Scandal Round Table: What Will Become of Rowan Pope?

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Olivia is ready to make some moves. 

That became clear on Scandal Season 7 Episode 4 when she went head-to-head with her father after learning he was the one to bring Fitz back into the picture. 

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Lizzy Buczak and Paul Dailly discuss Olivia's new plan, her return to her old stomping grounds and so much more. 

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What will Olivia do to Rowan now she knows he was the one who brought Fitz back?

Christine: With Olivia these days, anything is possible. It was funny how bad I felt about her taking Annie, the dinosaur, away. Short of actually imprisoning her father, I’m not sure what’s left. The only person he seems to care about is her, and the fact that he was willing to ask Fitz for help, a man he loathes, speaks to how desperate Rowan is.

Lizzy: What else can she do? He doesn't have much left except his dinosaurs, and now that she's taken that, there's not much left. How do you torture a man who has done terrible things many times before and cares for no one? It'll be interesting to see what she comes up with and what lengths she goes to. 

Paul: She’s probably going to find a way to get him out of Washington. I don’t see her going as far as killing him. She will merely take the things away that he likes.

Running the Free World - Scandal Season 7 Episode 4

How did you feel about Olivia making her way back to QPA to help out with the case?

Christine: I was relieved because it showed that there’s still a piece of humanity living inside of her. Lately, it feels as though the power of the White House is all she cares about, so I was glad to see she at least offered a tiny bit of assistance on this case.

Lizzy: It felt like home. She's always dabbled in White House business, but OPA is home. And even though she trained Quinn and Abbie, she still came in there with a solution they couldn't get too without her. 

Paul: I loved it. It showed there was still a part of her that cared about helping people, and I needed it to get on board with the character again. She’s been very difficult to read of late.

QPA Has a Client! - Scandal

Were you glad that Olivia actually let Mellie make a decision for a change?

Christine: Did she let Mellie make the decision, or did she allow Mellie to think she had? If Liv hadn’t reassessed the situation and felt Mellie’s point of view held some merit, I’m not convinced she wouldn’t have bullied Mellie into changing course.

Lizzy:  I don't think Mellie decided at all. She made her case, Liv thought about it over a heavily poured glass of wine and decided it was the best course of action. Had it not been, Liv would have been giving Mellie another "who do you want to be" talk that would have convinced her otherwise. 

Paul: Now that I’ve rewatched the scene, it was very apparent Olivia implied to Mellie that she was the one making the decision, so I felt bad for Mellie being played like that.

Huck and Abby - Scandal Season 7 Episode 4

How did you feel about Curtis trying to make Fitz look bad on television?

Christine: I’m not a Curtis fan, although he’s less annoying than Sally Langston. He was more or less doing his job, which is to make his show more dramatic. Fitz handled him really well, pointing out that the only reason they were even speaking about this missing black girl on his show was because a “rich, white guy” shined a light on the cause.

Lizzy: Curtis is a journalist, so he was just doing what journalists do. Could he have been a bit more friendly? Of course, but they are both pining for the same woman, so he had to establish dominance and what better way than a humiliation tactic on live television? But after being the President and knowing what he knows, Fitz cannot be intimidated. 

Paul: I found it hilarious. He wanted to make a story that would connect with the audience, but a part of him wanted to get one over on his rival.

Asserting Their Power - Scandal

How do you see the drama in Bashran playing out now that it looks like Mellie is sending troops to war?

Christine: War rarely goes the way you think it will, and this will be no exception. These are the types of things that can make or break a presidency, but I think Mellie was right. The new regime is trying to take over because they have absolutely no interest in peace. If they can get Rashad back in power, maybe peace stands a chance.

Lizzy: This kind of reminded me of how Fitz wanted to send in troops to rescue Liv when she was kidnapped. Except for this time, I think Mellie is thinking with more than just her heart. The new regime is not peaceful, and if the US wants peace, they need to take them down and get Rashad back in power. And if that leads to a love story, so be it. 

Paul: Given that this is the final season, I see there being a lot of conflict from the drama in Bashran. It’s going to result in retaliation, and Mellie will likely be in the crosshairs because of her decision

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Olivia: I need you to look into Fitz. He's back, no warning. Shows up on my doorstep saying he's got some case he needs my help with.
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