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Did the Gallaghers find a way to get rid of Eric?

That was the big question on Shameless Season 8 Episode 3 when it became apparent that the man was not going anywhere without his meth. 

Meanwhile, things took a turn for Fiona when she went up against someone she thought was an ally, but who was it?

Also, Lip had to become a carer for someone from his past, but was it the best move for him?

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Shameless Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

Ian: You don't understand. We don't know anything about your meth.
Man: Bullshit. Monica was fucking indestructible. There's no way she just lost seven pounds of meth, so either she smoked it, or she sold it, or her fucked up family stole it. And in anyone of those scenarios, I am still owed seventy fucking grand.

My money or my meth. You got 24 hours, you understand? After that, you start worrying about little Debbie, little Liam, and pretty little Fiona.