Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Paul Returns and Brooke is SHOOK!

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The hospital was under a cyber attack on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 8, but Jo was on the verge of a panic attack when she came face to face with her husband, Paul.

The winter finale left people talking, including our TV Fanatics, Stacy Glanzman, Paul Dailly, and Jasmine Blu. Join the discussion below!

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Paul has come face to face with Jo/Brooke for the first time in years. How do you feel about the "Paul Return" cliffhanger? What are your predictions for how this storyline will play out when Grey's returns?

Stacy: I was expecting it. It's the type of cliffhanger Grey's loves to do, and we all knew he'd be back. I can't say I'm excited for it, but hopefully, it'll be more interesting than it sounds.

I assume when the show returns, he's going to wreak havoc on her life and cause all sorts of problems. I just hope Alex doesn't end up beating the crap out of him and winding up in a similar situation to last season. Hopefully, Paul is the one who winds up in jail where he belongs.

Paul: I liked it, but it was expected. It's going to mean there's going to be a lot of anxiety for Jo as she tries to adapt to her new job. Will she tell Alex, or is she scared of how he may react?

Jasmine: We knew it was coming because it has been a long time coming, so in the end, it felt underwhelming. That being said, I'm glad he's finally here so we can move this storyline along.

I hope she tells Alex right away. I don't want a repeat of Alex getting violent, but I would like this to lead to some growth for both Jo and Alex, especially together. Maybe this will be the storyline Jo needs to shine if you will. While I'm not a Jo fan, I like Camilla Luddington, and I would like to see her take on something meaty.

Jo Reacts to Paul's Return

Did Grey's Anatomy pull off their cyber attack storyline? Should Bailey (or Jackson) have paid the $20 million?

Stacy: No, I was bored through the whole thing. As I said last week, Chicago Med and The Night Shift just did similar storylines, so I am over it. As for paying the ransom, both of those shows ended up doing it but had the same concerns about future attacks. It's a tough call, but I think I am on the side of "don't negotiate with terrorists." They'll just attack more hospitals and put more lives at risk.

Paul: I thought it was done really well, but I don't watch other medical dramas, so that's why it probably felt fresh to me. Paying the money was the best move because there was a danger to life.

Jasmine: I agree with Stacy. The only enjoyable part of this plot point was Richard getting the chance to show off. It made no sense that there weren't protocols in place nor were patients being redirected or evacuated.

Owen and April who are exceptional in Trauma and have field experience in the Middle East were clueless. Owen was introduced as a doctor/veteran who used a pen to give someone a tracheotomy. Now suddenly he's flummoxed because he has no access to a working IPad or CT Scan, really?

Normally, no, I wouldn't have wanted them to pay the ransom because it would lead to more attacks etc., but once I saw how poorly GSM handled the entire situation I wanted them to pay the money just to get it over with.

Do you like any of the interns yet? What are your thoughts on Levi A.K.A "Glasses" and his working with Meredith?

Stacy: Not really. New characters generally take awhile to grow on me, and these interns are pretty annoying so far. I don't really have any thoughts on Glasses working with Meredith other than I think he's annoying too. I could do without the interns all together honestly.

Paul: The only one I like is Levi. He's trying too hard to fit in, and it's giving me a lot of laughs.

Jasmine: I'm with Paul. I like Levi, and I find him endearing in his own way. So far he's the most likable one.

Grey's S14 New Interns

Are Carina and Arizona on the path to reconnecting? Which relationship do you prefer, Carina and Arizona or Carina and Owen?

Stacy: It appears that way. I wonder if Carina is going to end up dating both at the same time. That could get complicated. I prefer Carina and Arizona, because they actually talk to each other, whereas so far we've only seen Owen and Carina sleeping together. So far it looks like they're just about sex, whereas Arizona and Carina have the potential for a real relationship.

Paul: I prefer Carina and Arizona. They are both great together, and I was annoyed how quickly their relationship ended.

Jasmine; I like Carina and Arizona together, and I hope that they're back to pursuing one another romantically. I don't mind if it's casual, but I do like their chemistry.

Sharing Lovers

Are the writers dragging out the Maggie and Jackson will they/won't they arc too long?

Stacy: Yes, but I have no desire to see them together. I'd rather them drop it completely, but if they're not going to, I'm fine with them dragging it out until hopefully, someone realizes it's a bad idea, and it doesn't happen.

Paul: They are trying to make it a slow burn, and it just feels like a slap in the face. There was no connection between them before this, so I don't see why we are supposed to care about their pairing all of a sudden.

Jasmine: No love for Jaggie, eh? LOL. I don't care if they become a thing or not I just need them to get on with it, whatever "it" is. It doesn't feel like a slow burn; it's like a middle-school courting.

Maggie and Jackson Work Together

Rate the winter finale. What would you like to see in the second half of the season?

Stacy: I give it a D. It barely held my attention. Last week should have been the winter finale, but of course, they always have to have a cliffhanger, even if it's not a very good one.

For the second half, I want to see more of the same. The first half of the season (minus this episode) was really fun and refreshing compared to last season, so I just hope they keep that vibe going.

Paul: B. I found it fascinating, and I was on the edge of my seat throughout. I want to see more from the interns so that I can make a case for whether I like all of them or not. It wouldn't hurt to have some more groundbreaking surgeries for Meredith to perform.

Jasmine: I second everything Stacy said. I also agree with Paul about the interns. I want to see and learn more about them so I can decide if I like them or not.

I want the Sam/DeLuca storyline to tighten up a bit because at the moment it's flailing, and there aren't enough details. I want this streak to continue because, with the exception of like two episodes (including this one), this season has been on a roll!

Over to you Grey's fanatics. Do you agree with our roundtable? Disagree? Feel free to hit the comments and discuss it.

Grey's Anatomy won't return until January, so feel free to watch Grey's Anatomy online right here via TV Fanatic.

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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