Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 14 Review: Anthem

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Delivering storylines stripped from the headlines is one of Dick Wolf's specialties. 

And briefly, it works well for Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 14, which tackles the controversial act of kneeling for the anthem. 

Halstead is both a cop and a former-soldier so in his eyes, kneeling for the anthem is a sign of disrespecting the flag; disrespect for everything he fought for. 

Anti-Police Rally - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 14

And he isn't the only one who feels that way. The act isn't as black-or-white as the media has portrayed it. 

Sure, the episode started with African American protestors vs. "white nationalists," but it wasn't specific to race. 

Denny, an African American cop, was also opposed to the act and hated his daughter's boyfriend Jamal for doing it. 

Black kid at a white college kneels for the anthem. Risks suspension for something he believes in. Takes a lot of guts, I'll give him that.


"He's protesting me," he told Brianna, who coincidentally participated in an anti-police rally while her father was a cop. 

The episode started off on the right foot, really giving depth to the issue but then decided not to get "too political."

All of a sudden, the conversation strayed from the kneeling being a sign of respect and an attempt to better the country to kneeling because of "gambling."

Murder of a Basketball Star - Chicago PD

Intelligence learned that Chris and Jamal kneeled because they were caught up with a dangerous guy from the hood who wanted them to shave points in a game so he could make some money. 

The twist was not only disheartening, it lost the focus. 

The series took something so important in our society — a situation it could have shined a light on from both sides of the spectrum — and turned it into just another plot point. 

Gambling and shaving points? Definitely nothing to do with the fight against police brutality. 

Well, you obviously ain't color blind.


The most interesting moments came from Voight and Woods' unexpected team-up. 

The sworn enemies had to put their differences aside for the greater good and pretend like they weren't about to throw each other under the bus at the next available chance.

Voight's Call - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 14

Isn't it funny when people start coming around when they need something from you?

Voight is a stand-up guy for working alongside Woods, especially after he found out Woods tried to blackmail Ruzek against him. 

I'm actually surprised Woods trusted the Sergeant enough to put his daughter's life in his hands! 

You would think Brianna, the daughter of such a prolific cop, would have been able to handle herself better in the given situation. 

Woods: Do you remember the talk?
Brianna: Of course I do.
Woods: You never run from a cop. You never talk to one without a lawyer.
Brianna: He's your friend.
Woods: Is he a cop?

They were finally able to convince Jamal to wire up and take down Kendrick and she waltzed in, completely sabotaged their operation.

Not only did she put herself at risk, she also put Jamal, Antonio and 15 other innocent people in a dangerous predicament. 

Antonio's Hostage Crisis - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 14

Thankfully, Antonio is trained to navigate even the worst situations with minimal casualties. 

Brianna isn't completely at fault for what happened though; Woods' ego is largely at play. 

He should have known better than to tell her the truth before they were able to take down Kendrick.

Woods thinks he knows better than everyone, which is the mentality that's stopping him from outsmarting Voight. 

When he got wind of the hostage situation, he tried to order Voight around once again risking his daughter's life. 

Honey, someone just tried to kill you, you need to be honest with me.


Why get involved? Obviously, Voight and his team know what they are doing because this is literally their job. 

Woods kept gloating about how bright Brianna was, but she couldn't even take simple instructions. Like father, like daughter. 

What part of 'do what they want' and 'don't run' was unclear?

She literally had one job and it was to listen. Kendrick and his boy would have let them go or Voight's team would have interfered because, once again, they are trained for this and it would have all blown over. 

Woods' Call  - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 14

Instead, she attempted to run and ended up getting killed.

Brianna's death, while unfortunate, might be Voight's saving grace. 

Woods is now able to understand Voight's perspective; a father would do anything to protect his child, even kill.

If Brianna hadn't gotten killed, Woods would have probably continued his takedown of Voight by making sure he was a suspect in Kevin Bingham's death.  

We know Voight is responsible, but should he pay for the death? If we're going by the book then yes. But, aren't his efforts more valuable outside of a cell. I definitely think so. 

Will Woods call a truce and sway the investigation away from Voight? Will they ever forge a friendship?

Or was his comment of "it wasn't good enough" a clear indication he now blames Voight and his team for Brianna's death.

As always, props to Atwater for navigating every scene with comedic grace. He's Intelligence's best asset, especially when he's sent to take care of situations with Ruzek. 

Chicago PD is taking a two-week break to make room for the Olympics. 

In the meantime, watch Chicago PD online and leave your thoughts in the comments section!

Anthem Review

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Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Well, you obviously ain't color blind.


Black kid at a white college kneels for the anthem. Risks suspension for something he believes in. Takes a lot of guts, I'll give him that.