdered. The battle between these two will be the main story arc of the season -- the obsession that replaces Jaclyn. 

Chance: Who's Stevie? In the ER before they took you down for your scan you said the name Stevie.
Winter: Buckle up, doctor. I think we're going on an adventure.

Although I find this plot to be far more engaging than the subtleties of Season 1, I can't help but wonder if the transition could've been a little smoother and if the high dive into this new story might be a little off-putting for some.

Introductions - Chance

Chance's assistant Lucy has returned (with green hair and a fabulous wardrobe!), and her deadpan humor is the perfect vehicle through which the show delivers expository information about what's going on in the office.

She pokes fun at Chance by hinting at a romance between him and their boss Dr. Clayton (Elizabeth Rodriguez of Orange is the New Black fame).

Chance vehemently denies that anything is going on between him and Dr. C, but we find out he is a big liar liar pants on fire, and they are in a romantic/physical relationship.

Lucy: She's nice... boss lady.
Chance: Dr. Clayton, yeah, she's very nice.
Lucy: If you weren't already hitting that, I'd tell you to.
Chance: I'm not hitting anyone!
Lucy: Okay.
Chance: No, seriously, I'm not.
Lucy: Gotcha.

I so much want to love these two as a couple, but their on-screen chemistry was lacking, despite their clever camaraderie. This relationship may be used to juxtapose the passion Chance had with Jaclyn last season, but I do hope things heat up in future episodes.

New Romance - Chance Season 2 Episode 1

Dr. Clayton: Cool bruise.
Chance: Goes with the shirt.

In fact, Jaclyn has only been referenced once so far this season -- when Dr. Clayton finds the black knight chess piece at Chance's apartment. He brushes it off easily, but it's obvious he is still haunted by her memory.

Again, it's clear we're going down a new road this season, but hopefully, they will eventually tie up loose ends regarding Jaclyn.

(Where did she go after Raymond was killed? Was Jackie real? Or was Jaclyn the ultimate con? How did Chance get over her so quickly?? Put us out of our misery!)

The character development of Chance's daughter Nicole has been a highlight of the new season for me. She's struggling as details of the stalking incident have followed her to her new school.

After an especially frank pep-talk from D about standing up for herself, Nicole goes as far as to assault her bully psychically. Is she falling down the same rabbit hole as her father?

Blank Stares - Chance Season 2 Episode 1

The only thing I love more than Nicole's development is D's. Aside from his hilariously timed sarcasm, fascinating philosophical ramblings, and major fighting abilities, I find his newfound interest in Winter's pregnant housekeeper to be one of the most exciting plot points of the new season.

I never thought I'd describe D as adorable, but this just might change my mind.

D: Hey, how come you didn't scream? When you saw me in the house?
Lorena: 'Cause you're not scary.

What do you guys think? Has Chance officially gone off the deep end? How do you feel about Jaclyn's absence? Will they catch Winter? Comment your thoughts below!

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Chance Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Lucy: She's nice... boss lady.
Chance: Dr. Clayton, yeah, she's very nice.
Lucy: If you weren't already hitting that, I'd tell you to.
Chance: I'm not hitting anyone!
Lucy: Okay.
Chance: No, seriously, I'm not.
Lucy: Gotcha.

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Chance: Do you have something you want to say to me?
Nikki: You're gonna die pretty soon if you don't stop picking fights with random assholes like that dummy in the truck.
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