How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: What Is Going on With Laurel?

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Laurel is making all the wrong decisions. 

That became very clear on How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 4 when she persisted to get those closest to her on board to find out everything about her father. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Justin Carreiro, Whitney Evans and Toshia Smith discuss Laurel's actions, Oliver's reason for being at a crime scene and so much more!

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Were you a fan of Laurel and Frank sleeping together?

Jasmine: No. It didn't surprise me one bit, but I could have done without it. The utter disregard for Bonnie by both of them ticked me off. Not too long ago she thought Frank killed Wes and now she's banging him in the car because she's randy and everything is dandy? Ugh. No. 

Justin: I agree with Jasmine. I wish this didn't happen as I thought we were over this storyline. They don't work together, and both had moved. Let's not open up this relationship again.

Whitney: I agree with the others. Laurel and Frank never had this grand love story in my opinion, so there is no reason to go down this road again. I'm hoping this doesn't turn into a thing, but I have a feeling it will.

Tosh: It was unnecessary. I agree with everyone. Laurel and Frank had no regard for Bonnie, who is helping Laurel even though she doesn't have to. The writers could have expressed Laurel's pregnancy hormones another way.

The Truth - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 3

What's your theory about Oliver being at Caplan & Gold in the flash-forward?

Jasmine: Knowing Oscar, he was there to do some hacking or whatever because he can't stay away from doing investigatory computer work for law firms for nothing in the world. He was there working, and things got messy.

Justin: He either had a freelance gig at the company, or he broke in to hack something. Regardless of how he got there, he was doing some computer hacking.

Whitney: Michaela probably asked him to do her a favor or something. And I think he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Tosh: I also think Oliver was there at the wrong time. The blood spatter on the walls is the same as at Annalise's place. Maybe somebody went on a killing spree. I'm thinking all the blood is from a contract killer (Dominic?) trying to get rid of evidence of Wes' murder.

The New Boss - How to Get Away with Murder

Could Isaac's mystery patient be someone from the Keating 5?

Jasmine: Now that we know Bonnie is pretending to be someone else and posing as a patient, yeah, sure. It's certainly possible. I'm more interested in his notation that Annalise might be a trigger for him. How? Why? Tell me more, Isaac! 

Justin: This theory makes a lot of sense. These characters are all connected, and it would give him more of a reason to be around during the flash-forward.

Whitney: I'm with Jasmine. I'm way more interested in why Annalise triggers him. And I'm curious what relationship Bonnie and Isaac have developed over the weeks.

Tosh: There is so much mystery surrounding Isaac. I've been suspicious of him since Annalise first went to see him and he was talking to someone on the phone about how she was there. 

The Truth, Please! - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 4

What will Denver do to get rid of Laurel?

Jasmine: Have lunch with me so we can figure it out together. My bad, Laurel has been working my nerve for a while now. He may call her daddy on her or something. Laurel is playing with fire, but if Bonnie finds out about Flaurel, Denver might not have to do anything himself because Bonnie would handle it.

Justin: I don't know at this point. It could be something like threatening her, but as we've seen in How To Get Away With Murder, attempted murder is never out of the possibilities for what someone might do next.

Whitney: No clue but he's not above doing something sketchy or illegal.

Tosh: I agree with Jasmine. Laurel is working my nerves also. She asks everyone to trust her but shows no evidence. And, there's no reason for her to keep knowledge of Wes' murder a secret from everyone else. Has she not learned what secrets can do over these past few years?

A Conflicted Michaela - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 4

Will Connor take his father's advice on board about Oliver?

Jasmine: Doubtful. He doesn't respect him enough to follow his advice. If anything,  Connor is going to cling to Oliver even more and do whatever it takes to convince himself and his father that his father was wrong.

Justin: Nope. Connor is a stubborn person who does whatever he wants whenever he wants with whomever he wants. The fact his father gave him advice will only push him in the other direction. I agree with Jasmine. He is going to stick to Connor.

Whitney: I hope not! His Dad may think he knows Connor, and he probably did know the old Connor, but he has no idea what kind of a man he's become. Connor has changed in various ways, and his father has no idea what Oliver means to him and how much they have been through

Tosh: I don't think so at first, but eventually Connor will realize his father is right. From the beginning, it's always seemed as if Oliver is way more into Connor than vice versa. 

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