Blindspot Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Enemy Bag of Tricks

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On Blindspot Season 3 Episode 2 the team returns to a small sense of normalcy as they work together to crack a tattoo case and save the Western seaboard from a missile attack.

However, it's not a piece of cake for the members of this FBI taskforce try to adjust to their new roles.

In particular, Reade and Weller continuously step on each others toes as they both try to take on the leadership role on the team.

Who's in Charge? - Blindspot Season 3 Episode 2

It makes sense -- Weller certainly isn't used to taking orders, especially when he used to be the one calling all the shots. But Reade has proven himself as a successful leader and deserves respect for it.

Zapata is also finding it a little difficult to adjust to having her ex-best friend as her new boss. The distance between them was frustrating not only for her, but to us as viewers as well.

I was so thankful that Z decided to reach out to Reade about rekindling their friendship. Meeting Reade's live-in girlfriend was an unexpected treat, and I wouldn't totally be against a potential love triangle here. Wink wink.

Speaking of love, we got to see more of the nuances in Jane and Weller's relationship this hour.

They are taking their time settling back into a married-couple routine. It isn't easy -- Weller spent all his money, Jane's a vegan. It's new.

A New Dynamic - Blindspot

Kurt says he feels as if he's brought home a stranger, and it's closer to the truth than not. He's missed out on all of the life Jane experienced while she was away. This bubbles to the surface when the team brings in a shady acquaintance of Jane's, Dwire, as a suspect in their case.

My loyalty is to bitcoin and immunity deals.


Weller is upset about all of the things he doesn't know about the previous two years, but it's a little hypocritical in my opinion. Jane is honest with Kurt about the things she's done and stands by her motivations. 

I was so surprised when Jane revealed her hidden stash of cash to her hubby. Rather than secret getaway money, it was actually just Jane's wages from the work she did while she was gone. This revelation proves once again how committed she is to Kurt.

Weller: I spent a lot of money trying to find you.
Jane: How much?
Weller: All of it.

Weller says all of the right things -- promises Jane that they won't let Roman's manipulations come between them -- but it's him that's lying to her.

Sure, Kurt doesn't really have a choice, he can't come right out and tell Jane or the team that he's taking orders from Roman. But then again, what did he do in Berlin that was bad enough to be blackmailed for?

Wedded Bliss - Blindspot Season 3 Episode 2

I think these deceptions are necessary to include or the relationship between these two would be too cute to swallow.

In the midst of the action I often find myself forgetting that Jane and Weller are married. But then Kurt attempts to make tofu steaks or an "I love you" slips out and my heart almost bursts.

Just because she was hiding something doesn't mean you don't know her. It means you can use what you know to figure out the rest.


Patterson has a tough go-round this episode, struggling to take control of her lab back from Stewart and spitting fire with every word she speaks.

The poor thing is the most unlucky in love it seems -- after coming to her senses and apologizing to Stewart in a voicemail, she finds him dead. Dun dun dun.

This is the third sort-of love interest of hers that's been killed because of these tattoos. Can the girl catch a break?

Lab Control - Blindspot Season 3 Episode 2

I think it's safe to assume that Stewart was killed because of the tattoo that he was obsessively digging into. Speculating the motivation behind it is pointless as I'm sure this will be the next case they solve.

I can't say I'm going to miss Stewart that much. I'd much rather have P back in charge of her lair, and banter with Rich Dotcom is far more entertaining than it was with this guy.

Jane: Where is this tattoo on my body?
Stewart: Left breast. Chest! Left chest area.

While we're on the topic of dead guys, it seems like Roman is still quite in touch with his murderous side.

The comments he made about his loneliness while at the PTSD support group, and the honesty he shared about his childhood with his new buddy, really strengthened my confidence in Roman's mental health.

Too bad it was all a ruse.

It's unclear what Roman is going to do with this Australian guy's identity and fortune, but it was nice to see, however briefly, that he was able to connect with someone on a real level. 

I'm sure that Roman still cares deeply for Jane -- he even admitted to it -- and because of that I don't believe that pure revenge is all that is driving him.

Half the time I want my sister back. Half the time I want to kill her.


My interest in Roman's plan and ultimate goal is definitely peaked.

He told Weller that he wasn't interested in burning down the world, but rather saving it. This is a far cry from what Shepard's intentions were.

But how do his plans fit in with the tattoos?

On the Case - Blindspot Season 3 Episode 2

It was nice to have an episode that focused solely on one case, but I still find the global element to be a little outside the realm of believable. I'd much rather see the team take down a local drug ring than stop North Korean nukes.

How does Roman have all of this top secret intel from all across the globe to even put on Jane's body in the first place? Especially when he's seemingly working alone?

I hope we get to see more of Roman as the story unfolds and learn more about this mysterious plan. And what the heck happened in Berlin, huh, Buddy? I'm still waiting...

Don't forget you can always watch Blindspot online to catch up on the newest season!

Enemy Bag of Tricks Review

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Blindspot Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Jane: Where is this tattoo on my body?
Stewart: Left breast. Chest! Left chest area.

Weller: I spent a lot of money trying to find you.
Jane: How much?
Weller: All of it.