Days of Our Lives Round Table: A Halloween Fantasy or Nightmare?

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Several Salemites headed down to Memphis to find Will but ran into an Elvis lover instead, while Eve had surprising news for Victor, and Abigail had a strange Halloween dream.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Trey and Villa281 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate which parts of the dream they wished were real, the upside of the Lucas and Adrienne breakup, and if Susan Banks should head back to Salem.

On a scale of 1 (Hated it!) to 10 (Loved it!), rate the Halloween dream episode?

Trey: 7- I loved seeing inside the fears of the Salemites and seeing some of the old characters (like Paige). It also gave the actors a story and chance to show off their talents!

Steven Nichols knocked it out of the park with his portrayal of Steve grieving over Kayla’s death. Some of it was freaky, but overall it was a fun twist and a perfect Halloween episode!

Jack: I'm going to give it a 3. I thought it was creative and it was great to see Paige again, but there was so much over-the-top violence.

Giving viewers in fantasy what they wanted (JJ/Paige back together and Hope/Rafe broken up) and then making it clear that was not happening at all in the reality of the show was cruel. And it made no sense for Abby to be dreaming about anyone except Chad.

Villa281: I would say a 5. It was entertaining, but I'm not a big fan of these special type of episodes.

Christine: I’ll give it a 5. I don't love dream sequences. There are very few that haven’t made me feel like I’d wasted my time.

It was great to see Paige for the entire minute she was normal and not a crazy murderer. And it only made me wish Rafe and Hope would break up for good.

Steve and Kayla' Dream Sequence - Days of Our Lives

Was there any part of that dream episode that you wish could have been reality and, if so, why?

Trey: Not really. If I had to pick something, I’d welcome Paige being alive. I hated how she left the show. I liked the element of the elephant being in the nightmare and back in real-time Salem.

Jack: God I miss Paige. Her chemistry with JJ in the 30 seconds when she first showed up and their reaction to seeing one another was so perfect. I hate that we have to be stuck with this woman that raped JJ and has no chemistry with him instead.

I also can't stand Rafe and Hope and want desperately for Hope to throw that engagement ring at him.

Villa281: Maybe Paige being alive, I really liked her and JJ.

Christine: As much as I’ve never liked Princess Gina, I’d take her back in a heartbeat if it meant getting rid of Rafe and Hope as a couple. They always make me want to fast forward through their scenes.

Also, Paige and JJ did have wonderful chemistry. It’s a shame she’s the person who is really dead.

Are you happy that Susan Banks is back and how long would you like her to stay?

Trey: Honestly, no. I love Eileen Davidson and am glad she’s back but Susan has always annoyed me. I know a lot of people think she’s fun, but I think she’s obnoxious. I prefer Kristen because she’s so bad. A perfect villainess!

Jack: I have always liked Susan but I have my doubts this is her and not Kristen disguised as her, given her behavior so far. I could do without the Sami vs. Susan show but I hope Susan stays a while (if it's really her)

Villa281: Not really, I have never been a big fan of that era of Days. It was a little too campy for my personal taste.

Christine: I’ve never been a fan of Susan, and her only upside was that she was kind of innocent, but if she’s out to resurrect Will just to kill him, then so much for innocent. I like Eileen Davidson as Kristen, but I hope Susan disappears fast.

Adrienne Breaks the News - Days of Our Lives

It looks as though Lucas and Adrienne are over for good. Is there any upside to that?

Trey: I hope it frees Lucas to really find someone to love (maybe another chance with Chloe or Sami). He needs someone to spar with because that’s when Lucas shines!

Jack: Well, I guess I’m glad to be rid of the constant angst and longing looks whenever Adrienne is with one guy instead of the other.

Villa281: I was never a big fan of the pairing, but it was hard to see Lucas be the loser in love again. I guess the upside is hopefully they will find him a better love interest who isn't torn over past love and can give all her heart to him.

Christine: Lucas and Adrienne were always a little bit boring. I’m hoping this opens Lucas up for a really great story and perhaps a better love story.

I just hope they don’t try to put Lucas and Sami back together because then I see EJ eventually coming back and Lucas getting dumped yet again.

