Lucifer Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards

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It was all about loopholes and accountability on Lucifer Season 3 Episode 5 as Charlotte came back into Lucifer's life when he and Chloe investigated the death of a pudding chemist.

It was hard not to feel bad for Charlotte as she was trying to piece together the lost memories of the past few months when "Mum" had taken over her body.

She didn't know who she was anymore, but she continued to fake it just so she wouldn't drive herself crazy or let anyone else think she was crazy.

The Return of Charlotte Richards - Lucifer

But by this point, she already lost so much. She lost her husband and her kids, and she wasn't even allowed visitation rights. That's some pretty heavy stuff to handle when it wasn't even her fault.

So whose responsibility was it for what her life has become?

Lucifer never thought of the consequences of what would happen to Charlotte Richards after he sent Mum off to create her own world. He and Amenadiel never thought twice about those consequences when Mum was actively living in Charlotte.

And when Charlotte showed up at Pudding Plus, Lucifer's immediate thoughts were of himself and how his dad was playing games with him again.

Where did he think the real Charlotte went?

It was never explained what happened to her after she returned to herself at the end of Lucifer Season 2, so it was a bit confusing when everyone was surprised to see her doing what she used to do before her ordeal.

And why did she act like she had never seen Lucifer, Dan, or even Chloe before? When she woke up on the beach, Dan was the first person she saw. Wouldn't she have remembered him when she ran into him at the police station?

Chloe Takes Action - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 5

Or was her mind so messed up that she couldn't remember those moments after she "woke" up?

Charlotte had another awakening in Lucifer's penthouse when she tried to get it on with Lucifer. Lucifer's reaction to the entire ordeal was hilarious, but it also opened his eyes to the plight of the real Charlotte Richards.

Everything that had happened to her was causing her to reexamine her life and her moment with Lucifer was the real tipping point. I loved that she felt so comfortable baring her soul to him.

The connection between them was still there even if Charlotte was a completely different person. And it was in that soul-baring moment when Lucifer realized his contribution to Charlotte's chaos and confusion. 

Both of them had epiphanies of sorts. 

A Shocked Lucifer Season 3 Episode 5

Charlotte realized that what she was doing with her life wasn't necessarily a good thing. Representing clients and finding loopholes for them to continue doing bad things like killing people with pudding was not the kind of life she wanted to lead anymore.

Sure, money is great, but what about your soul? 

Everybody deserves a second chance and Charlotte is being given that chance thanks in part to Lucifer, but this is also an opportunity for Lucifer to learn a few things as well.

It wouldn't be surprising to find out that dad had a hand in the reintroduction of Lucifer and Charlotte. There are reasons for everything, though you have to wonder what Ella meant when she told Charlotte she only sees darkness in her now instead of light. 

Ella is usually spot on with her observations, so should we be worried?

Ella in the Pudding - Lucifer Season 3 Episode 5

Chloe probably won't have to worry much about Trixie and her creative language anymore. Yeah, right.

Trixie doesn't seem like the kind of kid who is going to give up the words "Motherflunker" and "Clusterduck" anytime soon. 

After all, "Motherflunker" was Trixie's word, not Lucifer's. 

And while it shouldn't be funny that a child of Trixie's age would use this kind of creative language, it is weird if you think about it. However, Trixie deserved more than just a talk about how language can hurt people.

"Motherflunker" is a pretty damn serious word, and I have to be honest that if I got a call from my kid's school when he was Trixie's age, I wouldn't be as calm as Chloe was about it.

Sure, she might not have used the real word, and that's the whole point of the story, but it's still a little too close not to have received a more severe punishment. 

But as Chloe said, there's a loophole for everything if that's what you're looking for. But is that what you really want to be doing with your life?

What did you think of "Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards"? Did you like the new, real Charlotte?

Where will Lucifer and Charlotte's relationship go from here?

Will you ever eat pudding again? What was your favorite Luciferism? 

If you need to catch up, you can watch Lucifer online right here via TV Fanatic!

Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards Review

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Lucifer: Well, how was he drowned in this vat of semen?
Chloe: It's pudding Lucifer.
Lucifer: Sure, I've heard it called that, too.

Which part of my briefcase closing do you not understand?