Lucifer Season 3 Episode 1 Review: They're Back, Aren't They?

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What a way to open the new season!

Tom Welling makes an impressive appearance as Lt. Marcus Pierce on Lucifer Season 3 Episode 1, but he isn't very impressed with Lucifer, Chloe, or Dan.

He doesn't have a lot of screen time, but he makes it clear early on that he will be causing some serious trouble for the three, even if Ella thinks he is a total rock star.

In the meantime, Lucifer already has problems when his wings return, and his devil face disappears. He blames dad, but after working the case of the week with Chloe, he learns that dad might not be behind it after all. 

Look at That - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 1

I don't think I laughed as much during an episode of Lucifer as I did this hour. Lucifer is gloriously on par, but Ella adds an extra punch to the comedy.

It's hard to believe that I wasn't keen on the addition of Ella when she first made her appearance on Lucifer Season 2 Episode 1 because I can't imagine an hour of Lucifer without her now.

The hour picks up right where we ended on Lucifer Season 2 Episode 18 with Lucifer just waking up in the desert to find that his wings are back. He's not too happy about it and like any good, rebellious son cuts them off the first chance he gets.

He thinks he's been gone a lot longer than he has, but it's only been two days. When he gets to the station he finds that no one has missed him, not even Chloe. He convinces her he was kidnapped which sends them off on their case of the week. 

Chloe is having a hard time believing that Lucifer's father had anything to do with the kidnapping and also because there's no proof that Lucifer was kidnapped.

A Serious Lucifer  - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 1

He can't show her his wings because he cut them off, but he can show her something else which he thinks will prove that his father is behind everything.

In the best scene of the hour, Lucifer is finally going to show Chloe his devil face, but when he tries to bring it on, nothing happens. He's just making funny faces and grunting which Chloe thinks is because he's gassy. It's hilarious.

When Lucifer tries to explain it away, Chloe gets upset and walks out. Not so hilarious, but she has to know by now how ridiculous Lucifer can be. I like Chloe, I really do, but sometimes she can be such a dud. 

And he really did try, but I'm glad he wasn't successful. Dr. Linda knowing the truth is one thing. Chloe knowing it would set the show off in a completely different direction. It would take fun moments like these away. I hope she doesn't learn the truth for a very long time.

Chloe did have a moment of fun herself, though, when she was telling Lt. Pierce about Lucifer's "thing," but it ended up making her look like a fool when she wouldn't shut up. It wasn't a laugh out loud moment, but I liked the interaction between Chloe and Pierce. 

She's either getting tongue tied because he's hot or because she's genuinely intimidated by him. It's going to be interesting to see how the writers play the romance card because Pierce seems like too much of a hardass to get involved with one of his detectives.

Down to Business - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 1

Leave it to Lucifer to try to soothe his brother's sorrow by giving him a Remedy. Amenadiel is hurt when he finds Lucifer's wings on the floor of the bathroom (and who didn't snicker at the reason he had to go to the bathroom in the first place?) not because Lucifer got his wings back but because Lucifer doesn't tell him about it. 

But Lucifer fesses up about everything else including not being able to put on his devil face. Amenadiel is always looking on the bright side, but Lucifer just doesn't see it that way, especially after he learns about the Sinnerman.

Who Sinnerman is and why he's interested in Lucifer is going to drive the overall arc of the season. There are already a lot of questions regarding Sinnerman, the biggest being why does he keep giving Lucifer his wings back, and why did he take away Lucifer's devil face?

What is interesting during that scene with the guy who snatched Lucifer is that instead of Lucifer getting his devil face on when he is angry, his wings returned. Could that be a coincidence?

Flirty Ella - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 1

Sinnerman doesn't seem like a very nice, well, whatever he is. He definitely has a violent streak, and that doesn't bode very well for Lucifer. 

"They're Back, Aren't They" is a great season opener and one of the best episodes of the series so far.  Lt. Pierce is a great addition to the team, and I like the storylines that are laid out for his character and the rest of the team.

He adds some oomph that we never even knew was missing, sort of like Ella and her extra punch of comedy.

I'm intrigued by the Sinnerman arc too. What could this guy possibly want with Lucifer? 

The only ones missing this hour are Trixie and Maze (and more of Dr. Linda), but hopefully, they'll make an appearance soon.

Over to you. What did you think of the season premiere of Lucifer? What was your favorite part?

Who is Sinnerman, and what does he want with Lucifer? What do you think of Lt. Marcus Pierce's arrival?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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They're Back, Aren't They? Review

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