Ghosted Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Ghost Studz

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The other dimension just doesn't seem as exciting when you have Adam Scott sporting a fake ponytail the entire time. 

But the very familiar TV show aspect was a reminder of why Ghosted continues to be such an entertaining show, especially with the way the characters and the humor balance out with the mystery of the week.

On Ghosted Season 1 Episode 7, Leroy was dealing with a slight work adjustment where he doesn't get to enjoy what comes from his job when technically the job doesn't even exist. Meanwhile, Max and Leroy deal with a pair of actors working on a show that uncovers paranormal activity. 

Paranormal TV - Ghosted

The case this time around was strong enough to keep the story interesting without falling back on the characters too much.

It just so happened though that the characters also managed to have arcs that were captivating and really funny. This made the episode one of the best, and it would only have been better if there was more time to focus on the other dimension. 

It all had the potential to be much scarier, and it was a world that could be explored for a while before it felt boring.

Out of all the weird adventures that Max and Leroy went on so far, a dimension where they can't find their way out right away and where murderous shadows lurk is pretty much the winner. 

Also, this show that explored all these hauntings sounds like something worth checking out if only for the ''spot the fake effects'' game.

Leroy: Name a pizza place.
Max: Domino's

Leroy had a refreshing issue of a new job where he is accomplishing so much but can't exactly have anyone else know that. It did come off as selfish at first with all perks that he kept describing. 

It wasn't until he shared what it felt like working as a mall cop that it made sense. The Bureau and all that it does is important, yet nobody will ever know that except for the people working hard every day to make sure nothing strange harms the world. 

Leroy's past as a cop focused on helping others but that was more exposed, and there is nothing wrong with him liking that people knew what he did. Leroy is doing great and has gotten far, being proud of that is not shameful and is actually very relatable. 

Sounds like they are really in trouble. Should we help them or...?


Max probably had other stuff going on, but I will never get over that hair that I was meant to pretend I didn't see standing out the way it did.

Seriously though, a ponytail is far from a disguise when it looks like the way it did on Max.

His student reappearing in his life when he is posing as a crew member on a show is a step down for sure. I didn't understand why Max's student made it seem like he hit rock bottom because he was working behind the scenes on his own show.

Being a professor is important work too, but if Max wasn't undercover and actually decided that his passion was something else, so what?

Although having two stoned dudes that don't even know half the time what is real and what isn't set up a great backdoor excuse for everything that happened. 

In a way, there weren't any witnesses to worry about, and those guys got themselves an experience worth describing on their show.

Max: Wait a second, you watch Doctor Who?
Leroy: I watched one by accident when I was flipping channels.

Barry disappointed me with the way he tried to get his chair. The woman told him she would try to make it happen, but it wouldn't fit into her schedule that exact day.

Barry decided to order her around, and he got exactly what he deserved. If he had asked nicely, maybe he would have gotten an upgrade and not ended up in a bean bag chair with everyone disliking him.

The bean bag chair was a great idea though and should have been an option from the start. There is nothing softer than stretching out on the floor; Barry might even be the luckiest guy in the office now.

But really, going forward it would be great to see more of Barry but not in a mean way. He is at his best when he is his funny and helpful self instead of bossy and unaware of the trouble he caused himself in a matter of seconds. 

Max: Something touched it.
Leroy: What was it? The Devil?

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite part and what could you do without? What type of paranormal activity do you want to see explored next? What did you think of Max's fake ponytail?

Tell us what you think below.

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Ghost Studz Review

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Ghosted Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Leroy: Name a pizza place.
Max: Domino's

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Sounds like they are really in trouble. Should we help them or...?