The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Stocko Syndome

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While not as hilarious as some others, The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 2 is an important episode for plot development. 

This episode did not feature the laugh-out-loud moments I'm used to on this show. Instead, it was more heartfelt and dramatic. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but after last week's hilarious season opener, this one felt a bit boring at times. 

Another Castaway - The Last Man on Earth

"Stocko Syndrome" introduced us to a new character, Glenn, played by Chris Elliott. He had been stranded on an island for five years, and he was not aware of the virus that killed everyone else in the world. 

Chris Elliott is a fun addition to the cast. He's a great comedic actor, but he also had me tearing up when he was talking about the kids he left behind. It was a sweet moment that gave the audience a lot of insight into this new character.

I'm excited to see how Glenn fits in with the rest of the gang. I especially enjoyed the beginning of his relationship with Carol. 

Glenn on the Island - The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 2

From the beginning of the series, Carol has been desperate to build her family. We've seen it in her desire to have children with Tandy and in her desire for a relationship with Gail. 

Elliott and Kristen Schaal had wonderful chemistry, and I'd love to see them develop a sort of father/daughter relationship on the yacht.

Judging from the few moments we have seen of them together, it has potential to be the most organic and healthy relationship Carol has had so far. Carol has made some mistakes, but she so badly wants to be loved.

She deserves this relationship with Glenn, and I hope the writers don't waste the opportunity. 

It died. And her body joined it.


It's wonderful when someone new joins the cast because it breathes new life into the show.

Because the show takes place in a post-apocalyptic universe, it would be easy for the small cast to become mundane after a while. The writers, though, have done a great job of adding new characters right when the show needs it. 

Glenn meets the gang - The Last Man on Earth

It brings a fresh dynamic to the show and gives our beloved characters new perspectives on their survival.

Chris Elliott is joining the gang at just the right time. Glenn has already given them renewed hope and served as a moral compass in their decision making.

We know that Elliott will appear in multiple episodes this season, and I'm excited to see how this changes the course of the series.

Kristen Wiig continues to be great on The Last Man on Earth. I do wonder, however, if this character is all that different from so many of the other characters she plays.

She and Will Forte were particularly excellent during the Stockholm syndrome seduction scene. Their rendition of "Sailing" by Christopher Cross was hilarious, and I forgot how great of a singer Wiig is until I saw this episode. 

Pamela was the source of some of the episode's few funny moments, which provided some necessary comedic relief from its heavier moments. 

Jeremy, I knew I shouldn't have given you that bowl of wine.


Unfortunately, watching Pamela often feels the same as watching so many of Kristen Wiig's characters. I get the same impression from Pamela as I do from her character in the Californians sketches on Saturday Night Live

Wiig is so charismatic, though, that I overlook this while it's happening. It's only after I finish watching the episode that I realize how similar they are.

She has clearly found her niche role. While it's fun to see her in this way, I'd love to see her abilities showcased in something a little more unique in the future. She has a lot of talent, and it feels somewhat wasted in roles like Pamela. 

Pamela and Jeremy - The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 2

While this episode lacked the laugh-out-loud moments that the show has become known for, it did showcase a lot of the show's heart. 

Glenn's speech about finding his children again was especially heart-wrenching. It is not the first time the show has gone for sentimental, and given its themes of survival and death, it makes sense that it gets emotional at times. 

This episode featured the gang protecting Glenn and his optimism from the heartbreak of the real world, and it's because of these moments that this gang is so lovable and fun to watch. 

Tricks are for kids, and I'm 43 years old.


Overall, I wasn't disappointed in the episode. It certainly was not my favorite, but I think it's moving the show forward in a promising way.

The lack of laughs was noticeable, but on this show, it feels appropriate at times. The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 2 was one of those times. 

What did you think of The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 2? Do you like Chris Elliott on the show as much as I do? You can watch The Last Man on Earth online and share your thoughts in the comments! 

Pamela: No more games. Do you hear me?
Tandy: Loud and clear...and wet from urine.

Stocko Syndome Review

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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Jeremy, I knew I shouldn't have given you that bowl of wine.


Pamela: No more games. Do you hear me?
Tandy: Loud and clear...and wet from urine.