Paul Worries Over Sonny - Days of Our Lives

Do you think the person behind the bar is really Will? What will Paul do if it is?

Trey: I’m not sure. Days has been teasing Will for a while so it'll be a let down if it isn’t. Paul will always do the right thing. I understand Sonny’s guilt over Will, but he’s going to loose Paul.

I think Sonny's foolish and blinded by his guilt and obsession for Will. Paul is too much of a gentleman to stand between Sonny and Will (especially if it makes Sonny happy).

Jack: It had better be, because this search for Will is far too slow for my liking. Paul will probably freak out if it is. Maybe he'll try to manipulate Will to stay away from Sonny, though I hope not. We've had enough blackmail and subterfuge in this story to last a lifetime.

Villa281: No I don't think it is, but I think Paul will struggle with what to do since he is convinced Sonny would leave him for Will. I think he might hide it, but feel guilty about it.

Christine: I hope it is Will because this story is starting to drag. I also hope that Paul does the right thing and tells the others, because I’d hate for them to ruin his character just to move this story forward.

Abe Makes Things Difficult - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Trey: Sami. I hate how she is acting and wish she would just grow up. Her behavior is obnoxious and what I would expect in a toddler. It’s repetitive and not entertaining.

I also don’t like how Kate is manipulating Theo. Poor guy can’t catch a break!

Jack: Did I mention that I wish Paige was alive and with JJ? LOL!

Also, Adrienne was pining for Lucas the whole time she was imprisoned but now that she's home she runs to Justin the second things get tough with Lucas? Seriously?

And as much as I love Sami, can someone please put her on medication to correct her poor impulse control? Seeing her antagonize someone who is clearly unstable and pointing a gun at her was not fun. I'd much rather see Sami trying to straighten Lucas out than that.

Oh, and what is with Abe acting like he is a random stranger who has never met JJ before and doesn't like him? He's been a friend of the family for years and has always supported JJ before, and this rewrite smacks of contrived nonsense.

Finally, Eve marrying Deimos doesn't make any sense and contradicts what we saw on-screen for months. I'd much rather Eve's storyline be about her desire to be close to Paige's remains and her struggle to accept that Paige is really dead now that she's heard the news about Will.

Villa281: Seeing Lucas be someone's second choice again.

Christine: So much. Eve marrying Deimos while he was busy chasing Nicole was just silly nonsense. Why couldn’t Eve just be back because she hopes Paige is alive or to check on Tate?

Adrienne jumping from Lucas back to Justin was way too rushed.

Abe’s inconsistent treatment of JJ is annoying and JJ and Lani can talk about love all they want but there’s no feeling behind the words.

Finally, Sami’s return could have been great if she could stop yelling at everyone and use her head. There’s a difference between someone willing to take risks and who is blatantly reckless; unfortunately Sami’s behavior falls to the latter.

Chad and Abigail's Halloween - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline for the week on Days of Our Lives?

Trey: I like seeing Lucas and Sami reunited. I also enjoyed some of the fun couple scenes with Gabi and Eli, and Chad and Abigail. It’s nice to have joy and romance balance out some of the crazier happenings on Days!

Jack: Obviously, I loved JJ and Paige's initial exchange in this Days of Our Lives quote dream sequence.

Paige: JJ? This is where we first met. Remember?
JJ: Who are you?
Paige: I just told you.
JJ: That's impossible. I'm the one who found her. I was holding her, begging her to come back to me, but she was already gone.
Paige: I don't know what happened that night. All I know is I'm here now. Would you please hold me again?

If only... And as much as the Eve storyline is ridiculous, seeing her and Victor get into a verbal battle was a lot of fun.

Villa281: What I love the most about Days right now is that Bryan Datillo is getting the chance to show his amazing acting chops as Lucas.

Christine: The light hearted moments between Chad and Abigail, and Gabi and Eli were a welcomed change of pace.

I also liked Justin and Adrienne pulling together as concerned parents and being their for Sonny; that works for me, whether they are a couple or not.

Maybe you need to check the parenting guidebook. When your kid's in the hospital you drop everything and you go.


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