Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Chapter Seventy-Two

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And we're back! Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 8 continues on the "will they or won't they" trajectory when it comes to Jane and Rafael. 

I have, and always will be, a staunch Rafael support, but even I'm beginning to get bogged down with the constant back-and-forth on their relationship front. 

First Jane wants him but he wants Petra, then she almost jumps in the shower with him, then he finally makes his move and swoops in with a kiss that simply makes Jane say "eh."

The New School - Jane the Virgin

Will these two ever get on the same timeline?

It seemed like Jane was looking for every excuse in the book to push Rafael away because she was afraid of getting hurt again. 

And Rafael used his Jane-expertise to dot his I's and cross his T's. But even a pitch list with reasons why it won't work + counterarguments didn't impress Jane. No worries Raf, I definitely took notice. 

The best part is that Raf was hurt more by Jane not liking the kiss than anything else. His ego was slightly bruised because all his life, women were just throwing themselves at him. 

If I'm being honest, part of the reason I was staying was for you. You asked me if I'll be able to let go and I said yes. And I will, but it's going to be hard because it means letting go of something pretty big. The possibility of us, which has been there, for me, in the back of my mind, for a long time. And I just don't think I can let that go living here with you.


Eventually, he came up with the only logical solution that would allow him to move on while still remaining friends with Jane and focusing on co-parenting: movin' on out. 

I love that despite all the telenovela drama, the love triangles, and the murder mysteries, Raf's priority is to be a good father. I can't say that Petra's daughters get the same type of care from him because obviously, the show first and foremost focuses on Jane and his relationship with her. 

Both Jane and Rafael are in different places in their lives right now than they were when Jane the Virgin Season 4 kicked off. 

First Day of Kindergarten - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 8

Jane is no longer the grieving widow; even though her relationship with Adam fell apart, he taught her to enjoy her youth more and relax.

As for Rafael, his time spent as the "working class" at the Marbella and living with the Villanueva women humbled him.

Sure, money is still an important facet, but he's no longer defined by his wealth. I mean the dude purchased some crappy little studio so that he could finally stop being dependent on his baby momma's and secure his son a good education. 

With all that in mind, the pressure was off and Jane could finally entertain the idea of that something, which Alba liked to call "fate." 

Can I just say, I love how #TeamJafael she is. Jane can deny it all she wants but it's definitely a thing and I'm Vice President of the club. 

Rafael: Look, I told your grandma it was the greatest kiss of my life.
Jane: You spoke to my Abuela about this?
Rafael: She's my friend, I like her.
Jane: Well then maybe you should kiss her!

Maybe it was timing, maybe it was some cosmic shift, maybe she was just feeling young, wild and free, but she propositioned Raf to kiss her again. 

Look, Raf may have grown deeply as a character but rooted inside is still the playboy and he knew just how to get Jane wanting more.

Finally... the kiss, the one where things just felt "right" happened. 

The Kiss Heard Round the World - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 8

And as luck would have it, Mateo witnessed it all, which is exactly what they didn't want to happen.

The stakes are higher for them now than ever before because there is a child to consider. The fallout of this could be catastrophic for them as a family and for Mateo's emotional development.

He's still a child but he's aware and old enough to have an interest in their relationship. Every child wants to see their parents in love.

Mateo has never witnessed them being romantic until now and immediately asked if they are "getting married." If things go south, how do they explain it to him?

It's just hard to give up on the idea that something perfect might not have been perfect for everyone.


Just like we saw them explaining how lying works and why it benefits certain situations, they need to be really transparent, yet careful, here. 

On the plus side, they have a greater shot at making it work now than ever before because of their solid foundation. Romance aside, they are friends first and foremost. They've weathered many storms — Michael's death specifically — and it's only brought them closer together. 

Rafael has proven that he's in this for the long haul and has remained her biggest supporter, regardless of their relationship status. 

For Mateo's Sake - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 8

And if it doesn't work out, Mateo will end up in therapy like Xo and Rogelio, working out their childhood problems, better known as "rogeliozations." 

I'm glad that the series touched upon marital troubles as something that possibly stems from their upbringing and relationships with their parents. This will make them not only a stronger couple but also stronger parents.

Almost immediately, Rogelio decided to take a year off to be there for his daughter, Baby. While noble, I wonder how Xo will feel about him not talking it through with her.

Still, it's a testament to how far his character has come — the old Rogelio would never give up a leading role in a spin-off, especially one that gut-punched Esteban. 

He's realizing that there are more important things in life than his success, pride and Twitter notoriety. Go, Rogelio! 

Quite frankly, the best thing about the "lying about our addresses" storyline is that they nipped it in the bud. 

Not only was the anxiety uncalled for, I really wasn't interested in seeing snooty parents tattle on Jane. For a brief moment, I thought the mommies from the playdate would reassure her that it was "fine" before turning around and throwing her under the bus.

Rogelio's Therapy - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 8

Also, we're constantly told that Rogelio is such a big star so why didn't the moms recognize Rogelio's pictures in the bathroom?

Now that Raf has a place in the district, Mateo can keep Elijah as a friend and maybe Jane will even has some new friends.

Because let's face it, any chance of Jane and Petra continuing their friendship is pretty much squandered. She couldn't even hide her distaste for the lawyer because her name is Jane! 

Rafael: Do you have a lawyer?
Petra: No, I don't need one. Like I said, it was self-defense.
Rafael: Yeah, I knew a lot of guy in prison who said that too. Just get a lawyer and a good one too.

At first, Petra refused to lawyer up thinking that this wouldn't become a "thing" because it was technically self-defense. But Jane was quick to let her know that self-defense was not a defense for someone who has been involved in three other murder investigations. 

Petra may be guilty of a lot of things, but Anezka's death is not something she should pay for. I mean, she's been paying this whole time by putting up with mother and crazed sister. You'd think the cops would take into consideration Anezka's suicide story.

Jane Ramos - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 8

Regardless, even Jane isn't who she says she is. The narrator said she came highly recommended, but who sent her?

My money is on Luisa, who escaped the "wellness center" and is currently unaccounted for. Is she with Rose? Is she plotting her vendetta against Petra and Raf now that she thinks they are responsible for locking her away and convincing her that Carl was a hallucination?

And where is Petra's mother while all of this is happening? Will Rafael really stay out of Petra's life and murder case or will he, like always, give her another chance?

Please make sure you watch Jane the Virgin online and come chat with me about what you agree/disagree with in the comments section below! 

Chapter Seventy-Two Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Rafael: Do you have a lawyer?
Petra: No, I don't need one. Like I said, it was self-defense.
Rafael: Yeah, I knew a lot of guy in prison who said that too. Just get a lawyer and a good one too.

Rafael: Look, I told your grandma it was the greatest kiss of my life.
Jane: You spoke to my Abuela about this?
Rafael: She's my friend, I like her.
Jane: Well then maybe you should kiss her!