DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Return of the Mack

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That was a fun hour!

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 5 had a little of everything. Ray and Jax hijinks, vampires, Sara dusting off that White Canary ensemble to kick some ass, unhinged Rip, 90's hits, a Stein doppelganger, and of course, the return of Damien Darhk. 

All of it was so ridiculous, yet, it was a good time.

Back to London - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Who else has "Return of the Mack" stuck in their head on repeat now? That song hasn't had that much play since the nineties. Who knew Damian Darhk gets down to 90's R&B? I, for one, did not.

That fight scene was easily the best scene of the hour, all set to his signature song playing in the background. Am I a Damien fan? Not really. Has he overstayed his welcome? Probably. The man, for whatever reason, can't stay dead and he should. However; watching him kick all kinds of ass effortlessly like that was entertaining as all hell.

What started off as a mission to investigate vampires in the 1890's somehow led to Damien being raised from the dead by a demon named, Mollus. This show is so utterly ridiculous that it's hard not to have a ball while watching it.

Mick: Vampires, I waited my whole life to kill one.
Jax [about Mick's stake]: Do you just carry that around all the time?
Mick: My whole life.

So, Vampires are added to the list of things that Mick Rory finds interesting, which means his vampire obsession is added to the list of reasons why I adore him to pieces. 

It was disappointing that vampires weren't a part of their mission in the end because Mick would have had a ball going all vampire slayer on them. The man carries a stake around with him, for Pete's sake. That was so quintessentially Mick, it was worth a chortle or two.

Mick reading Dracula was undoubtedly a nod at one of Dominic Purcell's previous gigs, but personally, I get a bit smug every time Mick gets to show up the rest of the crew who make it a bad habit of treating him like he's an idiot. 

Plus, it was nice to see him take a break from the drinking. It was getting a bit old and annoying. 

Speaking of annoying, Ray having Jax try out his compound without telling him the side-effects first was just dumb. Is there a reason why Ray has been dumbed down so much? He was never this bad before. 

At this rate, he's living up to being an idiot savant. He's a complete and utter buffoon when he isn't putting his genius to use. It's nothing short of aggravating. 

Jax was no good on any sort of mission with noticeable memory loss. He was putting Dory from Finding Nemo to shame. He and Ray struggling to hide what they were doing from Stein was the weakest aspect of the hour.

That being said, it's quite noble of Jax to go to such great lengths to find a way to be Firestorm without Stein. Stein is so clearly happy when he's communicating with his daughter and singing his grandkid lullabies. 

He was never supposed to be away for as long as he has been. It's time for him to depart. Of course, with Darhk back and Mollus being the latest adversary, he's hesitant to leave so soon.

It's going to be interesting to see how they pull off his eventual departure and Jax being Firestorm all on his own. It looks like we may begin to see some of that in the next installment. 

Zari continues to be an interesting addition to the team. She has the type of wit that matches well with Mick. If the two of them play off of each other more, it won't disappoint, but for now, she has Amaya's undivided attention.

Amaya: Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt, I didn't realize you were praying.
Zari: Mecca is that way, I was just looking for my earring.

If they could speed up the connection she and Amaya have, that would be great. How many times can we hear Amaya marvel over their mysterious connection without elaborating on it more? 

Zari does need Amaya around though because as proven with that psychic, she makes horrible choices. Sure, the psychic got to her when she channeled Zari's brother and blamed her for his death.

How gullible could Zari be handing her amulet over though? It was the dumbest move of the night.

So much power, and you give it away so easily. A mistake you're unlikely to repeat.


The smartest move has to go to Sara. Turning Rip over was the best possible choice. It seems like the only loyalty Rip can ever manage is being loyal to Gideon.

He abandoned the Time Bureau and screwed over the Legends in the same episode. This guy, it's hard to be a fan, man. He's out of control and it makes all the time he spent lecturing and/or degrading the others for being hot messes null and void. Look at him!

It was shining moment for Sara when she turned him over. She truly has come a long way as their leader. It works now whereas it had some sketchy moments before. 

Do you remember when you told me you had nothing left to teach me? But you had one final lesson; how to be a cold son of a bitch.


Not only did she put the kibosh on Rip going rogue for the umpteenth time, but she negotiated with the Time Bureau, so they won't be on the Legends' asses at every turn. That works, because let's face it, the Legends are handling the anachronisms and patterns better than the Time Bureau anyway.

It's better than whatever Rip was promising her before when he enlisted her help, because at the moment, it doesn't feel like Rip would have honored his word anyway.

He warned her of the dangers of Mollus and a war coming. The only  ones who can save the world are our merry band of misfits, the Legends. They have Damien to  contend with too.

Additional Notes:

  • Sara kicked all kinds of ass in this episode. Her fight sequences were amazing. Kicking ass in a corset was awesome enough, but then she whipped out the White Canary suit. Thank the Legends gods.
  • Doppelganger Stein's mustache was glorious.
  • Poor Nate ends up in the worst situations because he's so pretty. He seems to enjoy it though.
  • Mick's lack of damns given when facing death will never cease to be funny as hell.
  • Ray wanting to hold hands at the end and that line about Toy Story made me LOL.
  • Mortal Kombat, vampire slaying, Return of the Mack, Toy Story References...so many 90's references.

Should Sara have turned over Rip? How do you feel about the Return of the Darhk? Does Zari make a nice addition to the team? Sound off below!

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Return of the Mack Review

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

As surprising as this may sound, I need the Legends' help.


Mick: Vampires, I waited my whole life to kill one.
Jax [about Mick's stake]: Do you just carry that around all the time?
Mick: My whole life.