Dynasty Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Private as a Circus

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After watching Dynasty Season 1 Episode 4, it becomes painfully obvious that this series is lacking momentum.

Dynasty Season 1 Episode 1 was so strong, leaving us with multiple cliffhangers, but none of those cliffhangers have yet to be resolved. 

We're no closer to figuring out who murdered Matthew, nor do we have any new information about Cristal's past life. It simply feels like we're regurgitating the same storylines over and over again and calling it a new episode.

Cristal and Blake - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 4

Cristal, who we initially believed had some wits about her, decides that the best thing to do during an ongoing murder and robbery investigation is to plan a spontaneous honeymoon.

I understand her desire to get away with her husband but wouldn't you think that she'd feel at least a little bit responsible for everything that's happened lately?

No one in the mansion realizes how much they need Blake until Papa Carrington is stuck in the woods with absolutely no contact with the real world. No one knows how to handle anything. 

I'd suggest honesty, but clearly, this family thrives on secrets. And secrets are what got them into all these messes in the first place.

Fallon: Ugh, how do people live like this -- waiting in line?
Culhane: Uh, your Carrington's showing.

Instead, they try to undo one mess by creating several new ones. 

Steven, who has been trying to shake the Carrington name, is forced to think like his father, which begs the question, is he any better than Blake?

You would think that Steven would know that Stansfield is a shady cop who does his father's dirty work, but he innocently trusts him to make Cristal's sex-tape disappear. Then, he makes the mistake of listening to Fallon's advice and "negotiating" with Stansfield to clear his name.

Steven at Dynasty Season 1 Episode 4

It's unfortunate because Steven genuinely wanted to find the killer so that Matthew would get justice and his family would get closure, but instead, he got another innocent man killed. 

Of course, Willy didn't commit suicide. Willy thought Blake committed the murder, which made him a loose end, especially now that there was a motive. 

So, Stansfield killed two birds with one stone; he shut Willy up, and he cleared Steven of all charges. But, will Steven's conscious be able to handle it? Definitely not. 

You pick and choose your lies like you do your men.


Seeing Blake so calm about the whole ordeal basically proves that he's responsible for Matthew's murder. At this point, there's no one else who would stand to gain anything from it except for him.

And even though they wanted to keep Cristal's relationship with Matthew under wraps to benefit the company, Steven willingly gave Fallon the tools she needed to take them down.

Sometimes, you have to wonder if Steven is really that clueless. Or does he just have more faith in his sister? Because it seems like he's the only one that hasn't seen right through her yet. 

Jeff and Fallon - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 4

She's a Carrington, so she obviously plays by their dirty rules, but she's also their competitor. And while she walks around town thinking the world owes her everything, in reality, no one even wants to work with her. It'll be interesting to see just how much business her and Colby lose because of who she is. 

She did some terrible things but even after she leaked Cristal's sex tape, spoke about it to the press and botched the negotiations that Jeff worked so hard for (but did he really?), she hit her lowest point with Culhane. 

At first, I was impressed that she called her driver and someone who went to a public school instead of a private school like she did her "boyfriend." I'm a firm believer in owning who you are and what you like, but usually, someone of Fallon's stature would think that's embarrassing. 

But then when she scoffed at the thought when Monica confronted her, I was over it completely. Culhane has only ever been on her team, but she's just using him. It's all a game to her, and she'll use whoever will take her to the next level. 

So yes, it was nice to see Kori swoop in and take that man proudly. And it'll be even better to see them rub it in Fallon's face day in and day out. She's going to regret not pursuing this great relationship because of "pride." 

Fallon's Old Demons - Dynasty

It's only a matter of time before she ruins things with Colby too; unless now that Culhane is taken, she actually pursues him romantically. 

And even more pathetic was that she blamed it all on "mommy issues." I guess they had to introduce the idea of Alexis' return somehow. Maybe that will stir up some drama and finally move things along?

What are your thoughts? Do you think Fallon's company will flop? Will Cristal ever confess to who she really is? And who killed Matthew?

You can watch Dynasty online and leave your comments below! 

Private as a Circus Review

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Fallon: Hey, the best thing mom ever taught us is what we learned when she left: you can only rely on yourself. And me.

You pick and choose your lies like you do your men.