Legends of Tomorrow: Wally West Slips into Empty Seat on the Waverider

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In a surprise move to absolutely no one anywhere, Keiynan Lonsdale aka Wally West aka Kid Flash has become the latest series regular on Legends of Tomorrow.

The moment Kid's duties started to wane on The Flash, we knew he'd be an excellent fit on the Waverider.

It seems we weren't the only ones!

Kid Flash Running - The Flash

In what I'm going to go ahead and call an incredibly odd move, The Flash spent a lot of time and energy -- not to mention a lot of emotions -- investing in the introduction and incorporation of Wally West.

The character was an important one in the world of The Flash comics, but after a lot of work, his ultimate task was to go on a walkabout into the great unknown.

Wally never had the opportunity to live up to his potential on The Flash, which could have been a simple case of too much speed in one city.

The West Family - The Flash Season 2 Episode 23

As Iris leapt into the forefront and became Mrs. Barry Allen, you certainly couldn't say there wasn't a case for more West family.

There was never a better time to have another Flash around than when Iris was getting married (he was there), or when the Crisis on Earth was calling forward all heroes to fight off Nazi doppelgangers.

Now, the Flash is imprisoned, and Central City is without a Flash yet again. 

Oh well, their loss, the space time continuums' gain!

That Is A Lot Of Heroes - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 8

The next time there is an epic crossover, Barry won't be able to tell Wally to take Joe and Cecile to safety to keep him from suiting up with everyone else. Wally will have had plenty of his own heroic adventures under his belt.

It's about time, right??

“When his character stepped away from Flash to go on walkabout, after being dumped and feeling somewhat estranged from his family and team, we knew that Wally West would fit in perfectly on Legends,” executive producer Phil Klemmer said in a statement.

“By the end of this season, Wally will learn that the Legends have a different definition of what it means to be a hero.”

Wally regains his confidence - The Flash Season 3 Episode 17

If you watch Legends of Tomorrow online, you know it has proven itself to be the most highly entertaining of the Arrowverse shows. It has the formula down right. They're funny, action packed, and dramatic at all the right times and never let up on the character development. 

Lonsdale is going to be given opportunities on Legends he'd never have seen on The Flash, and he'll have a lot more fun doing it (Sorry, Flash).

I'm down for this fun ride and cannot wait to see what happens when he is fully initiated on Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 13. (Three and 13 are my lucky numbers!)

Hit us up in the comments to share your excitement, pat yourselves on the back (because we all saw this one coming), and to guess who Wally will be palling around with the most.

The possibilities are endless, right??

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