Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Monster

By Lizzy Buczak at

Things got a little heated between Voight and Ruzek on Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 9. And it was exactly what we expected! 

The writers have been setting up this explosive story for weeks now. Would Ruzek turn on his own team? Would he rat out Voight? Would they catch on?

If you've ever doubted Ruzek — let's face it, we all have many times — we should all be a little ashamed. Even when there was no good choice, Ruzek made the noble one. 

As Denny was pressuring him to get incriminating footage of his boss, Ruzek chose to deal with the consequences of covering up his sister's DUI, which was a total of five years. 

But he made the decision to protect his sister and now, he was making the decision to protect his other family, which is Intelligence.

Ruzek said something that totally went over Denny's head but really stuck with me: "What I did was wrong, and this is also wrong." 

Two wrongs don't make a right, ever. Sure he could succumb to Denny's demands but when will they stop? How far will he have to go, and who will he have to hurt to "save himself." And at that point, would he even be proud of the cop he'd become?

Ruzek took a stand telling Denny that the "only reason" he wants to take Voight down is because "he's not half the man he is." That's bold.

And it seems like Voight didn't get the memo that his team was, in fact, ride or die for him.

In the final scene, Ruzek is gearing up to become a disgraced cop when Olinsky asks him to assist in a case. In other words, Ruzek is going "for a ride." We all know that means he's about to get buried.  

They meet up with Voight who does not look pleased. Who would be if they found out one of their own men was snitching on him to the enemy?

Now, we won't know what Ruzek's fate is until the series returns, but I'd like to think that Voight would hear him out. He'll give him the benefit of the doubt because if they are a family like Ruzek says they are, he should know he'd never be capable of something so low. 

Then, they should team up and take Denny down in an epic way. 

Maybe that's the plan all along? Maybe Voight knows that Denny is keeping tabs on Ruzek, so he wants to make it seem like he was found out. 

To be honest, there was a point where I truly thought Voight pocketed $15k, and I wasn't even phased. Even if he does do something that shady, we know he'll use the money somewhere further on to help out a victim or close a case. 

Olinksy serving as Voight's lackey continues even in the midseason finale. We went through a whole season and still don't know what is going on under that cap of his! It's so frustrating because some of the heaviest and more emotional storylines in previous seasons came from Olinsky's family angle. 

Even though there was enough going on with each character's personal life, we still had to deal with the case of the week. The series shifted gears a bit from the drug, gang, and gun problem in the city to tackle an opioid problem in the suburbs. 

As someone that's from Chicago, I appreciated the "Wilmette isn't Chicago" line probably more than I should have.

See, it isn't only terrible thugs that are contributing to the crime in Chicago; sometimes it's innocent mothers who are cheering their children on at soccer games then snorting oxy in the bathroom.

While it was obvious that the father was going to be responsible for Vance's death (I watch too much TV), I was shocked that Voight didn't do anything about it. 

I guess he figured justice was served and a man got to avenge his daughter's death, which he can definitely relate to.

When Justin died, he was ready to go past the point of no return to make the killers pay. However, he knows that even after you get your "revenge," you don't feel that much better about it.

In a way, the former judge already paid the ultimate price for the crime; he had to live with the loss of his daughter and his decision to take a life in return.

Not surprisingly, some of the best moments came from Burgess who impressed while undercover as "Diana," a wild party girl trying to score some Oxy. Seeing her go from flirtatious to complete badass was so awesome. 

Then there was the scene that gave me Chicago PD Season 1 vibes; Kim anxiously sitting on the bus watching Frank's every movement to prevent him from reaching for his gun. It reminded me of that time Antonio's son was kidnapped and went on the Greyhound bus to take down the kidnapper.

Bus/train scenes are some of the most intense because they take place in such a high traffic, enclosed space where one wrong move can do a lot of damage. 

There was also a brief mention of Halstead's love life, specifically that he's still sleeping with Camila following Luis's death. The worst part is that she still thinks his name is Ryan. Halstead hasn't told her the truth, and that really worries me. 

Has that relationship gone too far and he feels stupid fessing up now? Does he know that if he tells her, she will blame him for Luis' death? Does part of him like not being Jay Halstead and having all that baggage?

It is going to get messy eventually, and I'm afraid it will lead to a breakdown that's been building up ever since Lindsey left. Honestly, Halstead never really had time to cope with the loss; he just thrust himself into his work. 

Do you have thoughts on the midseason finale?

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