Big Little Lies Season 2: Alexander Skarsgard Returns!

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Big Little Lies was the surprise hit of 2017. 

Despite originally being billed as a limited series, the success of the show paved the way for it to become an ongoing series, and Season 2 is expected to debut on HBO in 2019. 

Alexander Skarsgard Attends SAG Awards

According to TV Line, Alexander Skarsgard will return to the series in some capacity. Given that Big Little Lies Season 1 focused on the murder of Perry Wright, the character will likely return in flashbacks. 

Either that or the series will step into soap territory and bring Skarsgard back as Perry's twin brother. That would probably be a step too far, but some shows have succeeded by going that route to bring an actor back. 

We're still in shock that we're even getting more episodes. When the show premiered, director Jean-Marc Valée was adamant that it would not go beyond Season 1. 

Who Has the Power Now? - Big Little Lies Season 1 Episode 6

However, HBO did not want to part ways with the series because it performed well and got people talking. Andrea Arnold will assume directing duties for the new season which will span seven episodes. 

We already knew that Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman were returning to star and executive producer, but negotiations are underway with the rest of the ensemble to see who is returning. 

The most exciting thing about the new season of the show is that there is no source material for it to follow, so the powers that be can carve out their own path for the characters. 

Alexander Skarsgard Attends Critics Choice Awards

As always, we'll keep you up to speed on all the latest developments on the Big Little Liars front!

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