Sons of Anarchy Spinoff: Danny Pino Lands Lead Role

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A Law & Order: SVU veteran is joining another spinoff of a hit series. 

According to TV Line, Danny Pino has landed a lead role in the upcoming Sons of Anarchy spinoff Mayans MC

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He will play Miguel Galindo, who is the son of Jose Galindo who founded the notorious Galindo Cartel. 

The show has been in the works for over a year now, but it has had its fair share of creative hurdles throughout the pilot process. The show received a pilot order last December, the pilot did not come in as well as FX expected. 

Thus, Norberto Barba has been drafted in to direct the new pilot from a script written by Sons of Anarchy creator, Kurt Sutter. 

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Sons of Anarchy was one of FX's most successful series, so it makes sense the network would try its best to make this new series see the light of day. 

Mayans MC takes place after the events of Sons of Anarchy Season 7. It was originally said to follow EZ Reyes, who wants to get some good old fashioned revenge on the cartel while trying to secure some respect from the woman he loves. 

It's unclear whether any of those plot details have changed now that the pilot is being reshot. TV Line confirmed at the time that some roles were being recast

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Pino has appeared on a string of hit TV shows during his time in the spotlight. He has appeared on the likes of The Shield, Cold Case, Scandal and Burn Notice over the years. 

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