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Liar Season 1 Episode 2 Review: I Know You're Lying

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Laura is unraveling.

Her social media post did nothing to squash her doubts or build up her confidence.

If anything, it made things worse because now, she's not only under a microscope but, everyone is screaming their opinions at her.

Now people are going to make it about you and him and your whole life, everything you've ever done, is all gonna come out. Are you ready for that?

Katy [to Laura]

When you invite public comment, you also receive criticism, and it is especially ugly here. 

Frustrated Laura - Liar

On Liar Season 1 Episode 2, Laura does what any normal person would do, but shouldn't – she reads the comments.

They range from "he's hotter than her so she should feel lucky" to "she was asking for it because she dresses like a slut." Horrible things that, unfortunately, are actually said in real life when someone alleges rape. 

Let me state the obvious – nobody asks to be raped. Period.

It doesn't matter what someone is wearing. Physical appearance does not give consent to be touched. 

Next, rape has nothing to do with how attractive a person is. Rape is about power.

The rapist believes they have more or wants to feel like they have more than the person they're violating. They want to degrade them or don't care if they do.

Rape is about whatever the hell is wrong with the rapist, not the victim.

Andrew: This is my life!
Laura: This is my body!

So far, Andrew does not have the personality or demeanor of a rapist. He really seems like a sentimental widower. This portrayal is either genuine or the work of a great actor. 

When his son confronts him about Laura's post, he doesn't make excuses, dismiss the claims, or try to lie about them. He treats Luke like an equal, sits him down and has an honest conversation. Uncomfortable, but honest. 

Luke Stares - Liar Season 1 Episode 2

He doesn't even say that Laura is outright lying, although, he probably wants to.

He simply suggests she has a different view about what happened, and though Andrew's handling the accusations relatively smoothly, he's not handling them so well that it would raise suspicion. 

For example, he snaps in the operating room while he's working with Katy. So he's clearly feeling some stress.

Katy takes the low road and accuses him of being distracted by guilt, but she may as well be talking about herself. Not to say that she's distracted, but she definitely appears regretful.

She's kissing her husband more, making special meals and buying tickets for him for no reason at all. If she's not trying to make up for the affair, then she's campaigning for wife of the year.

It might help if she cut off all communication with Tom, which she has yet to do. 

Speaking of Tom, he found something – reports of complaints from neighbors about fighting the night Andrew's wife committed suicide. Does this raise to the level of reasonable doubt? I'm not sure it does.

Is it strange? Maybe the timing but couples fight, so that, in itself, isn't super suspicious. Either way, these reports aren't new. The police would have looked into them when investigating the suicide. 

Tom may be trying to help but, like Laura, he is actually making things worse. Abusing his power and blackmailing a fellow officer is just going to cloud the investigation.

He can't force it and neither can Laura. That is exactly what the detectives tried to tell her.

Detective Maxwell: We need a warrant.
Detective Harmon: And to get a warrant we need a reason.
Laura: I just gave you a reason.
Detective Harmon: I'm afraid we're gonna need more than your word.

Whether she realizes it or not, Laura is screwing up the investigation – posting details online, constructing random theories, illegally searching the suspects home, tampering with possible evidence, manipulating law enforcement, and lying to the very detectives who hold her fate in their hands.

Right now, you're your own worst enemy.

Detective Harmon [to Laura]

The box under Andrew's bed could have been incriminating, but she ruined any chance of it being admissible with an illegal raid based on a bogus anonymous tip. 

It must be incredibly hard to face each day knowing someone violated her and they're still walking free, but she needs to take a step back from the investigation.

She also needs to get some professional help. What she's going through is heavy, and not at all normal, and she needs to find a therapist she can trust.

I feel like I'm losing my mind.


As if she doesn't have enough reasons to be going crazy, now she's receiving mysterious text messages. The sender implies he knows her and her past and accuses her of lying.

Laura's Secret Text - Liar Season 1 Episode 2

If she has nothing to hide, why didn't she tell anyone about the text messages? She had plenty of opportunities to tell the detectives, Katy and even Tom, but she didn't. 

If she's truly not sure about what happened, wouldn't the texts make her even less sure? Don't they imply that someone else has personal knowledge of the incident?

If Laura is truly concerned with finding out what really happened, and not just railroading Andrew and/or finding someone to blame, wouldn't she have shared the texts with the detectives?

They introduce a third party who is either a suspect or a witness. This is information the detectives would welcome.

Are the text message from Denis Walters? He seems to have knowledge of Laura's past and cares enough to have reached out to Andrew.

She's done this before. She's lied about something like this before and I'll be damned if I let her ruin some other poor bastard's life.

Denis Walters [about Laura]

What exactly does he know? Will it incriminate Laura and/or exonerate Andrew? 

Let me know your thoughts in comments! 

If you missed this episode, or just want to watch it again, you can always watch Liar online via TV Fanatic.

I Know You're Lying Review

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Liar Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Now people are going to make it about you and him and your whole life, everything you've ever done, is all gonna come out. Are you ready for that?

Katy [to Laura]

Andrew: This is my life!
Laura: This is my body!