Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Jo Takes A Big Step!

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It was a Guys Day Out on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 6 when Jackson and the rest of the guys headed out to his newly purchased boat and hung out for the day.

Meanwhile, Arizona, April, and Maggie dealt with quite the interesting case involving a teen sticking a gun where the sun doesn't shine.

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Paul Dailly, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss Meredith's Harper Avery nomination, Jo's life-changing decisions, and much more.

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Meredith is up for a Harper Avery. React.

Stacy: It's not shocking. She had to leave Jackson's name off of it in order to be eligible, so I kind of figured this is where it was heading. The real question is, will she win? I hope she does. We already saw Cristina lose, so we don't need a repeat of that.

Paul: This was always going to happen. She has been a great doctor, but I agree with Stacy that Meredith could lose.

Jasmine: It's not surprising because she was headed in that direction for a while, but I am curious to see if she'll actually get it.

Do you think Jo's unethical behavior during the case with the judge will come back to haunt her or Meredith later on now that he's dead?

Stacy: No, he was going to sign the papers regardless, and he even told Meredith she wasn't the reason he did it. Plus, the surgery worked. Complications like clots are always a possibility and impossible to predict.

Paul: I have no idea, but I would hope not. Jo has come such a long way, and I was so mad when she said what she said to the judge.

Jasmine: I must be the only one around who is reading too much into this! LOL. Wouldn't be the first time. There was something about Rob, the judge's intern, that has me thinking something more will come from this.

He was wary of Meredith's accolades and kept making comments as if she just wanted to do the surgery for more praise. He was there when Meredith specifically said it was unethical to give her opinion, and then Jo went ahead and did it herself. He wasn't there when Meredith checked in on the judge to make sure he wasn't being pressured.

Maybe I'm being too analytical. I hope I'm wrong.

How do you feel about Jo deciding to file for divorce from her ex-husband?

Stacy: I say good for her! She's been hiding for so long, and she's given up a lot because of it. It's a risk, but if in the end, it means she can stop hiding and marry Alex, it'll be worth it. She has a support system now and Alex on her side, so she's not doing this alone. I'm sure it's going to lead to major drama story-wise, but it's the right decision.

Paul: It was about time, and it's a big move for her. We all know where this is headed though, and her husband is going to rear his ugly head in her life before long.

Jasmine: I agree. It's about time. She needs the closure and real freedom. It's holding her back. Of course, it won't be simple. As Paul said, her hubby will be coming to wreak havoc in no time.

What was your favorite part about the guys' boat trip?

Stacy: Everyone teasing Ben when he admitted he wants to be a firefighter but hasn't told Bailey yet. I loved Jackson's "toast" and Alex wanting to be there when he told her. I personally can't wait to see her reaction when he tells her too!

Paul: I really HATED hated the boat trip. But, the best part was definitely Ben coming clean because it's going to come as quite the shock to Bailey.

Jasmine: Really, Paul?! I was amused by it. I loved when everyone started talking about their sisters and then making fun of Jackson about Maggie. I especially loved when Alex said, "who said anything about sleeping together?"

Alex: Since when do you have a sister?
Jackson: Uh, since Richard married my mom. His daughter Maggie. C'mon guys.
Owen: Barely. He still calls her Pierce.
Jackson: I mean we had dinner. We call that family dinner.
Ben: Yeah, no. Maggie is not your sister.
Owen: Right. It's like Amelia caling Maggie her sister.
Andrew: Wait, they're not sisters?
Ben: No!
Jackson: OK. Wait a second, you, you consider Meredith your sister though?
Alex: No, no. She's like family, but I don't call her my sister.
Jackson: Right, you wouldn't, like, sleep with her.
All the guys: Whoa! What, no?
Alex: Who said anything about sleeping together?!
Jackson: Who...who's ready for grilling?

Which hookup surprised you the most, Amelia and Tom or Owen and Carina?

Stacy: They were both pretty surprising, but I liked Amelia and Tom better. There's chemistry there and I could actually see something coming of it, whereas Owen and Carina obviously don't even know each other. I'm not really sure why she was even at that mixer in the first place. It was just completely random whereas Amelia and Tom at least share a history.

Paul: Owen and Carina. I was shocked to the core. It came out of the left field. Poor Deluca cannot go anywhere without his sister making things complicated.

Jasmine: I found both of them surprising, but I agree that Owen and Carina was the shocking one. They at least implied that Tom and Amelia had a history, sort of. Owen and Carina came out of nowhere though.

What was the funniest moment and/or quote from the episode?

Stacy: The guys showing up drunk to the mixer was pretty great. I laughed at Alex telling them how great Richard is at speeches.

Paul: For me, it was the whole scene with the ladies swiping on Tinder, and Bailey showing up to use Maggie's phone because she's taken.

Jasmine: The entire sequence of everyone finding out the girl had a gun in her vagina after it went off and shot the hypochondriac. I could not stop laughing at all the chaos and Arizona's incredulity over the whole thing.

OK Grey's Fanatics, it's your turn. Do you agree with our roundtable? Disagree? Sound off below! 

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