Dynasty Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Guilt Is for Insecure People

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While the series is trying to re-brand itself in a modern way, Dynasty Season 1 Episode 3 found some time to pay tribute to the original series with a glitzy '80s themed charity gala. 

But it wasn't just glitz and glamour and oversized shoulder pads. 

For starters, they could not have chosen a worse time to host a charity gala. 

Fallon and Cristal - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 3

The media was having a field day with accusations that Steven murdered Matthew, Cristal's ex-lover, and a Carrington employee. 

Trust me when I say, there is nothing glamorous about murder. 

But in true "rich people fashion," they took the "show must go on" approach because canceling the gala would make them look bad and guilty; two things they obviously aren't. 

More effort was put into planning this gala than actually finding a solution to clear Steven of all charges. I guess they don't seem too worried about it because money can make everything go away.  

Steven feebly attempts to find an alibi for the morning of the murder, but Sammy is of no use. 

If there's anyone that has more secrets than the Carringtons it's the new Mrs. and her nephew, who literally spends all his time oiling up by the pool. It really must be nice. 

Fallon, I'm being charged with murder. I can't go to an 80s dance party.


Now, I'm not saying Sammy isn't a good person... well actually, after what he pulled, I think he's living a very complicated life. 

Sammy has his moments; at times, he's a conniving threat to Cristal's existence, while others he's just a sweet boy trying to cheer up Steven. 

And while his plan to get the money save his mom wasn't the brightest, his motives were in the right place. 

We finally got a look into the big secret that Ander's keeps using to taunt Cristal. 

Through flashbacks, we see that she left her sister behind after securing herself a better life in America. 

When Sammy gets a call that his mother was robbed and fearing for her life, Cristal feels personally responsible and guarantees him that she'll get the money to save her sister.

Cristal and Sammy - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 3

All they need is money, which Cristal has plenty of, so it should be no problem. 

But it is. The series pulls a twist that really shows us just how much of a prisoner Cristal is in her new luxurious life. She has an abundance of money and can have anything in the world, but all with Blake's permission. 

Did she really think this rich man was going to let her live her life without watching her every move?

And seriously girl, you didn't read your prenup? That's one thing with which any woman needs to get familiar! 

Still, even without the funds, Cristal seems confident that she'll be able to figure out a solution. 

Seeing as she's been pretty successful at carving a good life for herself, I spent the episode waiting for her master plan only to be let down just like Sammy. 

He wanted a war, let's make sure he's the casualty.


You can see she feels guilty about not being able to help her sis, but as Sammy points out, she's so far removed from the situation that she feels safe in her mansion. 

He's not one to talk since he's also living out these luxuries at the expense of his aunt. 

If Cristal knew how credible the threat against her sister was, she should have just come clean to Blake. 

From the get-go, he says that he wants transparency. I'm sure that there's more to her past than what we've seen thus far, but coming clean about it now instead of later would probably save them a lot of headaches. 

For starters, Blake understands the importance of family; that's what bonded them together in the first place. He's ride or die for his family.

If he knew that she needed $10 thousand -- which is chump change for this man -- to save her sister, he would help in a heartbeat. 

Cristal Funds - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 3

What could be so bad that she's scared of having him find out?

Instead, Sammy had to take matters into his own hands and come up with his stupid plan, which involved a masked robber stealing a bunch of items. 

Not only did the dude almost get caught but he also stole Matthew's phone. 

Matthew's phone was a major focal point during the gala because it was the leverage that both Fallon and Steven needed against their father. 

Steven hoped to find out his dad was really behind the murder; Fallon hoped to use the phone to help win back her name. 

Usually, the Carrington name carries a lot of weight, but it's slowly losing its credibility. 

Not only is the name tainted by the murder investigation, but if whatever Blake wants to cover up on that phone gets out, it would "ruin their name." 

Fallon: Fine, let her have it. Everyone here knows I was born into diamonds. The only way you could get any was by spreading your legs.
Cristal: If only diamonds could buy class.

I'm going to guess that there are videos on there that connect Cristal and Matthew, giving both her and Blake motive for the murder. 

And in that case, why did he lie about giving the phone back to Steven?

Fallon put up a good fight against her father, who served her with a cease and desist for using the family name in a rival business.

You have to give her credit for being so determined.

Charity Gala - Dynasty

Eventually, she realizes what Michael's been trying to tell her this whole time -- the name doesn't matter because being a Carrington is in your blood. She's her own biggest asset. 

Will it all come back to bite her and send her running to daddy? Probably.

Her weakness is thinking she can have her cake and eat it too, especially when it comes to Colby and Michael. 

Colby may have said that he wants to keep business and pleasure separate, but his actions after seeing her hook up with Michael indicate that it'll eventually ruin their partnership. 

Similarly, things with Michael, who will do illegal things for her, will eventually take a wrong turn. 

The messier things get, the more delicious everything is.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Who do you think killed Matthew? What's the full story with Cristal's sister?

You can watch Dynasty online and share your comments with me below! 

Guilt Is for Insecure People Review

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Fallon, I'm being charged with murder. I can't go to an 80s dance party.


He wanted a war, let's make sure he's the casualty.