Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Caught White-Handed

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Can you right your wrongs and prove to people that you are a new and better person? 

The entire premise of the show is based on that, but it was interesting to see it from a different angle on Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 12. Kevin's assignment was the Acorn Fairy, and she was pretty darn awesome.

Kevin isn't the only one who has been doing good deeds around town and making people's lives better.

Kevin's Plan Backfires - Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

The funniest aspect of this hour was how nearly all of Kevin's plans failed and/or backfired spectacularly.

This is a perfect way to show that he has in fact grown as a character, but he's still not without his faults and his growth doesn't mean everything will go smoothly for him. It's also a nice way to still make Yvette's guidance relevant.

Even the new and improved Kevin can make poor choices that can land him behind bars. He probably needs a reserved cell at this point because his good deeds often lead to a brush with the law. Funny how that works, isn't it? 

Nothing prepared me for the Acorn Fairy surprise. Phoebe, the Acorn Fairy, came across as too good to be true. She genuinely liked helping people, but she claimed that she preferred to stay anonymous in part because people always felt compelled to return the favor. That was a reasonable explanation for anonymity. 

I'm not a good person, Kevin. I'm sorry.


It's human nature, isn't it? When someone does something for you most people do feel as if they're indebted to them. Naturally, they would want to return that kindness. It's like balancing out the universe or something. The thing is, Phoebe's explanation was probably true, it just wasn't the only reason she kept her identity secret.

In this day and age, we can't just let a good thing be a good thing.

When Kevin found out that Phoebe needed money for her dog rescue plans, he did what most tech-savvy people do, he wanted to start a crowdfund of some sort. Of course, the media had to keep on digging because a warm, fuzzy story couldn't just be a warm and fuzzy story.

In no time, they discovered that the Acorn Fairy was Phoebe, and Phoebe was an alias for her real name, and not only did she have an alias but she was also wanted by the law for embezzlement. This is why we can't have nice things.

Poor Phoebe was just minding her own business and doing nice things for her neighbors and suddenly she had sheriff's flashing lights in her face and the local news looking for a statement. 

The Acorn Fairy

Kevin meant well, but he screwed up that time. But what made this case special, in addition to being shocking and hilarious, was the fact that it made Kevin question whether all of his good deeds and his changed behavior was for naught.

Phoebe was like him, she did a bad thing, but she spent the next few years making up for her in her own way, but society and the court system still looked at her as a bad person.

How could he not see himself in Phoebe and question everything that he has done so far? Kevin is a changed man, and that change is genuine. He genuinely likes helping people now. He helps them unprompted.

It's not something he has to be forced into doing, and it has changed his whole outlook on life and brought so much positivity and light into his world. 

Kevin: Glenn, you have to believe me. I'm not that same guy.
Glenn: Finn, you will always be that guy. Burn. In. Hell.

He's come a long way in just eight months, but there are so many people from his past who just won't see it. All they'll see is the Kevin that he used to be. That was the case with Glenn, who had some harsh words for Kevin when he called for help.

Nate, who is probably the most level-headed of the bunch and the most honest with Kevin, was able to reassure Kevin in a way that no one else could. He sees the changes that Kevin has made, and he knows that Kevin is doing good. In the end, at least he's trying which is more than most people will ever do in their lifetime. 

Yvette is Not Amused

The courthouse moment with all of the people Phoebe helped was so wonderfully cliche, but it was so much better when it landed all of them in jail for disrupting the court. It was a true laugh-out-loud moment and a nice spin on a common trope. It did work though.

Phoebe only had to do community service which is not only something that she's already been doing, but it's something she loves doing anyway. 

We finally met Nate's ex-wife, Simone, and she was actually pretty cool. Thankfully, there was none of that cattiness between her and Amy. It was all pleasant and nice, but her presence still brought about some conflict, too. 

Dating my ex-husband looks good on you!


Amy accidentally spilled the beans about Simone being pregnant, and Nate didn't know how to react to that because as he understood it, Simone never wanted kids and he did. That's a heck of a blow. 

Amy and Nate are still at that awkward stage of trying to make the transition between friends and lovers, but they're so awkward with one another at times because everything is so new. 

Simone coming back into the picture was the push Nate needed to learn from his past mistakes. He's not the best communicator, and he and Simone didn't communicate well when they were married. They tabled the discussion about kids without ever going back to it, and it led to Nate resenting her.

Amy's Debate

The question is, will Nate come to resent Amy if she says she doesn't want to have kids? It's a serious issue, and while the romantic part of their relationship is still fairly new, it's something that they need to address at some point. Better now than after they both have fallen too deep, right? 

Speaking of deep, our boy Tyler has gone off the deep end. It should have been a sign when he envisioned breakfast talking to him. 

We know what was said in the letter that he received, and we also found out that Kevin has not only been writing to Tyler as his mysterious woman, but he named her Leslie. Kevin meant well, as he usually does, but no matter what he did, the situation with Tyler kept backfiring. 

Tyler is beyond smitten. The guy is straight up in love. Yvette was overwhelmed trying to figure out how to break things off with Tyler.

What I love is that after considering telling him that she was into girls, or crazy, or any number of scenarios, she settled on the truth. She's devoted to someone already, and that someone is Kevin. 

Heartbroken Tyler

Tyler's emotional spectrum was vast throughout the hour (the glasses were a hysterical touch), but nothing prepared me for his quitting his job abruptly and taking off to Canada! Tyler, what are you doing, mate?!

But maybe his impulsivity will pay off because Kevin had another vision of that boat, and Tyler was on the boat helping him out. Does that mean his next Righteous Soul is in Canada? Is it possible that Tyler, himself, is a Righteous Soul? Think about, Yvette always mentions his pure soul and heart! 

What are your theories? I'd love to hear them! Hit the comments below, and let's discuss!

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Caught White-Handed Review

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