Lucifer Season 3 Episode 9 Review: The Sinnerman

By Carissa Pavlica at

It was beyond time to refocus on the Sinnerman.

With Pierce back to stand beside Lucifer and his belief in the oddly-named killer, everyone else had no chance but to get on board.

The dynamic with all the characters during Lucifer Season 3 Episode 9 felt more off than it has in a long time, yet exactly where it should be at this point. There wasn't any time wasted wondering where in the timeline this hour belonged.

It didn't take long to realize the Sinnerman has been targeting Lucifer, or in particular, the people he has helped. 

The Sinnerman knows what Lucifer can do and how he does it. He knows what it means to receive a favor from Lucifer, and why it would be hurt the devil himself to discover someone who received help was knocked down because of it.

The Sinnerman knows too much about Lucifer, how he operates, his strengths and weaknesses. How did he gather his information? How did he discover Lucifer was the devil and all about his capabilities?

The idea he was supernatural was kicked about, but upon seeing him, that's not my first guess. He's smart and cunning, but he shouldn't have been caught.

Maze was back and seeing the current state of Linda and Amenadiel threw her for a loop. She needed to talk to Lucifer about her new human feelings, but Lucifer was wrapped up in the Sinnerman. 

That was one thing the Sinnerman didn't count on -- Maze's unwavering need to talk when she wants to talk. Nothing was going to stop her having her words with Lucifer whether he walked out on her or not. She would have followed him to hell and back, and she did.

Lucifer was in a hell called a devil-fortified warehouse. The Sinnerman didn't count on Maze pounding on the door and opening it up, not the way he was talking to Lucifer as if he thought Lucifer would be found sometime when it was knocked down.

Chloe and Pierce were laying in wait for the Sinnerman to pop out in front of him, and Lucifer provided a description that was a little too late to save the mob, but enough to catch the Sinnerman. 

If the Sinnerman is something other than a man, then he wanted to be caught. Bullets shouldn't phase a supernatural that much, and getting away should have been easier than any attempt he made while running through that restaurant.

Chloe discovered the person Pierce lost to the Sinnerman was his brother, so while it seems the Sinnerman is targeting Lucifer, it hasn't always been that way. He has something against Pierce, too. 

The way the two have connected, and the way Chloe has found herself attracted to the two men, maybe there is a weird intersection into this world they've created that will lead to understanding the Sinnerman.

It's doubtful either Lucifer or Pierce will appreciate, in hindsight, the advice they followed from Chloe. The guy is going to get away. Whether it's only because of police incompetence in allowing him to harbor a weapon and poke out his eyes or if Lucifer's inability to see into them lets him off the hook.

Pierce will regret not shooting him when that was his first instinct, and Lucifer will regret not walking right over and speaking to the Sinnerman when he first saw him instead of waiting for the plenty of time that never arrived.

It's torturous.

You know who else is going to regret past decisions? Linda. As much as she has come to love Maze as a friend, you know she's going to wish she didn't push her so hard to grasp for human feelings and love herself.

Why couldn't Linda just let demons be demons??

We saw it coming on Lucifer Season 3 Episode 8, that spark on the beach between Amenadiel and Linda. That spark turned to fire.

I don't know why whispering sweet nothings and first kisses always turns to sexual intercourse on television, but LinAdiel sure went there, don't you think? The frazzled look was only slightly toned down when she opened the door to Maze than what she used to look like after a roll with Lucifer.

But Linda also looked calm, at peace. Until she started listening to Maze, and her calm turned to anxiety. 

Linda won't want to hurt her friend, but she's going to have a hard time turning away from Amenadiel, too. They have something special that grew out of friendship. It wasn't sex gone wild, but their time together has blossomed into a lovely relationship.

Despite the girl code, I think Maze would come to understand that if that's the direction the story will be taking.

Even Charlotte was fitting in with the group now that she has a job, so she belongs in the same space as everyone else. 

The mystery of the Sinnerman is worthy of the time spent and has offered very little in the way of answers. He knows too much, and we're in the dark. I could see a villain like this driving characters to their breaking points and tearing relationships apart. 

If you need more information on the Sinnerman, you can watch Lucifer online. What do you think of the latest news about the mystery? Did the reveal surprise you? What the heck does he want? What's your theory?