Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Chapter Sixty-Five

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On Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 1, yet another lover from Jane's past an appearance. 

Adam came complete with his own narrator, which at times was super distracting and at other times, useful to keep track of all the storylines. It was an unexpected shift and one that I didn't gravitate easily, mainly because I'm not a huge fan of change.

Our narrator has always provided us with comedic relief, necessary timelines and the element of suspense. He's also fully committed to telling Jane's side of the story.

First Love - Jane the Virgin

This new narrator, not only interfered with that, but her angle was Adam's story. It felt almost intrusive. Not to mention that making Adam's story into a comic book was an attempt at the CW to spread their "Dare to Defy" slogan to one of the only non-superhero shows left on the roster. 

One thing the series has always managed to do well is juggle Jane's complicated love life.

Season 1 and season 2 dealt with Michael and Raf's triangle, season 3 dealt with Jane's grief following Michael's death, but season 4 is all about Adam. 

Petra: So you're telling me you're 100% over Rafael?
Jane: Well 100% is a big number, but I don't want to be with him and he doesn't want to be with me. Petra, he wants to be with you.

In case you forgot, Adam was the man who found Michael's letter to Jane under a hidden floorboard. He brought her the letter at the end of season 3 and that's when we found out, these two had some history. 

Turns out, that history is pretty intense -- Jane would have married this dude at the age of 19 if Abuela and Xo hadn't interfered. 

What your family thinks of your significant other is really a make it or break it. Abuela and Xo loved Michael so it was a no-brainer for Jane, but they've never been fans of "Babe Adam."

Jane is an adult so she can make her own decisions but the lack of support from the two leading women in her life makes things a bit harder. Just imagine seeing Abuela make those faces everytime he comes around! 

Seeing Jane in this "googly" state, as Abuela put it, also felt a bit out of character, but maybe that's just because I was furious that there was someone important before Michael. 

Jane and Adam - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 1

The most shocking moment was realizing that Adam is the author of Jane's love cue. We'd always thought Michael was her great love story but seeing the jingle come from another man makes me wonder if maybe, it's always been Adam. 

It was easy to see why Jane is so smitten with him though -- he's charming! Her face lit up when she talked to him, there was a level of comfort and she simply allowed herself to be careless for just one second. 

And in that one second, Mateo managed to escape not one but three chaperones to come save mommy from "stranger danger." Hey, at least you know this kid will never fall for that "free candy" trick. 

I miss old Mateo but the "older-version" seems to have the same charisma about him. And he throws very similar tantrums. 

Everything about her date with Adam would make 19-year-old Jane's heart flutter. But, that right there was the problem. Jane was no longer a lost little girl looking for her telenovela romance. She's been there and moved on.

Now she was a 28-year-old mother and writer trying to navigate life and her feelings for Rafael, which is why she cut her date short. 

Unfortunately, instead of getting hot and bothered with him in the shower, she was bothered to find out he was tapping into Mateo's trust fund to win back to Marbella from his sister Luisa. Rich people always think they can solve problems with money.

Jane the Virgin Rafael  Season 4 Episode 1

He makes things even worse by biting the hand that's feeding him. He doesn't want Mateo to live a poor man's life, which apparently includes counting pennies and not being able to travel the world. That's not only a personal attack on Jane, but also her family, and she doesn't take lightly. 

And neither do I!  

The focus on wealth at this moment in time is particularly enjoyable considering Rafael has hit rock bottom and is literally living in the Villaneuva household because he has nowhere to go.

Oh Rafael, I love you but sometimes, you need a harsh reality check. Maybe Raf should go explore who he is when he's not hiding behind heaps of money! 

Jane was so careful about not pursuing a relationship as to not ruin things between her and Rafael but I'd say, their argument made things quite awkward. 

If Mateo said that, I would feel like I failed as a parent.


Rafael also cannot own up to his mistakes. He blames Jane for ruining whatever he had with Petra, but he doesn't realize that he's been leading Jane on and messing with her head.

And of course, you can't blame her because it's easy to fall back in lust with your baby daddy. And did you see that bod? Even Abuela appreciates it! 

Their fight marked the end of Jane and Rafael, for now, and it was heartbreaking to the shippers. Even more heartbreaking was Rafael finally declaring his love for Team Petra, although admittedly, they work well together when it comes to business and scheming. 

Hopefully, Raf will be able to save her from the grips of Luisa and Anezka. It's always a wild ride with those two, especially when they are working in cahoots. 

Jane the Virgin Ro and Xo Season 4 Episode 1

Anezka's attempt at locking Petra up in a storage locker didn't go as planned because it looks like Petra has taken a few self-defense classes.

For a solid 30-minutes, I was convinced Anezka perished after getting swept up by the tide. 

That would be too easy, however, because every twin needs her lookalike villain. In a classic twin-twist, Petra pretends to be Anezka to prevent Luisa from selling her share of the company until the real Anezka shows up and calls her bluff. 

Then there were the newlyweds, who honestly didn't have it figured out any better than the youngins.

Xo and Rogelio should be in their honeymoon stages right now, but the tension is at an all-time high because of his constant focus on Darci, their unborn baby daughter, and the Twitter war.

Wow, dad just put Darci's vagina on Instagram.


Xo is the level-headed one in the relationship, telling him not to react because he has a custody agreement. But you know Rogelio thrives on the dramatics and falls into Darci's trap, exposing her lady parts on Instagram Live. 

"Revenge porn" is definitely something that violates the fine-print terms and when he realizes that, he takes Xo's advice to keep things "civil" for the sake of the child.

Jane the Virgin Sin Rosetro Season 4 Episode 1

I have to say I feel bad for Xo. She's supposed to be living in a moment of bliss but instead, she's dealing with the idea of a baby being born. A baby she didn't want. What's worse is that it isn't even her baby. 

And then, the cliffhanger that we're going to call the return of Sin Rosetro. 

We know Luisa is trying to cash out on the hotel to wire her girlfriend the escape money but Rose is up to something. What man was she referring to right before she killed that guy? What does this man know?!

As for Adam, do you think he and Jane would still have anything in common? What are the odds that she's still completely smitten by her college BF? And shouldn't she be more concerned about why he left her on their wedding day?

You can watch Jane the Virgin online and leave me a lovely comment with your observations below! 

Chapter Sixty-Five Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Petra: So you're telling me you're 100% over Rafael?
Jane: Well 100% is a big number, but I don't want to be with him and he doesn't want to be with me. Petra, he wants to be with you.

Wow, dad just put Darci's vagina on Instagram.