Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Chapter Sixty-Nine

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On Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 5, our titular character explored sex and sexuality. What did you expect from a show boasting the word virgin in its title?

It almost seemed as if Planned Parenthood plugged the episode, which touched upon hot topic issues, some of which are being ignored by our government. 

The biggest would obviously be Adam's revelation that he is bisexual. Jane was caught entirely off-guard by his truth bomb and was, understandably, conflicted and curious. Is this a stepping stone to becoming gay? Why did it take so long for him to tell her? Is she okay with it?

Jane and Lina - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 5

Even though bisexuality is becoming more accepted in society with many celebrities claiming the title, it still carries a stigma —  one that Jane pointed out is frequently a double standard. Jane the Virgin embraces all kinds of relationships but shines when it tackles progressive storylines.

Adam has, in many ways, felt like a substitute for Michael, which isn't a bad thing, but it also made it too convenient. What are the odds that she would find someone just as loving and comical? His sexuality sets him apart and gives him his purpose. 

Jane's conflicts are internal; she's accepting of the LGBTQ community and wants to keep an open mind, but she doesn't know how to "get over it" and not be awkward.

I'm surprised her Catholic upbringing and the religion's unwavering belief that a man is supposed to be with a woman and vice versa wasn't more prevalent. 

His sexuality also came up in a very public way when Jane was meeting Danny, Lina's husband-to-be. Lina has always been Jane's polar opposite, so it fit that she served as the antagonist to Jane's skepticism; Jane was a little confused about bisexuality while Lina loved it. 

When she was uncertain if she should marry Danny the "bore," who she later realized was the male version of Jane, she even considered dating someone more open, free, and fluid like Adam.

Lina Confides in Jane  - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 5

Jane did what she does best and meddled in Lina's relationship per her request, making things worse before they could get better.

It led them to yet another heart-to-heart on the Marbella bathroom floor; these moments have always been the most genuine, and even though Lina has moved far away and isn't wholly involved, they still manage to stay BFFs. 

Love is a funny thing because it forces you to do crazy things for those you care about. Lina accepted Danny for who he was, even though he wasn't the man she imagined marrying because you can't help who you fall in love with.

Jane, after asking some questions, came to terms with Adam's truth. And Ro finally came around to the idea of getting "snipped."

Whenever a couple decides to stop having children, I always hear of women making the ultimate sacrifice and tying their tubes. It's admirable that the series would shine a light on the other alternative that men can easily get the reversible procedure.

Like I said, maybe this is a plug for Planned Parenthood and good for them — people should know about their services.

Petra: You got Villanuevaed.
(Rolls eyes)
Rafael: That's not true. Or even if it was a little true, I never would've worked out with Katherine long term. Obviously, because she's completely nuts. Oh... you don't think so?
Petra: My sister tried to drown me at seas. I have a high bar.

Did Xo go about it the wrong way? She manipulated Ro into thinking it was the best option, and while it may have been for her, I don't think it should have been such a hasty decision for him. 

Aside from sex, family has always been a significant theme because of how close Jane is with her mother and grandmother. Added to that family now is Rafael, who is thankfully alive after getting run down by crazy-ass Katherine.

So even though he's been quite the hypocrite, they welcome him back with open arms because "family always shows up."

It's upsetting that Jane isn't telling him her true feelings. She swears they are no longer romantic, but I'd argue with her on that; she feels something deeper for Rafael; she just knows that this isn't the time. 

Lina and Danny - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 5

For now, Raf is working on himself thanks to the Villaneuva women. He may still be a work in progress, but at least he realizes that he doesn't want to be this money and power hungry man like his father was and starts letting go of his plans to get the hotel back. 

They always say when you stop wanting something, that's when it will land in your lap. And the realization that Luisa was once again going through a nervous break-down and hallucinating her friend Carl allowed him to reach out a helping hand. As she committed herself to a mental hospital, she handed over the shares. 

That would have been good news for Rafael except that according to the law, those shares belonged to the person Luisa signed them over to in her "right state of mind," which would be Anezka. 

Anezka learned a thing or two about manipulating people while in Czech. After all, her master is Magda. These ladies seem to be pulling all the strings when it comes to this hotel deal; they even made Luisa believe she's crazy and hallucinating again to get the shares. 

Relationship Strain - Jane the Virgin

Now the Marbella belongs to the Petra and Anezka, which spells trouble. In an attempt to have Anezka as the sole owner, they will probably try to eliminate Petra meaning she might very well be the person who dies. 

I don't want to discredit Magda nor Anezka because they know how to make things work in their favor, but how would they know such secretive information from Luisa's life? Even if Magda was around back then, would she know all the details?

And if she had a nervous breakdown while getting her medical residency, how in the world did she become a medical professional? Luisa is unstable and should have never been allowed to run her own practice, where she impregnated Jane, might I add. 

You can watch Jane the Virgin online and leave your comments below! 

Chapter Sixty-Nine Review

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