Good Behavior Post Mortem: Juan Diego Botto on Javier's Shocking Loss and Jetty!

By Jasmine Blu at

Fans should be reeling from what was arguably the darkest hour of Good Behavior to date. There was another shocking loss for Javier, and Letty was left in a rather precarious position after making some poor choices.

On "Stay Beautiful," the feud between Javier and Teo took another deadly turn. At this rate, there's no way it can end until one of them is dead. If that's the case, our money is on Javier.

TV Fanatic was fortunate enough to speak to the hitman himself, Juan Diego Botto, about that shocking ending, the darkest case he has had to date, and Javier's relationship with Letty. 

What did he have to say during our phone conversation about that dark and very intense hour, you ask? Check it out below!

Good Behavior can usually be classified as a dark comedy, but I found this episode to be particularly dark. What was it like trying to prepare for the darker themes of this episode, especially with Javier's hit-job?

It was an intense episode. It's an episode that has quite a journey for my character, for Javier. It's not only the married couple but what that means to Javier -- the thought that -- what happens in the moment when he and Letty are splitting up, and he realizes through that experience that we're not like that. We're not like them. That we're different. We're better than that [and them].

There are people that, as he says, push each other over the ledge, and they're [Letty and Javier] not like that. And for me as an actor, it was a very complicated for me--the emotions, like having the killing with the married couple, the phone call with Letty, and I have the scenes with Teo and my brother. It was a lot in just one single episode, so it's one of those episodes that when you finish, you're exhausted.

Yes, I can imagine!

It's just, I don't want to cry anymore. [Laughs]

It was a very exhausting episode, even as a viewer watching it. Javier is usually very in control of his emotions, but it felt like he was losing control and cracking a bit here.

Yeah, he's definitely not in control in this episode. He tries to be, and when we see him at the beginning with the couple, he's trying to be in control, but even then, he's not. In normal conditions, that is a job that he would not have done.

He does it because he wants the money to give Letty this enormous gift, and he thinks that it might be a way to to get back together.

The first season focused on Letty, but this season is a bit more balanced. Were you excited about having your own personal arc?

Yeah, absolutely. I mean when we finished the first season, I had this feeling that there's a lot more to tell about Javier. The good thing was that he was still somehow a mysterious character. There wasn't much that we knew about him. We knew about his family, and we knew about his past with his little brother, but that was about it.

So it was very interesting when I first started reading this season, and they told us about the arc of the characters and what the season was going to be about. For an actor, it's always interesting when you have big challenges, and this one is a big challenge. And one of the things I like in general about the show is that, as you said before, it combines the dark comedy with the drama, with the thriller.

Letty and Javier were working very hard to be normal, but it doesn't seem like Letty is on the same page right now.

Well these two characters are dealing with their own past and their own nature, and even though we tried to be normal, we tried to fit in, we tried to find our place in the's very difficult to change, especially when everything around you is not helping you. They're not on the same page right now, but it ain't over.

Letty has her own addiction, but Javier's addiction appears to be to this idea of family.

Probably, yeah. He's very stubborn, and of course, he has lost his family somehow, had that accident with his little brother, and he's been living by himself since 17, and now because of what he does, he lost his sister and nieces.

So, to build a family, it's something that's very important for him, but something unexpected because until he finds Letty, I don't think he thought that would be a possibility. For Javier, if it doesn't work with Letty, it doesn't work at all.

Javier keeps losing people in his life, and he beats himself up for matters that are out of his control. Now that he lost another brother, Carlos, will he blame himself for Carlos' death too?

Yes. He's going to feel responsible for that, that's for sure.

Letty and Javier's phone call was brutal. They've expressed their feelings for one another to other people but still haven't told each other that they love each other. Why is that?

And I don't know if they ever will. First of all, I don't think they need to, and I don't know if they could. It's one of those things that for these characters, it's already hard to admit that they need someone else.

It could be that as a weakness, especially to themselves, admitting that to themselves saying that out loud to the other person, for these two. It's complicated. If I think about it, it would be very difficult for me to imagine Javier saying that.

I imagine it would be difficult for Letty to hear it too. She doesn't exactly respond well to things like that.

Juan: [chuckles] Well that's the other thing too, That's something Javier would think: "If I say this, she definitely may not say it back." So that makes it even harder.

She was left in a very dangerous position at the end of the episode, not knowing she was in the middle of the woods. Will she find her way back to Javier? He always seems to show up at just the right time for her.

You'll have to wait and see.

Javier has a way of keeping Letty sober and on the right track; we see that she fell off the wagon as soon as she was away from him. What does Letty do for Javier?

Javier is definitely in love, and what she does for him is what anyone does for you when you're in love. That feeling that you have that someone makes you a better version of yourself and makes you feel capable of doing amazing things.

And also, in this case, I think, someone else is looking at him thinking that he's worth something that he's not just someone that kills people for money but something else.

What can you tell us about the remainder of the season without getting in trouble of course?

I'm going to say just one word: swans. You'll understand when you see it. It's a very good ending that will get you longing for a third season.

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