Arrow Season 6 Episode 12 Review: All For Nothing

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The latest chapter of Arrow shows that Cayden James' team may not be as stable as he thought it was.

But despite the small victory, Arrow Season 6 Episode 12 came with a steep cost for one of our players.

Friends Again? - Arrow Season 6 Episode 12

Remember when we were free from flashbacks? Me too, and for some reason "All For Nothing" felt the need to end that streak.

That is one of the major reasons why the episode is a mixed bag for me. I'm all for learning more about Dinah's life before getting her powers, but when the flashback is dull as heck, including her backstory with Vincent? It feels like a waste of flashback scenes for her.

That was always one of the bigger problems for Arrow when they did regular flashbacks. On paper, the story might seem intriguing, but they were usually never executed well.

It is hard to take the whole Vigilante story seriously when I never had any attachment to him. He was simply a background obstacle during Arrow Season 5.

Even with his identity revealed during Arrow Season 6, I couldn't care for him. Hence the reason why his death didn't do much for me.

The Villains - Arrow Season 6 Episode 12

There are only two things to take away from his death. One is that it hurts seeing Dinah heartbroken because she doesn't deserve this. The other is that Black Siren was clearly not happy killing him.

I don't believe his meta-ability will get him back to life. Why would his skin turn that way if he supposedly survived and healed? It would take away the stake in this story if he somehow survived. 

Although the downside from his death is Dinah's quest to kill everyone on Cayden's team. That is so far the only aspect of the new Black Canary that I don't like.

As far as I remember, Earth-1 Laurel was the only Canary who never killed. Sara did and we have seen Dinah do it, too, and I'm not a fan.

As much as I love Dinah, I did find her desire to kill Black Siren first hilarious. Let's be real here people, do you think Arrow would have the balls to kill another Laurel Lance?

Dinah Annoyed - Arrow Season 6 Episode 12

Do me a favor if you sincerely believe that. Google "Arrow Season 4," "Black Canary Death," and "Controversy," which will make it clear why they would never do it again. Why do you think they introduced a new Laurel so quickly over on The Flash after her death on Arrow Season 4?

As far as the rest of Cayden's cabal goes, I'm sure Dinah won't have any trouble taking them down. I would prefer if they don't have this Black Canary killing people. It is still incredibly bizarre to see a Black Canary who uses a gun.

On the subject of Black Siren, I smell redemption in the air. Quentin may not have much to do on this show these days, but I'm loving that arc right now.

Since the start, I wanted Quentin to be the one to believe that this Laurel can be saved. The sequence of her looking at the life of Earth-1 Laurel was one of the most powerful moments of Arrow's run.

Although I do find it hilarious how in their world they would justify where they got all that footage. Who was filming Black Canary so much and getting photos that up close and personal to her?

Working Together? - Arrow Season 6 Episode 12

It's barely a nitpick and more of a funny thought when you think deeply about it.

Despite killing Vincent, we are beginning to see Black Siren crack, and Cayden can tell. Whether this will be a slow or fast burn, changes are coming for Black Siren.

If this had been at the start of the season, she would have been smiling like crazy after killing Vincent. But the fact that Siren didn't shows that Quentin managed to get through to her.

Why can't they do a flashback episode for Black Siren where we see her life on Earth-2? That is a backstory worth telling rather than Dinah's backstory with Vincent. Once again, I want to learn more about Dinah but not when it's wasted on telling this love story that I never bought completely.

Last, but not least, we have to talk about the "evidence" that Cayden got of his son's death. Dear God, Cayden fell for that?!

Go back and watch Arrow online and you'll see how cheap it looks. How could someone as smart as Cayden fall for that?

Screw 'Em - Arrow Season 6 Episode 12

I'm sure in short order Felicity and Alena will have found a way to figure it out. But it looked absolutely ridiculous. Let's not forget the part about how Oliver wasn't in Star City that day Cayden's son died!

Overall "All For Nothing" was a solid episode that had just as many ups as it had downs. Dinah's emotional journey was powerful up to the point when she got back on her killing mode again.

The beginning of Black Siren's redemption arc is something I can't wait to see continue. While Cayden's fall will happen slowly, at least now he knows that this cabal may not be the team-up he wanted.

Now it's your turn to let us know what you thought of Arrow Season 6 Episode 12!

What did you think of Dinah's emotional story with the death of Vincent?

Do you believe Black Siren can be redeemed?

Who is the other traitor to Cayden's cabal?

All For Nothing Review

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