How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: What Happened to Michaela?

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Nothing is ever as it seems on this show. 

On How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 3, Annalise got a shock when someone close to her died, and Michaela had blood on her in the flashforward. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Whitney Evans, Toshia Smith and Justin Carreiro discuss the death, Michaela's blood-soaked clothing and all things Connor. 

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How did you feel about Jasmine dying?

Jasmine: Sad, but not the least bit surprised. After that rousing argument, Annalise gave in court, I wanted the best for Jasmine. It just wasn't in the cards.

Whitney: I wasn't surprised at all, but it was still sad. As soon as Annalise mentioned last week that Jasmine would relapse, I knew that's where her story was headed.

Tosh: I wasn’t surprised. Maybe I’m just suspicious of everyone, but I have a feeling that Jasmine was killed and didn’t die of an overdose. 

Justin: I'm more sad than surprised at her death. You always hope for the best for characters when Annalise wins their case. I agree with Whitney; once Annalise made the speech last week about the relapse, it was obvious this would happen.

The Truth - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 3

Why does Michaela have blood on her in the flashforward?

Jasmine: I have no idea! I was so caught off guard by her presence that I didn't even recognize her at first. I think of all the flash forwards so far, that one caught my attention the most. 

Whitney: I am very lost with the flash forwards so far! I have no idea why Michaela has blood on her, but the most interesting part of that scene for me was Isaac's reaction to Michaela. I really want to know how he gets involved with everyone.

Tosh: I’m with Whitney. How does Isaac know everyone? I think Michaela has blood on her because she helped Laurel give birth. That’s why she was standing in front of the babies, asking if HE is dead. 

Justin: That's an interesting theory, Tosh! Helping Laurel give birth could explain some of the blood and her recent shock in the flash forward.

Moving On - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 3

Were you a fan of everyone throwing the "friendtervention" for Connor?

Jasmine: No, actually. Connor has always been a character who either irritates the hell out of me or endears me unexpectedly. It's usually the former, but I understand and can relate to him here. Connor knows his limits, and he has had to put up with more than the norm, they all have.

His wanting out and losing his passion for law is probably the most realistic thing that has come up, so it kind of sucks that everyone is treating him like he's abnormal right now. He isn't. Leave him be. Team Connor.

Whitney: Connor has been on a downward trajectory for awhile now, so I get why his friends wanted to help. They all want what's best for him, and it's easy to forget with all the chaos that always surrounds them, that every one of them are smart, capable people with the potential to be good lawyers.

They don't want Connor to give up on his dream. But at the same time, I think they need to realize that dreams can change.

Tosh: I think Connor’s decision is realistic and pretty rational. He’s the only one who has consistently shown that he has no reason why he wants to be a lawyer. The rest of the Keating Four had an answer to why they want to work in law.

I think the interviews last week showed Connor that he doesn’t have a reason for being in law school, so he doesn’t want to waste everyone’s time. 

Justin: I was a fan because it showed that his friends cared about him. They noticed that something was going on with Connor, and his surprising decision to drop out of school seemed like a glaring red warning sign.

I would've hated it if his friends had not said or done anything. However, I do agree with the others above. They need to understand dreams change and Connor doesn't love practicing law anymore.

A New Case - How to Get Away with Murder

Are you enjoying Michaela looking for the answers?

Jasmine: I am enjoying Michaela period. Yeah, I like that she has taken this on, but she's still balancing out being typical, go-getter Michaela too. I love it. Plus, it has led to her interacting with Amirah Vann, who was a freaking rockstar on Underground as Ernestine, and whom I have loved ever since.

Michaela scenes have been among my favorite. She and Laurel are arguably the best of the bunch, so them working together like this is going to be insane and fruitful.

Whitney: I'm going to enjoy it now because we all know it's all going to go downhill soon enough.

Tosh: Michaela has always been the rock star out of the group. I’m happy she won the contest, but she is sure to get caught sharing client information, which could ruin her chances at being admitted to the bar. I did love how she got caught on the phone and Asher tried to cover for her with his horrible accent.  

Justin: Michaela is incredible! Even though she's determined to be a successful lawyer, she still gives in and helps her friends at their lowest point. I hope this doesn't negatively affect her future. However, this is How To Get Away With Murder; trouble is surely coming...

Are you enjoying the return of cases of the week?

Jasmine: YES!! Cases of the week were a large part of the initial appeal to the show before it went spinning into insanity. It means more of Annalise dominating a courtroom and Viola Davis giving performances and speeches that hit you in the feels.

Whitney: Yes and no. My favorite episodes of this series over the years are never the ones that involve the cases of the week. It's okay for now since the series has almost been reset now after the death of Wes, but I'm hoping the second half of the season focuses on the aftermath from whatever is happening in the flash forwards.

Tosh: I like that Annalise is working as a public defender. I think this grounds her and will reinvigorate her passion for the law. With her not teaching, this is the best way to get her back in the habit of things. 

Justin: Yes. I love following the plot-heavy episodes which connect to the main story, but I welcome having these breaks every now and then. Sometimes the cases of the week are fun and have the juicy twists that hooked us in the first place. We can't focus on Laurel's baby every week.

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Laurel: Michaela.
Michaela: Leave me alone.
Laurel: Slow down, I'm pregnant.
Michaela: That's why we can't do this.

Laurel: All you have to do is access my father's account. It's called Antares. You just have to find some activity that we can leak to the STC or FBI.
Michaela: Oh, my god.