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Leave it up to fate.

That's what Randall does on This Is Us Season 2 Episode 12. And it works! 

Since quitting his job, Randall has been on the hunt for his purpose. It seems like his whole life he's known exactly what it was until now.

Looking Into the Past - This Is Us

He ventured into being a foster parent in the hopes of changing someone's life the way Jack and Rebecca changed his. But, now that it's over, he finds himself asking what's next?

The call to pick up William's belongings felt a bit random. Not that I don't enjoy a William cameo or storyline, but it seemed like they didn't know how else to move Randall's story along, so they weaved in his late father. 

I'll tell you this, though. When he moved, man the building felt it, you know. It was kind of like we lost a heart, and there was no place for the blood to go.

William's Landlord

Upon accepting the box from Lloyd, Randall made it his mission to find "lady" from his father's poems, which ended up being a mural of Billie Holliday outside his father's apartment window. 

While most people would laugh it off and call it a day, Randall took it as a sign and decided to purchase the building and help out the tenants.  

Considering Beth just lost her lot deal to a Costco, I can see why he thought it was "fate," if you believe in that sort of thing. 

Randall's New Project - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 12

I'm glad that Randall isn't going to take any old job that, as he put it, doesn't make his "creative juices flow."

There's nothing worse than being stuck in a job where you feel uninspired and unmotivated. While Beth's job might have its flaws, she's doing exactly what she always wanted to be doing. 

If he took that job from the interview, it wouldn't be the case for Randall.

Beth's intentions were in the right place, and I would have agreed with her had it been a different scenario. But if the money isn't tight, then I don't see why Randall shouldn't take his time finding something that brings him joy and a hefty paycheck. 

With this development, Beth and Randall will have a chance to work on something together that will change lives, keep them inspired and keep William's memory alive.  

Speaking of dreams, in the past, Miguel told Jack's kids about Jack's dream to start his own construction company, Big Three Homes, a dream he forfeited when they were born so he could provide for them. 

Jack's Dream - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 12

However, when they were all heading off to college, Jack revisited the idea, and Rebecca, while hesitant at first, was very supportive of him. That's one of the things I love about their relationship — she's always understanding and willing to support his dreams, even if they scare her.

Will he even get to live out his dream before his untimely death?

It was nice seeing Kate seek help from her support group following her relapse, but I enjoyed her lending a helping hand to annoying and quirky Madison even more. 

Since the beginning, Kate has always rolled her eyes at Madison's every comment. Heck, even I couldn't help but chuckle when Madison said, "I think my wrists are getting fat."

Humor aside, Madison has a serious issue to address: She's bulimic. 

Madison has always wanted to forge a friendship with Kate, yet up until now, it hadn't felt organic. 

She finally found her chance when she offered to take Kate dress shopping. I never thought I would be so excited for Kate to shop for the big day until they entered that boutique wedding shop. Now, I can't wait to see her in whatever dress she chooses! 

I was impressed with Madison's sensitivity, making sure that it was a private appointment, and even promising to leave if Kate felt a tad uncomfortable. 

Kate Talks Food Addiction - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 12

While most girls shop for their wedding dresses with their moms, I liked that Kate took Madison up on her offer.

Even though Kate's relationship with Rebecca is on the right path, as we learned from past experiences dress shopping isn't their thing. It might have been too much pressure on Kate to overcome her fear of trying on dresses and accepting her mother's critique, even they were positive. 

And he is so fricking romantic he convinced me that I want the all-out traditional wedding, which means the all-out traditional wedding dress, which doesn't exist for me. But it's ok because it's just going to be a hurdle for me, it's just, it's just a hurdle.


It also allowed her to find a friend in Madison. Almost immediately, Kate realized Madison really did have a problem; looks-wise, these two couldn't be any more different, but they are fighting similar demons.

When Kate told Madison about the time she lost all the weight and realized it didn't make her happy or whole, my heart broke. 

We all have a voice in our heads telling us that if we achieve something — losing weight, making more money, buying a bigger house, getting a better job — we'll be happy, but it rarely works like that. We have to find happiness in spite of those things. 

