Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 4 Review: Sanctuary City: Part 4

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Sharon's manipulating Dr. Joe so that she could get some information out of Ryan Rojas and his mother was an interesting strategy, though ethically questionable.

Dr. Joe felt used, and Ryan's emotional state was used against him.

Getting Ryan all worked up didn't net much new information, though the cops did find out Father Jonas was heading back to America.

Hopefully, the trick that took up a chunk of time on Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 4 will finally lead to the conclusion of this case so that we can move on to something else.

Provenza Is Concerned - Major Crimes

I'm not sure how I feel about this particular tactic.

Dr.Joe is a genuinely decent guy who wants to help people, and he got manipulated into playing Ryan.

Provenza: Lucas. Lucas who is conveniently dead. Doctor, that is why we need you to catch Ryan in just one little lie -
Dr. Joe: It is my job to listen to this boy privately to assess his mental fitness. No listening in. It's your job to catch lies.

If this had worked and Ryan revealed significant info, would they not have figured out that the cops used a therapy session to get Ryan upset enough to spill the beans?

And if they had figured it out, what would that mean for Dr. Joe's reputation or even his license to practice therapy?

It didn't happen, so it doesn't matter, but I'm not sure this was the best plan. I'm as desperate as the cops to finally close this case, but surely there was a less disturbing tactic to be used.

Mason: Are you done complaining?
Tao: Don't ask the impossible.

I like this new theory that the boys were fooling around with opiates and when Lucas ended up dead, they decided to cover it up with a sham story about a kidnapping.

It makes sense and would fit Ryan's sense of guilt and desire to talk to Father Jonas. If this theory is correct, I suspect the priest helped move the body.

I have my doubts two teenage boys could dump a body at the church by themselves without being seen by anybody, so this fits. 

On the other hand, could the boys be telling the truth? The story about being sprayed with a chemical that knocked them out was a bit random for a fabricated tale.

Lucas had chloroform on his clothes, and if the boys were making something up why would they have such specific details? They claimed the spray made their throat burn and were able to describe the inside of the limo in some detail, which suggests that they definitely took this ride.

And since Father Jonas was hiding out in Mexico and apparently can travel freely between the two countries thanks to his church affiliations, if he is involved, he could have easily smuggled the boys across the border.

But if that was the case, what was his motive? And why was Ryan feeling so guilty? Was his claim that he was going to hell because he is gay or did it have something to do with the case?

"Sanctuary City: Part 4" left me with more questions than answers, which I guess is a good thing because it'll keep me watching. But I'm about as interested in this long, drawn-out case as Provenza was after a few minutes of watching the silent footage of Dr. Joe's session with Ryan.

This case has just gone on and on and on and the more it drags on, the more impatient I am to get to the end of it.

Rusty: They gave her an EKG or an EEG, whichever it is, and an MRI.
Provenza: All those tests for the flu?
Rusty: They said it was standard.
Provenza: I'm sure they took one look at her insurance and realized she can afford every expensive test in the world. But don't you worry. I've had all those tests, and look at me.

I was far more interested in Sharon's medical condition. It irritated me that after the doctor told her he had news for her, the next time we saw her she was at home. 

I felt like I missed something.

There's something to be said for keeping the audience in the dark, but this wasn't good mystery building. It felt choppy.

Sharon: The cardiologist said most people die WITH this disease, not FROM this disease.
Rusty: So what can I do to help?
Sharon: Accept the full undercover LAPD security detail. That will take a lot of stress off my heart, I am sure.
Rusty: Wow. I know it's your job to make people feel guilt about things. But wow.

I wasn't surprised that Sharon had a heart condition. I was wavering between believing she had a panic attack and believing she had a heart attack after she collapsed.

When the doctor said she had a condition that was caught early, for a second I was afraid he was going to say she was pregnant. I knew that wasn't likely given that she's probably post-menopausal, but impossible pregnancies and fainting meaning you're pregnant are annoying tropes that I was worried might come into play.

Thankfully, that did not happen. This is a much more reasonable explanation for Sharon's health crisis.

Other than the oddness of Sharon suddenly being at home and appearing to be working, I thought the reveal was done well. Sharon looked older and very tired when she was looking in the mirror sans glasses, which was a powerful image.

The way the mirror shot was done made it appear she was looking at her breasts, as every woman on television who has breast cancer does, so I thought that was a possibility for a second.

It wasn't just a red herring either, as she was probably looking at the area of her chest where her heart is.

I also thought to have a virus attack her heart rather than her having a heart attack, or simple heart failure was an interesting twist on the medical crisis storyline since this is a far rarer condition and there's uncertainty as to what it all means.

One thing is for sure: Sharon's obsession with her work isn't changing anytime soon. I'm sure her doctor would be appalled at her version of resting, which looked an awful lot like working full time from home.

I'm sure Andy will try to keep her in line, but considering how hard he has fought to get back in the field after his stroke, he may be a little bit too understanding to be much good in this department.

The best part of this storyline is learning that Andy and Sharon will be going ahead with their wedding! I loved Andy's statement of commitment to Sharon, and I hope the wedding will be one of the last scenes as this series draws to a close.

I also hope that Gus does not make an appearance. I'm so thrilled that he and Rusty are a thing of the past. I was never a fan of this relationship, and I could have done without hearing Gus' name ever again.

What did you think of "Sanctuary City: Part Four?"

Does this mystery appear to be winding down or are there too many loose ends and new directions for your liking?

Do you think Sharon will ever slow down, heart condition or no heart condition?

Are you as psyched for Sharon and Andy's wedding as I am?

Weigh in below, and don't forget you can always watch Major Crimes online if you missed anything.

Sanctuary City: Part 4 Review

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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Flynn: Three sirens are better than one. I'm going with her.
Provenza: Okay, keep us posted.
[Flynn leaves with paramedics]
Vega: Is she -
Provenza: She is none of your damn business, unless you are going to answer her question. Where are those three boys?
Other FBI Agent: We're not authorized -
Provenza: Then get the hell out of my murder room. You need a hand? [grabs box of files, throws it at them.]
Vega: This is not how you -
Other FBI Agent: Are you serious?
Sanchez: If the lieutenant wants you lying bastards out of here, that's exactly what's going to happen.

Sharon, can you hear me? You fainted. Sharon, are you okay?