Supernatural Season 13 Episode 6 Review: Tombstone

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It's like a modern Western on Supernatural Season 13 Episode 6, "Tombstone." 

Picking up at Sam, Dean and Castiel's reunion, Cas explains how it was that he was brought back from the dead. 

I annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that he sent me back.


It's nice that Jack gets his due credit for waking up Cas by calling his name in The Empty, and the first official meeting between Jack and Cas is adorable and heartwarming. 

Jack Meets Castiel - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 6

Also, Jack is obviously picking things up extremely quickly if he is already able to find them a case. It's impressive how good he is on that computer. 

A possible hunt or a string of grave robberies in Dodge City, Kansas means everyone is invited to the family outing. 

Two salty hunters, one half-angel kid, dude who just came back from the dead, again... Team Free Will 2.0, here we go.


Dean gets to happily show off his cowboy trivia knowledge in the hotel room, which prompts Sam to comment on his improved demeanor. 

Sam: You've been having a rough go, so it's good to see you smile.
Dean: Well, I said I needed a big win. We got Cas back. That's a pretty damn big win.
Sam: Yeah, fair enough.

I'm with you on that one, Sam. It's good to have a happier Dean around again.

Jack catching Cas up on everything he missed is also an adorable bonding scene. Cas doesn't exactly sing Heaven's praises, but at least he gives the vague impression that Kelly is probably just fine up in Heaven. 

Best of all, Cas tells Jack that he and Kelly were right in thinking Jack was going to change the world for the better. Jack should probably hear things like that more often. I'm sure debating his innate nature is getting exhausting though. 

And Cas's commentary when Jack tries to wake up Dean and gets a gun pulled on him is honestly just hilarious. 

I told you, he's an angry sleeper. Like a bear.


So with a new murder to look into, the boys separate. Jack and Sam head to a cemetery while Cas and Dean head to a crime scene. Dean, of course, makes Cas wear a cowboy hat. 

A Western Town - Supernatural

Is it just me, or does that cowboy hat not go with that trench coat at all? I'm still laughing about it, as well as the entire scene when Dean talks about making Cas watch the movie Tombstone, and Cas remembers it as "the one with guns and tuberculosis." 

So maybe Dean gets to fulfill a childhood dream or something by taking on a ghoul that has decided to disguise himself as famous western gunslinger Dave Mather. 

Dean's commentary on the ghoul robbing a bank seems to be a bit tongue-in-cheek alluding to the original Dave Mather's precarious relationship with the law. 

The fact that this encounter leads to an actual shoot-out in front of the bank isn't surprising, given all the people playing old west on the scene.

It's unfortunate that the only casualty here is a bank security officer accidentally caught up in the crosshair, leaving Jack feeling guilty and probably awful. 

Honestly, this was an unnecessary death. I get that the guy thought he had a job to do and a gun to help him, but no one runs out into a mess of firing bullets. That's how you get yourself shot. 

Unfortunately, it was Jack's power that ended up sending the officer flying into something less yielding than a human skull.  

Jack already has enough guilt issues to deal with, and now he has to think about the fact that he accidentally killed a guard. 

It's nice and everything that Sam and Cas try to make him feel better about it on the car ride home, but he isn't hearing it. It's obvious he just has an inner dialogue going on about how evil and monstrous he is. 

It's still a little unclear why ghoul Dave thought robbing a bank would solve all his problems and make the fight with his girlfriend better. I'm pretty sure it just made everything worse. Especially the part where he tied her to the chair when she broke up with him. 

I wasn't expecting Dean to get help from Sargent Phillips to kill the ghoul, but it's a pretty wonderful conclusion to this new western.

Sargent Phillips - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 6

The Sargent, taking the killing of his nephew personally, cuts ties with the law for a night to hunt the ghoul down, declaring it "family business." 

Dean is probably the only fake lawman that would roll with that plan so easily, adding a simple "aim for the head" as opposed to argument. 

The best part was definitely Sargent Phillips shooting ghoul Dave in the head with a shotgun. 

Not only did he silently take Dean's cues expertly, proving just how smart he is about last-second planning, but he got his closure for the killing of his nephew. 

That would have been a perfectly fine place to end a mostly not-too-heavy episode. But this is Supernatural, and how often does it really work that way? 

The fallout from Jack accidentally killing that guard comes to an explosive conclusion back in the bunker. Even Dean trying to tell him he is no more of a monster than the rest of them doesn't help. 

Jack can't deal with the guilt, on top of feeling like a dangerous monster, and he runs. 

Why didn't someone make a list for him of the good things he did that didn't hurt anyone at all? That whole car ride home and no one told him he has done plenty of good things too? 

I get the constant refrain about his potential for good, but it probably would have helped to tell him he has done some already too.

So what was your favorite scene from the latest cowboy episode? Where do you think Jack went, and how will they find him again? Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings about any or all of it down in the comments section. 

If you need more cowboy role-playing in your life and want to watch this episode again watch Supernatural online.

Tombstone Review

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 6 Quotes

I annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that he sent me back.


Two salty hunters, one half-angel kid, dude who just came back from the dead, again... Team Free Will 2.0, here we go.