Family Guy Season 16 Episode 4 Review: Follow The Money

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I'm guilty. I obviously have no funny bone. Out of the entirety of Family Guy Season 16 Episode 4, there were only a few moments I found humorous. 

I liked that we got to see so many Family Guy characters have a part in the travels of Chris' birthday dollar, but what was the point of it all?

Mayor West on a Run - Family Guy Season 16 Episode 4

Something could be said about the dollar that travels around being some sort of sexual commentary, but that's probably reading way more into it than intended.

It could just simply be a story about the interesting travels of a dollar in everyday life and where it starts and ends.

Considering "Follow the Dollar" was following The Simpsons umpteenth Treehouse of Horror episode, you'd think Family Guy would come up with something better.

But maybe, and maybe I'm just trying to grab onto something that's just not there, the dollar floating around town is just a spoof on The Simpsons opening sequence with the green rod traveling all over Springfield.

Mort: What a generous gift.
Carter: I know. Isn't money great?
Mort: Oh, it's the best.

Maybe the entire premise of the "Follow the Dollar" is that they are following the dollar? Not that Family Guy isn't a money maker of its own, but it will always be on the bottom of the animation totem pole. At least that's what many people think.

Or maybe there just wasn't supposed to be a point to "Follow the Dollar" at all.

Like the female chick-chick and chick fight. It was as pointless as Peter's fight with the male chicken (I can't remember its name). There is no point to the entire chicken fight and making it female-centric didn't make it any better.

A Chick Fight

The silly slapping fight between the two was extra silly. We've all seen Lois in a girl fight before, and she doesn't silly slap. That's not her style.

The only point of the silly girl fight was to knock over the tip jar so that the dollar could continue on its journey. And, yes, I used silly a lot in that sentence because that's basically what those long-take chicken fight scenes are: silly. And stupid. I forgot stupid.

I'm just glad Lois' fight didn't go on forever like Peter's fight with the Giant Chicken usually does. 

The only redeeming part of the Lois' chicken fight was Nicole removing four eggs before the fight started. For some reason, maybe because I was looking for something to laugh at, I found that funny.

If you really think about it, the whole thing is ridiculous just for the fact at how stupid it is that a hen would be pissed off that her mate (what is he a cock? a rooster?) is having lunch with a someone of a completely different race. But I guess even chickens get jealous.

I did find the ending scene amusing with Lois texting Giant Chicken and waiting for a reply that wasn't coming after she texted "goodnight." Those little dots were moving and then...nothing.

Peter's turn at having the dollar was probably the best. I loved how he grabbed it from Stewie and gave him a spoon instead. Stewie may be the smartest kid on the block, but he's still a baby.

Meg on a Date - Family Guy Season 16 Episode 4

But the best had to be when he was in the car and ordered his second breakfast. How many times have you seen people eating food they shouldn't be eating in the car? 

Or doing things they shouldn't be doing in the car like making podcasts or whatever Peter was doing. No matter how many warnings, people still behave badly in their car, but who doesn't laugh when Peter is the one doing it? It's such a Peter thing to do.

Carter: Can I turn off everything but the blacklights?
DJ: Sure, I don't care about anything
Carter: Cool.
Chris: Wow. This place is gross.
Carter: Yeah. The NBA All-Star Game was in town last week.

Poor Peter couldn't even sink a penny in a shot glass. Maybe he just wasn't drunk enough because if Joe could do it more than once, what exactly was Peter's problem? At least Quagmire figured out that Peter needed to be treated like the baby he is and they had to pretend Peter got the penny in the glass.

Anything with Mort always makes me laugh. Does it make me a racist to laugh at all the Jewish jokes on Family Guy? Because I do. I can't help it. They're so exaggerated which is what makes them so funny.

Sort of like the NBA jokes, but those really aren't that exaggerated, are they?

What did you think of "Follow the Money"? What was your favorite part? What did you like least? Were there any parts that made you laugh out loud?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Follow The Money Review

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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 4 Quotes

I took an oath. If mail touches me, I have to deliver it.


Mort: What a generous gift.
Carter: I know. Isn't money great?
Mort: Oh, it's the best.