Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Trust Your Gut

By Elizabeth Harlow at

Money, money, money. 

Sharon's battle with the board started on Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 3, but will it ever develop into an actual issue for the ED? Cost-cutting measures can only go so far, and Stohl's charting revolution may cause mutiny amongst the troops. 

Still, it seems really unlikely that things will progress to actually closing the ED. From what we know about Gaffney, it's a teaching hospital with a great reputation. We don't explicitly know that it's a research hospital, but it seems likely.

Which makes shuttering the ED drastically less likely. And unless that's where things are heading, I don't really need the false drama of board meetings. Or staff meetings. Or any meetings.

Don't we all get enough of pointless meetings in our real lives? Do we really need them invading our entertainment?

I'm not Will Halstead's biggest fan, but his reaction in the board room was all of us in every meeting ever. 

To be fair to Will, he's drastically improved this season. He's still an idiot about money apparently, but now that he's not repressing his feelings for Nat, it's like he's been able to focus on being a decent human being and coworker. 

Too bad the other men of the ED are picking up the slack and doing their best to fill the terrible men quota.

Noah continues to be the worst. Kudos for not sexually harassing anybody this week, but I'm not sure I really trust a physician who can't figure out how to put together a Blue Apron order. 

He's also the only doc we've heard talking about taking a nap while on duty. While that seems more realistic then the preternaturally well-rested vibe the rest of the ED gives off, it's out of sync with the norms Med has set up.

And what millennial living in a big city doesn't use Postmates or PeaPod or Prime Now? For that matter, if he's such an incompetent child, why isn't his mommy handling this for him?

I hate Noah, but what I hate more is that there's basically no acknowledgment of how terrible he is! Choi was on the right track, but somehow ended up with the take away that April was just being kind by helping him out, not being manipulated into enabling him!

It feels like Choi is being set up to be a jerk so that April can be the angel of the ED. That isn't really fair to either character. 

I'm sure some read April's boundaries at work as shrewish and bitchy, but she's in the right on that one, even if her holier-than-thou attitude rubs me the wrong way. But the way Choi ignore's her boundaries is worse.

It doesn't help that I still don't get the chemistry between these two. It really seemed liked they barely liked each other at times. You shouldn't be having "You would say that" fights after such a short time. 

It's too bad that Ethan doesn't seem to be seeing Daniel anymore or they could talk about that in a session. But Daniel's too busy overstepping his relationship with Sharon and not actively helping Sarah do anything about her issues. 

Poor Sarah. I really hope her story isn't going where I think it's going this season. 

It's all too easy to envision her slowly accepting everyone's insistence that she's just over reacting to Daniel's shooting and seeing trouble where there is none, that she's reading too much into what happened with her insulin patient. 

And then in the middle of sweeps, she'll be kidnapped or held hostage by the insulin lady. Or maybe a different patient. It doesn't really matter. It'll be some god awful gaslighting thing, and really, I'd rather just have her mom visit and have Sarah explore her daddy issues. 

But that doesn't make for as good of cross over material. 

Not that there are any cross overs on the horizon at the moment. Hell, we didn't even see Herrmann or Otis at Molly's. Not to mention that this Barry guy has been acting EMT, so no visits from Sylvie. 

What I'd really like to see is some cross franchise relationships instead of everybody at Gaffney dating fellow staffers. 

Connor, in particular, could use some out-of-house romance. Has nobody told that rich boy that you don't poop where you eat? 

The fallout from his eventual banging of his South African coworker is not going to be pretty. Even though we think of Connor as an honorable guy, he's in a rock/hard place situation to be sure.

He either breaks up with Robin to screw Ava, or he sleeps with his nemesis while still with her. Somehow, I don't think Daniel will look favorably on either option. I see a lot of self-loathing in Connor's future. 

The cardiothoracic fellows will be improving their working relationship on Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 4, so that's one step closer to them seeing each other naked. Daniel's too busy helping the guy who shot him to report back on that development to Robin though. 

April may finally start to figure out what a little turd Noah is -- the siblings "discover working together isn't always easy." You know Noah will only think it isn't easy if his sister suddenly stops giving into him on every little thing. 

Will and Nat will once again handle an ethically tricky case, and I just hope they do a better job handling it then they did last time. Because it involves the Zika virus, it probably involves another pregnant woman, so I'm not really optimistic. 

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