Supergirl Round Table: Will Sam Survive?

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The Legion of Superheroes woke up a new member on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10, and Brainiac-5 did not disappoint. He helped Kara wake up from her coma and get back to her old self. 

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Jay Ruymann, Kathleen Wiedel, and Andy Behbakht discuss Brainy and the Legion, Sam's future, and Coville's switching sides. 

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What are your thoughts on Brainiac-5 and the Legion of Superheroes as a whole?

Christine: Brainiac-5 was fun. He struck the right balance between incredibly smart and helpful, and his mind meld powers were intriguing.

I would have expected him to be more arrogant, but he wasn’t that way at all. I’m hoping he sticks around for a while. As for the rest of the Legion of Superheroes, they really didn’t make much of an impression, at least not yet.

Jay: I was kind of underwhelmed. The Legion seemed like it was supposed to be this big deal, yet they could barely hold off Reign for five minutes. It was kind of pathetic, and they’re not really worthy of the name.

Kathleen: I agree with both of you. Brainiac was an entertaining character, but if Supergirl wants us to really get into the Legion of Superheroes, they're going to have to do more than just wait around before getting the stuffing beaten out of them and get saved by Kara. Maybe they'd be better if the whole Legion was present, but come on.

Andy: I have been a big Brainiac 5 fan for a while, and the Supergirl version did not disappoint! He was a lot of fun, very much what I imagined this version of Brainy to be like. I just hope to see more members of the Legion though, maybe some of them are still asleep on the ship?

Did Mon-El drop a big hint regarding Sam's future by saying that Reign eventually leaves? Do you think this means Sam will survive?

Christine: He said “leaves” and not “dies” so I hope that means that Sam survives as I’ve really enjoyed her this season. However, I’m hoping we don’t have to wait too long until Kara and the team figure out that Sam is Reign because I think that’s when the real fun begins.

Jay: I think it was more aimed at Reign leaving Earth and killing another world because Supergirl kept getting in her way. I’d rather Sam survive and remain in control, but I don’t see a way for either to exist without the other.

Kathleen: I do hope that Sam survives, and the writers' tendency towards a happy ending seems to lean that way.

Andy: Sam is and was always meant to be a one-season character, there is no way that she lives past this season. So Mon-El dropping that hint wasn't too shocking for me, I think she, with Reign, will die at the end of the season.

Reign Attacks - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10

Were you surprised by the reveal that there are others like Reign? What part do you expect Coville will play in all of this?

Christine: I was surprised. I’m looking forward to seeing who they are, but I hope there aren't too many or else the villain side of this fight could become a muddled mess.

I’m also glad Coville is back, but I really expected him to be on Supergirl’s side, not Reign’s. That was a twist I didn’t see coming.

Jay: I’m interested to see what he knows and whose side he’s going to be on. I don’t really want teams of heroes and villains though, so I hope the other worldkillers don’t stick around for long.

Kathleen: Here's my question: how did Coville get to Reign's Fortress of Solitude? Call an Uber from prison? And wasn't he on Kara's "side," referring to Reign as the devil and whatnot?

Setting that aside, I'm definitely not surprised that there are more like Reign. After all, why stop at just one? (Until she decides *you're* a sinner and unworthy and must be cleansed, too, of course.)

Andy: As a comics person, I wasn't surprised because it would be weird if there were only ONE Worldkiller out there.

Do you want to see more of J'onn in the field?

Christine: Yes! I just want to see more of J’onn, period. I’d also like to see a few more scenes with his father.

Jay: With how the writers utilize him, no. I don’t really see J’onn as an interesting character because he’s never given anything to do when it comes to any stories outside of Martians.

Kathleen: Well, Jay, this sounds like a good way to make more use of J'onn, doesn't it? Part of the problem is if you do Supergirl + Martian Manhunter in the field, that usually means they can wipe the floor with most of their opponents -- not exactly super-engrossing television. That said, I really do enjoy seeing J'onn get into the fight!

Andy: I just want to see more of J'onn in his Martian form, period. I feel one of the few weaknesses the show has is its neglecting of J'onn. He is so darn powerful but yet barely gets to take part of the action, so I am glad he did step in this week.

Braniac is Here to Help - Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Christine: J’onn pretending to be Kara and having to listen to Lena swoon over James’ kissing prowess was hysterical. And I couldn’t help but laugh at his quip about it in this Supergirl quote… 

Alex: You ready?
J'onn: I just had a conversation about James Olsen's extraordinary kissing ability. This'll be a Sunday picnic.

Jay: I enjoyed every scene with Reign, particularly the one at CatCo where she delivered her message. Odette is killing it.

Kathleen: I'm with Christine. That scene with J'onn-as-Kara was simply hilarious. He still somehow managed to give Lena good advice while not blowing his cover!

Andy: Anything that involved Kara and Brainy together.

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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Kara: This is torture.
Braniac-5: Of all the 4,237,642 versions of our first meeting that I envisioned, you calling it "torture" wasn't one of them.

Braniac-5: Well the good news is, her mind is active and alert.
Alex: Oh, thank God.
Braniac-5: The bad news is, she is very angry.
Winn: Well, I'm sure she loves being trapped inside a mind prison.