Blindspot Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Upside Down Craft

By Kassie King at

On Blindspot Season 3 Episode 3 viewers are treated to some of the best banter of the season, and we found out exactly what Patterson and Rich Dotcom have been up to in their time away from the FBI.

Patterson was without a doubt the highlight, and I loved every single scene of her and Rich. Every line between these two is gold and bringing Rich back is hands-down the best thing that showrunners have done.

I would watch that guy on anything.

While hunting down a nefarious Wall Street exec, the team found to a group of hackers called "The Three Blind Mice." Unbeknownst to them, P and Rich were formerly two of the three aforementioned mice.

It turned out that the three of them used their hacking power for good -- returning stolen money, exposing bad guys, etc. -- and when things started to get a little more dubious, Rich and P opted out.

On a side note, it was part-delightful part-horrendous to watch Heather Burns as Kathy, the third mouse. I couldn't get her role in Miss Congeniality out of my head! Was anyone else trapped in 2000?

Patterson wanted to come clean to the team about the hacking, but Rich was against it, and the two found a way to help solve the case and still keep their secret.

In the midst of those revelations, we learned Patterson had skillfully hidden a "backdoor" in her app Wizardville that allowed her access to the phones of anyone who downloads it -- some 75 million people.

I was shocked to find this out as Patterson was previously one of the biggest sticklers of following the rules. But it's a great tool to gather intel and has fantastic potential as a plot device.

They noted several times how obsessed Zapata and Reade are with playing Patterson's game, and I assume her access to their phones might come up sometime this season. I'm excited!

P was certainly a busy bee -- solving the case, hiding her and Rich's secret, getting kidnapped -- and somehow she still managed to look into Stewart's murder.

It's tragic how many people close to her have died. Patterson's obviously throwing herself into work as a coping mechanism, something we've seen her do time and time again. I think her time in Silicon Valley lightened her up a bit, and Rich is helping her in that aspect.

Somehow Patterson has become one of the most interesting, bad-ass, and fun to watch characters on this show, and I am definitely not complaining. More, please!

Reade and Zapata got more hands-on while tracking down evidence in Stewart's murder. They targeted the company that manufactures an AI called Kinga that Stewart had in his apartment. Patterson thought it might have recorded the kill.

In the Kinga offices, Reade pulled out his big guns and went all hard-ass "Assistant Director of the FBI" on them. It was great to see. Reade is obviously excelling as a leader and embracing his authority.

It was a far cry from where Reade was during Blindspot Season 2 -- snorting cocaine and handing in his badge to Weller.

Reade and Zapata bonded over his fantastic girlfriend, and I'm all for it. I was hoping for a love triangle, but it seems like the two might be battling for the new girlfriend's attention... 

Reade proved his leadership abilities again after the team saved Patterson and Rich from Kathy's hacking lair. The team knew that P and Rich must be the other two hackers of "The Three Blind Mice" but spoke about it covertly and hypothetically so Reade wouldn't be forced to take action against them.

In that meeting, the team also came to the collective realization that all of the tattoos Roman added to Jane's body point to them in some way or another, but they're still unclear why.

Roman called Jane, and she confronted him about why he's trying to take the team down. He stands by his previous claims saying it's based on getting revenge for her betrayal. He wants her to suffer.

I still don't buy it. Is he that pissed that Jane erased his memory? He must have gotten it back by now to have come up with this elaborate plot. And he couldn't have been too angry about her taking down Shepard, or he'd be trying to continue her mission, right?

And I still want to know where he's getting his intel from -- he can't have informants all over the globe. And how would he know the intricacies of what the rest of the team has been doing?

There's definitely more to this story...

Aside from her body full of world secrets and a vengeful brother, Jane has been enjoying the bliss of married life. 

Her and Weller's lives seem to be smooth sailing lately -- the perfect crime-fighting couple.

They managed to take down a group of bad guys with their bare hands, disarm a bomb, and J fired a single impossible shot to save Kurt's life without blowing up a building leaking gas. And that only took up about a minute of the episode. Impressive.

I would say that the tensionless relationship is boring, but we're getting so much drama elsewhere that I'm kind of enjoying seeing the two of them happy for once. It's not like Jane and Weller haven't been through enough craziness for a few lifetimes, and I'm sure it's not over.

What was your favorite moment between Patterson and Rich? What do you think Roman's true intentions are? Comment below!

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