The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Unworthy

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If this is the end of The Exorcist, I'm not a very happy camper.

It would have been better had The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 10 given us something definitive rather than the ambiguous ending we got.

I wanted Marcus to ride off into the sunset happy. Instead, after years of silence, God decided to show up.

The Ultimate Sacrifice - The Exorcist

How ridiculous. It made me think that God was making a statement about Marcus deciding to live happily ever after with Peter. 

Marcus deserved the opportunity to walk away. He had trained Mouse and trained Father Tomas as best he could. It was time for them to carry the mantle to rid the world of demons.

What a rotten God to allow Peter to come into Marcus' life and tease him with the idea of happiness only to take it away.

We know Marcus is going to choose God over Peter. And if he was told that Tomas was in danger, well, that just sealed the deal.

I get that the door had to be left open in the event The Exorcist gets renewed for a third season, but it would have been better had Marcus connected with Peter and been on his merry way. 

It would have created greater tension if Marcus would have felt God's presence after being with Peter for a while.

Marcus Makes a Choice - The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 10

Who knows? Maybe Marcus would have ignored God's calling. After all, God ignored him all these years why not show Him what that feels like?

It wouldn't have been the same not having Marcus work with Father Tomas, but Mouse is an okay character, and I would have liked her more as time went on.

The issue with this installment wasn't just that Marcus got the short end of the stick, but also that it just didn't make a whole lot of sense.

All season long we've been teased about a church conspiracy, but nothing has come to fruition. There was no point to Father Bennett even being featured this season because he served no purpose.

If Bennett was going to end up possessed, it should have happened ages ago. That plot was never fully developed and probably shouldn't have been introduced at all. It was weak.

It wasn't compelling because we didn't see enough of it. Part of the reason was that Andy's story was so complicated it took up most of each hour, but at least it was interesting.

The assassins coming after Marcus and Tomas on The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 9 were pointless. They were only there to show Mouse had arrived on the island. No tension was ever created to make us care that the Church was sending people to kill Marcus and Tomas. 

The Church never seemed like a huge threat even if that was the reason Mouse and Father Bennett were trying to find Father Tomas and Marcus.

"Unholy" seemed rushed, as well. I find it hard to believe that the only way to exorcise Andy's demon was to shoot Andy in the head. That seemed like something that was created only because there weren't additional episodes ordered.

Marcus is the greatest exorcist on the planet and had two seemingly competent assistants, but the only way they could get rid of the demon was by killing it? It wasn't even Marcus and Tomas' idea.

Mouse made the decision after only being there for five minutes, yet Marcus and Tomas decided to give up and take the easy way out? Sorry, but that is completely out of character for Marcus.

The Three Exorcists - The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 10

He would have fought until the demon killed him if that was how it was going to end up. Tomas on the inside and Marcus on the outside should have been enough to rid Andy of the thing that had hold of him.

Marcus and Tomas could have done it on their own. They certainly didn't need Mouse's assistance. 

The hospital scene after Bennett was possessed was a lot of fun. I can't remember which movie it came from, but it provided the big jump scare.

What I did like was the happy ending for the kids and Rose. I'm glad Truck was taken out of the facility and reunited with his brothers and sisters. They deserved to be together especially after everything they suffered.

That, at least, was a great way to tie up their story with a nice little bow. I hope they will stay a family for a long time to come.

What did you think of "Unworthy"? Will The Exorcist return?

Are you disappointed Marcus didn't connect with Peter? Was killing the demon the easy way out?

Were you happy the kids got to stay together with Rose?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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What a lovely day for an exorcism.


Tomas: What are you doing?
Mouse: Kill the host, kill the demon.