Lucifer: Kevin Carroll Cast as Sinnerman

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We have watched just one episode of Lucifer Season 3, and one thing is very clear: The show is still one of the best around. 

With its electric cast, excellent writing, having the show back this month has been like having that dear friend return after traveling the world for the summer. 

Kevin Carroll Attends Event

If you watch Lucifer online, you will know that The Sinnerman is the central villain for the new season of the supernatural hit, and we now know who will be playing the character when we get to see him on screen. 

According to TV Line, Kevin Carroll has been cast as the notorious villain who is the LAPD's primary suspect in the disappearance of Lucifer. 

"The Sinnerman is going to make Lucifer go, ‘Oh s–t, is this the guy behind my wings?” co-showrunner Joe Henderson revealed. 

“Detective Marcus Pierce (new series regular Tom Welling) will have a history with the Sinnerman, so that’s where our stories start to collide.”

Kevin Carroll for HB0

While we've learned tidbits of information about the character on the show, we do know that he's morally corrupt and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. 

But, what does he want, exactly?

That will be one of the more significant questions as the show continues, but the report revealed that he is scheduled to appear first in Lucifer Season 3 Episode 6. 

Kevin Carroll

The Sinnerman was first referenced way back on Lucifer Season 1 Episode 6 when Lucifer first had his wings stolen. 

The excellent Tom Ellis sang the song "Sinnerman" in the episode. 

He is slated to appear in multiple episodes of the show's supersized third season. 

A Serious Lucifer  - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 1

Carroll has an expansive TV career that boasts the likes of The Leftovers, Snowfall, and Catch. 

Over to you, Lucifer Fanatics. What do you think about this exciting casting news?

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Lucifer airs Mondays on Fox!

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