Supergirl Round Table: James and Lena?!?

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Sanvers officially broke up on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 5, and even though we knew it was coming, it was still sad that their relationship had to end. 

Morgan Edge is proving to be a major thorn in Lena's side, but so far Lena has been more than capable of handling herself. 

Below, TV Fanatics, Jay Ruymann, Christine Orlando, Andy Behbakht, and Kathleen Wiedel discuss the big break up, a sisterly trip home, and what might be going on between Lena and James. 

Join us!

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On a scale of 1-10, how heartbreaking was the Sanvers breakup? Was it as bad as you thought it would be?

Jay: 3? I think it was sad, but I like the way it was written. It seemed like a mutual decision between both of them because both wants the other to be happy and weren’t going to force their vision of the future on each other.

I think it’s sad they’re broken up, but now Alex knows what she wants for future relationships. I always expected an ending similar to this.

Christine: 5. Perhaps it wasn’t as heartbreaking as expected because we knew it was coming. It’s sad because these two make a great couple, but I appreciated that they loved one another enough to let each other go in order to be happy. Most people aren’t that giving or self assured.

Andy: 11 for me. I knew this was coming and had to prepare myself, since the season premiere that they were going to break-up. I think in many ways it worked for what it was. It is however heartbreaking that the show is losing one of its best relationships.

I think what is also heartbreaking about this is that I'm a little scared where they will go next with Alex in terms of future relationships. This is a show on The CW after all and I just don't want them to throw in a new love interest for her too soon.

Kathleen: I'll give it a 7. Most of us saw it coming, but it was wrenching all the same. Their reasons for breaking up came from a believable, relatable place for the viewers.

What do you think would have happened if Lena hadn't been knocked out? Is there any chance she would have pulled the trigger?

Jay: It’s possible she would have, yet also possible she wouldn’t. I don’t want Lena to turn into a villain ever; I love the relationship she has with Kara and how hard she’s always fought to be “good.” It would be awful to throw that away.

Christine: She might have, and I almost wouldn’t have blamed her. The guy was willing to poison children just to get back at her. But I enjoy seeing Lena as a conflicted good guy. She’s one of the most interesting characters on the show.

Andy: I wouldn't be shocked if she had pulled the trigger. Lena is doing everything she can to make a name for herself and be outside her brother's shadow, and you could feel that frustration so hard in this episode. So far, I dig how the show is keeping it a mystery of whether or not she will be good or bad.

Kathleen: Drunk/high people do all sorts of things they wouldn't otherwise do. It's entirely possible that Lena could have pulled the trigger. She may have hated herself later for it... or not, and hated herself for that.

Luthor Side - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 5

Knowing that eventually Sam will become the villain Reign, do you have any theories on what might turn her evil? Do you think Lena or Morgan will play a part in it?

Jay: I think Reign is more of an alter ego, like Killer Frost is for Caitlin Snow. I think Sam isn’t going to be complicit in Reign’s actions, but she’ll be inside of her own body unable to get out or stop the villain.

That’s the only way I can see someone like Sam making such a huge, dark turn so fast.

Christine: I don’t know Reign’s background so it’s difficult for me to say. Sam is a good person, and I’d hate to see her suddenly turn evil. I think Jay may be onto something with Reign being inside of Sam somehow and she has to fight for control.

Andy: I doubt it will be Morgan and Lena who have anything to do with Sam's evolution into Reign. While they're certainly taking their own spin with her, I expect her evolution to be more Kryptonian based.

Kathleen: I like the idea of Reign as an alter-ego, but the fact that they're already doing it with Killer Frost for Caitlin on Flash, as Jay already mentioned, might make that less likely. If they do go that route, I'd like so see more of a Smeagol/Gollum internal conflict.

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Are you looking forward to Alex and Kara's trip home to Midvale?

Jay: Yes! I love scenes with Eliza, who I hope is in the episode, and also it’s time to see exactly why Kara was so afraid of using her powers and being a hero when we met her in the series premiere. What went wrong?

Christine: Absolutely. The sister stories are the strength of the show, and I look forward to finding out more about how they became the women they are today.

Andy: I'm always looking forward to anything Kara and Alex do together. Heck, they could just have an entire episode where they're simply reading the phone book and it would be the sweetest thing ever. Plus any reason to have Helen Slater visit the show is a bonus in my book.

Kathleen: As the others have mentioned, the sisterly relationship between Kara and Alex is one of the key strengths of Supergirl, and I am definitely excited for this trip, which will hopefully provide more insight into their childhood.

Hard Conversation - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 5

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Jay: I really enjoyed the scenes of Sam and Kara bonding and mystery solving. This relationship is one of my favorites and is only bettered when Lena comes into the mix too. This trio is one I never knew I wanted but now I desperately do.

Christine: Since Jay took my first choice, I’ll go with the Lena and James scene at the end, and Lena’s Supergirl quote…

“Whenever anyone takes a bullet for me they get to call me Lena.” It made me suddenly think that Lena and James’ relationship could get a lot more interesting in the future.

Andy: I don't necessarily have any favorite quotes but I had a ton of favorite scenes in this episode. The sister bonding in the end with Kara, Lena and Sam was sweet. Since Christine brought it up, the Jimmy/Lena thing is getting quite intriguing indeed...

Kathleen: Ooh, that Jimmy/Lena thing! I'll admit, that's definitely not something I saw coming, but I think it could provide some downright interesting possibilities!

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Lena: One night.
Sam: Great. See, this is what friends are for.
Lena: If Ruby was sick, would you still be my friend?

Lena: You know, you're terrible at hiding things from me.
Kara: [under her breath] I wouldn't be so sure of that.