Ghosted Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

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Exploring the paranormal with a dose of humor is already gret, then add actors like Adam Scott and Craig Robinson and it is nothing short of perfect.

If anything, the only issue had to be how fast paced everything was because it felt like everything deserved even more screentime. But tackling the topic of aliens and headless beings isn't always easy, making it hilarious is what works for Ghosted.

On Ghosted Season 1 Episode 1, Max and Leroy meet one another on the way to their first mission to help save a stranger that trusted them both. Their involvement with The Bureau Underground helps Max confirm that something strange happened with his wife when he sees her on the screen in their office

Finding the Missing - Ghosted

Things happened fast and the general idea was just about keeping up. Having two leads that weren't spending time questioning everything gave the show more freedom to just jump right in. 

And that is exactly what they did, going full force which meant there was never a dull moment. As much as I wish the show slowed down at some points, it only would be because everything could be explored more.

From Max and Leroy's lives outside of the Bureau, to their growing partnership, to the whole operation that is going on at their new job. 

But that has to be a side effect from a well thought out pilot, and the small portions that were chosen were good enough for me to want even more. 

Nothing beats Max working at the bookstore, recommending books and then casually mentioning that his wife was abducted. No other way would have made as big of an impact, because before he explained it I really had no idea what he was going to say.

Wait, did Alex Trebek have a hidden camera show? How did I miss that?


Adam Scott was born to play the role of Max, and I can't imagine anyone else making the character work like he did so far. 

Max's belief in aliens and abductions left me without a shadow of a doubt that they were real from the start. And at first it feels like you shouldn't buy into his whole idea but that is the best part of the show.

The paranormal and the idea of a multiverse get dropped right away and there isn't that constant doubt. Anything could happen and the audience just rolls with it because it is that kind of show.

Max though plays the perfect believer, because through him you want to believe as well.

And there was barely any information on the subject but I am ready to explore what happened with his wife. That cliffhanger alone was enough, and it was even a little bit freaky which you wouldn't expect based on other scenes.

There was almost this set up for everything to be a little silly that when it came to things being a little more serious, that mark got hit even harder because it was that unexpected. 

Leroy: Have you all seen a Yeti?
Ava: Yes.

Craig Robinson really fit the role of a guy who just isn't going to buy what is being told to him right off the bat. He can be sceptic but he also isn't too drastic where he has to be convinced of everything.

It can be tough to find that happy medium where you have someone the audience can connect with when things get too crazy and someone needs to point out that that can't be real. 

But then you risk having that character shut that door once and for all. Leroy didn't end up in that category because he does witness strange things, and even though he doesn't trust the fact that Max's wife was abducted, he also isn't standing around thinking the paranormal isn't real.

It will be interesting to see how missions change Leroy's look on different things. Max's wife might shed some light on aliens, or at least I hope so because that space ship isn't enough.

I need to see even more of the unexpected, especially because Max and Leroy react to all these things in the best way.

Max: Checker was clearly reading my book. Should I sign it?
Leroy: You should definitely sign it.

The team wasn't showcased as much, something that I am looking out for. Their dynamics aren't established yet but I have a feeling that that workplace environment is worth some of the show's screentime. 

Going forward I just really hope everyone that was involved in the missions so far gets more attention. In fact it would be great to see Max and Leroy in the office, not as much as out in the field but still.

So far the other characters hold just as much potential and I can't wait to see where everything goes from here. I'm specifically excited to uncover more about Max's wife and other types of paranormal activities that are roaming around. 

But what wraps the show up so nicely is the chemistry between Max and Leroy. They really work as partners because there are times when they feel far from that. They aren't always functional but they are always entertaining, and that is worth tuning in for. 

Max: Wow this is our first mission. What should I do?
Leroy: Stay quiet.

What did you think of the premiere?

Did it live up to your expectations or are you waiting for more? What was your first impression of the main characters and who do you want to see more or less of? Where do you see things going from here, especially when it comes to Max's wife?

Let us know what you think below.

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Ghosted Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Wait, did Alex Trebek have a hidden camera show? How did I miss that?


Leroy: Have you all seen a Yeti?
Ava: Yes.