The Librarians Season 4 Episode 10 Review: And Some Dude Named Jeff

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Maybe, just maybe, Jenkins is over the hump.

Jenkins discovered the good side of humanity on The Librarians Season 4 Episode 10.

Body Switch - The Librarians

It's been a rough few months for our favorite knight turned Library curator.

First, he willingly gave up his immortality to save ex-Guardian Nicole Noone on The Librarians Season 4 Episode 1.

It's been a few centuries since Galahad himself was human. So he can be forgiven as he re-acclimates, dealing with the good (food, glorious food) and the bad (aches and pains, disease).

Jenkins has even taken a few baby steps into the world, such as voluntarily entering the crushing maw of a grocery store.

But he definitely got thrown into the deep end when he woke up in the basement room and the body of 28-year-old slacker Jeff.

Frankly, it was hilarious to see Jenkins in Jeff's wardrobe. Jeff looked much less out of place in Jenkins' garb.

In Over His Head - The Librarians Season 4 Episode 10

This episode showed Jenkins having to adjust his thinking. Being used to dealing with world-threatening crises, the day-to-day problems of individual humans seemed, to him, rather mundane, below his notice.

That is until he needed the help of said ordinary humans.

Fortunately for Jenkins, he had fallen in with exactly the right group of humans in Jeff's friends. Thanks to Jeff, they had already been indoctrinated in the Librarians mythos.

So what this meant is that they didn't bat an eye when Jenkins told them his tale of woe. In their Dungeons and Dragons way of thinking, such a convoluted circumstance made perfect sense. So they immediately offered their unquestioning help.

Armed and Dangerous - The Librarians Season 4 Episode 10

I still don't understand why Jenkins put them through Librarian boot camp. When you come right down to it, the challenges they needed to overcome in the chambers required reasoning skills, not physical prowess.

And I won't soon forget Jenkins having to learn Dance Dance Revolution to escape one chamber. It's hard to maintain that air of dignity to "Here Comes the Boom."

Jenkins should have taken the trio inside the Library. After all, already this season, Stone's reporter girlfriend, who contributed indirectly to Jeff's being such a fanboy that he pulled this stunt, has been there. Even Jeff himself found a way to infiltrate the Library.

Jenkins wouldn't have made it back inside if it hadn't been for Jeff's friends solving the chambers' puzzles. So it seemed wrong to send them away without a taste of the Library. Still christening them as knights was a nice touch.

In Shock - The Librarians Season 4 Episode 10

While Jeff's friends had concluded that "Jeff" just wasn't himself, the Librarians were coming to the same conclusion about "Jenkins."

It was icky enough to have slacker Jeff propositioning Cassandra to go out and "double-straw a Margarita" and "maybe make some magic of our own." But those lines are downright creepy coming out of a centuries-old body, no matter how well maintained.

Let's face it: These are four sharp people and Jeff, well, isn't. Why else would you buy an enchanted tome off the internet and use a body-switch spell that you don't really understand?

Asmodeus managed to take out Eve and the Librarians and Jeff's less-powerful friends. It took Merlin to imprison the demon previously.

So how did Jenkins, with the minimal aid of simpering Jeff, manage to skewer and destroy Asmodeus? Did he enchant that sword at some point and I missed it?

Most importantly, this whole "Freaky Friday" experience allowed Jenkins to feel what it's like to be a perfectly ordinary human being. Jeff lost his father to cancer and was now all his mother had left. D&D and his love of the Librarians were how Jeff escaped from his humdrum life.

But Jeff's friends proved -- as Jenkins noted -- capable of extreme bravery in confronting dangers beyond their previous experiences. If not for them, Jenkins would never have made it home, and the Library might have been destroyed.

Now Jeff and his friends are providing a lifeline to normal life for Jenkins. After ridiculing their playing D&D earlier, he was now joining them ... as long as he could be dungeon master and provide the necessary authenticity to the game.

SPOILER ALERT: After some much-needed evolution by Jenkins, it will be back to the Tethering Ceremony for the rest of The Librarians Season 4.

Since the Librarians themselves can't reach consensus about who should tether with Eve, the Library itself will judge them, and all Hell will break loose, probably literally, as the season will go out with a bang.

To catch up before those final two episodes, watch The Librarians online.

Did Jenkins grow through his experience? Does the Library need better security? Will the Librarians appreciate Jenkins more after his substitute's performance? Comment below.

And Some Dude Named Jeff Review

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