Scandal Round Table: Is Olivia Too Far Gone?

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Olivia Pope has no qualms about taking those closest to her down. 

On Scandal Season 7 Episode 2, she continued to assert her power over those closest to her.

Below, TV Fanatics Toshia Smith, Lizzy Buczak and Paul Dailly discuss Huck's realization, Fitz's return and so much more!

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Huck realizing an assassin was at the state dinner?

Tosh: I could tell Huck felt something was off with the guy. If anyone could spot an assassin, it would be him. I’m surprised Jake didn’t notice anything suspicious though.

Lizzy: Huck was trained for it so it, just means he's still on top of his game. Things would have gotten ugly if Huck wasn't around and maybe this will land him a job alongside Liv at B6-13 again. 

Paul: I know Huck is excellent at what he does, but I just could not take the assassin seriously. You would think the killer would have ensured everything was fine before even attending the dinner.

Olivia on a Mission - Scandal Season 7 Episode 2

How long will Olivia and Curtis last now that Fitz is back in the picture?

Tosh: I don’t buy what Olivia and Curtis are selling. Fitz will always be the love of her life. Him simply being around will always cause a wedge between whatever relationship she tries to start with someone else. If she doesn't go into the sunset with Jake, nobody will ever measure up to Fitz.

Lizzy: Is he really back in the picture? This new Olivia seems to think she's on top of the world so she might just dismiss him until her responsibilities at the White House are finished. Personally, I would like to see Liv not romantically involved with either Fitz or Jake for just a few episodes. 

Paul: I like Curtis a lot, but I’m so tired of the back and forth between Olivia and Fitz that I want them to decide their future now. Do I need to watch a full season of them at odds before ultimately driving off into the sunset together?

Abby Smiles - Scandal Season 7 Episode 2

What did you think of the way David and Abby were acting together?

Tosh: When David said he assumed Abby would be his date, I immediately thought he still had feelings for her. I always liked them together. They are an original couple on the show I always thought they were endgame for each other.

Lizzy: I loved it!  They were always one of my favorite couples and broke up because of false-information Maybe now that she has a bit more time for her personal life, she can give him another chance. I think they are endgame. 

Paul: I want these two just to confirm they want to be with each other. They are the best couple on the show.

Mellie Is POTUS - Scandal

Did you care for the melodramatic argument between Charlie and Quinn?

Tosh: I laughed when Quinn slapped Charlie. He deserved it. He was being a brat who thought he was being rejected, so he tried to break up with her first. Quinn is pregnant! Why did he think he could pull a stunt like that? Charlie probably just needed some reassurance.

Lizzy: I thought it showed an emotional side to Charlie that I don't think we've ever seen. Although, I think it mostly out of character because Charlie's been trained for this. He knows that his fake identity was simply an in into the State Dinner and her affinity for "Kevin" was to sell the story. Could he be going soft now that he's fallen in love and about to be a father?

Paul: I found this so random and uncalled for. Charlie is a decent enough character, but I’m not one for having random melodrama thrown in to see if people connect with it.

Why is Olivia being cold towards everyone at QPA?

Tosh: Olivia has moved on. She moved on last season, but they wouldn’t let her. She’s so busy that her OPA friends aren’t really her top priority now. The scene with her in Mellie’s room as POTUS ranted about vibrators was cute, but it also shows that the two are now friends and partners in the White House. Olivia’s loyalty has switched from OPA to Mellie, and she’s showing it.

Lizzy: I think she's being cold towards everyone in general. She thinks she's above them because she runs the White House. And possibly because she wasn't the one that gave them invites. They found their own way in meaning they don't actually need her. It's possible she wanted Quinn to fail or to fall back on her so she could really control every aspect: the White House, QPA, and B6-13. 

Paul: Olivia has become so unlikeable. She thinks she runs the world, and that everyone in her bubble is her minions. She’s rude and disrespectful to pretty much everyone close to her.

Over to you, Scandal Fanatics. What did you think of all the developments? Sound off below!

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