Kate's isn't just addicted to food; she's addicted to negative self-talk.

Now that she has Madison in her corner, hopefully, we'll see more of these open conversations from Kate, which she hasn't been able to have with Toby or her family. 

Also, I quite enjoy Madison and her witty one-liners that break up some of the most intense scenes, "we should start a podcast." Hilarious. And, maybe they should!

Rebecca & Kate Go Dress Shopping - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 12

Kevin is on the mend, but thankfully, he isn't going back to Hollywood where he would quite possibly relapse.

Instead, he's moving back in with momma! And while there's no one better to care for you than your mother, after their explosive therapy session on This Is Us Season 2 Episode 11, I did find his decision surprising. 

But, it's also a step in the right direction! 

Despite everything that happened, this family has so much love for each other, so one of the most critical things Kevin can do right now is work on his relationship with his mother. 

Kevin: I can't believe I used to date Jessica Biel.
Rebecca: Oh, I like her!

While they can ever get any the lost time back, Kevin is fortunate enough to have one parent still alive. He can start fresh and make new memories and traditions, even if they are as simple as buying candy at the grocery store. 

I would think that for a mother, having a second chance with her child is everything she could have hoped. 

But, of course, there's the issue of Miguel. When Kevin moved in, I immediately felt nervous when he shot Miguel that look.

Kevin Goes Grocery Shopping - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 12

Considering how strained their relationship is in the present, I was surprised to find out that Miguel and Kevin got along so well in the past. I guess Kevin didn't begin resenting his father's friend until Miguel got together with his mother. 

Back then they bonded over Miguel's feelings of being left out while his ex-wife got re-engaged with their children present.

"You're always going to be their father," Jack said, but neither of them wanted a pep-talk; they just wanted to wallow in their misery.

However, Jack had a point, one that the series drove home with Kevin: Jack will always be their father and Rebecca's first husband. Miguel never tried to replace him, as Kevin believed.

Miguel: How do I explain this? See, your mom and dad, they were one. There was no Jack, there was no Rebecca. There was just Jack and Rebecca. So this notion that I would have been in love with your mother back then is just, it never even occurred to me, ever, do you understand what I'm saying?
Kevin: I do.
Miguel: But I do love her now. Kevin, I'm not going anywhere.

Both men clash because they love Rebecca and are protective of her. 

Maybe Miguel tagging along to the grocery store was a little too extreme because it made Kevin feel like a third wheel again, but it was necessary for him to realize just how serious the relationship is.

Rebecca has shielded Kevin from it, but he needed to see his mother and Miguel enjoying each other's company to realize that she's finally happy again.

Jack's Fate - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 12

That doesn't mean she doesn't love Jack or that she forgot about him. In fact, she still wears the necklace he gave her, but so much time has passed, she had to move on and find her own happiness. It's unfair to expect her to be miserable and alone.

I'm looking forward to seeing where things go with the three of them now that the grievances seem to be aired out.

This Is us continues to succeed in making me cry unexpectedly. A few tear-filled moments included Clooney on the windowsill looking down at Beth and Randall, Jack and Kevin buying their suits while the song lyrics "You Remind Me of Me" played in the background, and of course, the battery-less fire alarm featured as the show played off.

Actually, I was bawling during that scene knowing that an oversight caused by a hectic day at the mall most likely led to the tragedy that took Jack Pearson's life.  

No line, no scene is insignificant on this show, even Bec telling Jack to remind her to buy batteries. 


Milo Ventimiglia recently revealed that fans would be finding out how Jack died very soon, so be sure to watch This Is Us online and catch up on past episodes. (He also said he'll be giving out free hugs to fans following the episode, so there's a little bit of comfort there!)

As always, comment and share your thoughts below! 

Clooney Review

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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

And he is so fricking romantic he convinced me that I want the all-out traditional wedding, which means the all-out traditional wedding dress, which doesn't exist for me. But it's ok because it's just going to be a hurdle for me, it's just, it's just a hurdle.


Kevin: I can't believe I used to date Jessica Biel.
Rebecca: Oh, I like her!