New 24 Series in the Works at Fox!!!

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24: Legacy may have been a dud for Fox, but that does not mean the network is letting the 24 franchise go. 

According to Deadline, the network has handed a script commitment to another series set in the universe, but there are some major differences from the other series. 

Jack with a Gun

The race against the clock format will remain the same, with the episodes playing out in real time, but that appears to be the only thing that will remain the same. 

Instead of being an action-packed drama, this new iteration is said to follow a female prosecutor who finds out about a legal conspiracy.

This presents quite the conundrum because the inmate in the frame is on death row and facing execution. On top of that, the lead character was the one who helped prosecute him. 

Tony Almeda on Point - 24: Legacy

Desperate to find out the truth, the character would try to prove whether the inmate is someone who had nothing to do with the crime. 

It does sound interesting, but it does seem rather silly to stamp the 24 name on a show that appears to be a complete 180 from the original series. 

The report does state that this new iteration would be an anthology and would focus on new characters in a new location if it is renewed for additional seasons. 

The series comes from 24 executive producers, Howard Gordon and Jeremy Doner. 

Even More Tense - 24: Legacy

After canceling 24: Legacy earlier this year, Fox maintained that a return trip to the franchise was not being ruled out. 

”We are really exploring what the future, the next version of 24 might be, maybe in more anthological storytelling,” Fox chairman Dana Walden said during the 2017 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour.

“The same kind of ticking-clock format but apply it to something else,” then-Fox Entertainment president David Madden added. “It will have the same urgency but may not be set in the CTU, it will have same style and urgency but in a different venue.”

Feels Good - 24: Legacy Season 1 Episode 4

24: Legacy went largely ignored by viewers. It had a solid launch behind the Super Bowl earlier this year, but it dropped in the ratings throughout its run. 

Over to you, 24 Fanatics. How do you feel about this news? Should Fox let the franchise die?

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