Days of Our Lives Review: Another Day, Another Suspect

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Two of the detectives at the Salem Police Department are ex-FBI agents and a third is a cop with several decades of experience.

You wouldn't guess that from the way they're handling this murder mystery, though.

For some reason I have never really understood, Days of Our Lives insists on making the cops idiots who only solve cases when someone confesses.

And their decision to arrest Gabi during the week of 2-5-18 makes most of their previous failures look like top-notch work.

A New Suspect - Days of Our Lives

The evidence against Gabi was such an obvious set-up that I laughed when Hope said they had no choice but to arrest her.

A woman with long, dark hair and a flowered coat like Gabi's was seen walking into the office, then backing out of the office so that no one could see her face.

Gabi pointed that out, but the cops weren't deterred. They claimed that the woman had to be Gabi because the suspect used a key card to call the elevator and Gabi didn't know where hers was several days after being fired.

Every place I've ever worked has required you to turn in your key card when your employment ends, but apparently not Dimera Enterprises. Also, no one questioned how Anna -- a non-employee with a grudge against Andre -- got in and out of the building.

Anyway, the cops' smoking gun was that a pixelated image that looked like nothing at all seemed to them to be proof that the suspect was holding the lid to the urn used to kill Andre.

I'm not really sure why the killer would take the lid and leave the weapon itself, but since nothing else in this story makes sense, why not?

The real killer more or less held up a sign to the camera saying this was a set-up and the cops immediately arrested Gabi. If this was real life, she'd probably be able to sue for false arrest since their whole case is that a woman who has similar taste in fashion entered the office and Gabi killed someone before.

He hurt a lot of people, including you and then I go around talking about him like he's a saint. That's not really fair.


The writers are dropping lots of hints that Abigail is the real killer. She wore a similar top to Gabi's coat recently and Chad scoffed at the idea she could be the killer.

I can't help thinking that that was meant to tell viewers that Abby is definitely guilty.

I'd prefer to be wrong. There's no real reason for Abby to have killed Andre, short of yet another grossly inaccurate mental illness storyline, and I like to be surprised rather than obvious clues meaning exactly what they appear to mean.

But it certainly appears that's what's going on here.

Fake Happiness - Days of Our Lives

I really wish they'd kept JJ's original personality intact instead of making him as oblivious as his former colleagues at the Salem PD.

If JJ still had his instincts and intelligence, he might help investigate what's going on with Gabi, causing Lani to become so jealous that she loses the baby.

If we have to have this nonsensical baby story, that's how it should go. Instead, JJ is hovering too much and being annoying while Lani is desperate to cover up the truth about her baby's paternity.

Lani spent most of the week of 2-05-18 making excuses and whining about how it's everyone else's fault that she's lying.

Again, this story would work much better if Days had committed to making Lani a villain. She is not rootable. She is not sympathetic.

She is pathetic.

Valerie Confronts Lani - Days of Our Lives

Valerie is quickly becoming my favorite character in this mess. She was strong, sensible and didn't give in to a single one of Lani's manipulations.

I know Valerie shouldn't have looked at Lani's file (and Kayla shouldn't have left it where anyone could take it!), but I don't care. Lani is completely devoid of conscience and needs to be stopped.

I'm not sure which is worse: Lani accusing Valerie of being responsible if JJ becomes suicidal again as the result of learning that Lani lied to him or Lani manipulating Eli into keeping it secret that he is the baby's father.

Eli should know better than to fall for anything like that. He knows the pain of learning too late who his real father was. And Lani was basically telling him he should let JJ raise his baby.

Lani is using JJ's suicide attempt as an excuse for selfish behavior. She just wants to hold onto JJ, just like she has from the beginning. I don't believe she actually cares that he almost died, except that if he had, she wouldn't be able to hold onto him anymore.

I wish someone would point out that a baby is not a solution to JJ's mental health issues and that he needs to work through his feelings in therapy so that he can find genuine happiness.

Unfortunately, the writers seem to think that making absolutely everyone except Valerie 100% thrilled about this baby will make it hurt more when the truth comes out.

This is cheap, manufactured drama and it isn't working. The only thing that hurts is that viewers still have to suffer through this awful story.

It's clear that JJ's suicide attempt was just a plot point and not really taken seriously despite the public service announcement when it happened.

He's been given a poor excuse for therapy and no one is trying to intervene in his attempt to use this baby to run away from his problems.

The message, whether intentional or not, is that babies are the solution to life's problems and that suicidal feelings are no big deal.

And from a dramatic point of view, JJ should have a bigger response to Gabi's arrest than he did. She saved his life that night, and his depression was partially centered around his belief that he belonged in jail for shooting Theo.

So he should be desperate to prove Gabi's innocence in order to redeem himself, pay Gabi back for rescuing him, and make sure the one person who can get through to him in a crisis is free to do so if it happens again.

Instead, we get all sorts of nonsense about him buying tricycles and begging Abe to let him marry Lani.

This is more out of character stupidity that is a waste of Casey Moss' talent. Once again, an engaging story is staring the writers in the face but they are refusing to write it.

Critical Condition - Days of Our Lives

The best scenes went to Kayla during the week of 2-5-18.

I still think the John poisoning storyline is unnecessary, but Kayla hit all the right beats while dealing with Steve's mysterious illness.

Marlena: How's he doing?
Kayla: His vitals are good.
Marlena: Thank God.
Kayla: Yeah, well, he's a fighter.
Marlena: So are you.
Kayla: I'm not so sure about that.
Marlena: Well, I'm sure about that. And everybody who knows you is sure about that.
Kayla: Well, thank you for saying that. I know I often appear like I'm strong and resilient, but I don't really come about it naturally.
Marlena: That makes it all the more impressive.
Kayla: Why? Cause I have to work at it?
Marlena: Yeah. We all do.

I especially liked Marlena encouraging Kayla and reassuring her that everyone has to work for their strength and that it doesn't have to come easily to be real strength.

Kayla was distraught over Steve's illness but both loving and firm about him continuing to cooperate with his doctors. This was a realistic portrayal of a woman fearful of losing her husband, and Kayla's acknowledgement that it's harder for her as a doctor was a nice touch.

The only thing missing was Stephanie. I don't understand why Kayla has not called their daughter yet, especially if she fears Steve may die.

John: I think you're making too much out of this.
Will: I don't think I am.
John: Will, you don't remember, I work for an organization known as the International Security Alliance.
Will: I know what the ISA is.
John: Good, I'm glad you do. Well then I'm sure you also know we deal with a lot of cases , most of which are way over the head of most civilians, and since you're not operating with all the facts -
Will: I know this for a fact. You're poisoning your partner and best friend.

This John as evildoer story has got to go, though.

While Kayla was struggling with fear and grief, John was busy attempting to poison Steve again, taking Will hostage, and appearing to shoot him and Paul.

Justin announced a billion tiimes that another near-death experience could spark Will's memories, so I'm sure that will be the result of all this.

But it seemed like more unnecessary out of character nonsense for John.

Also, it irks me that people who investigate dangerous people for a living don't know basic self-defense.

Paul did great work with the idiot goon, yet didn't predict John had a gun despite overhearing that he was holding Will hostage and walked right into a trap.

What did you think of Days of Our Lives during the week of 2-5-18?

Is this murder mystery picking up steam or is your interest fizzling out?

Are you shocked or merely irriitated that Lani convinced Eli to give up being a father to his child so she can keep this lie going?

Does John's behavior make sense to anybody?

Weigh in below, and don't forget to check back in on Sunday for our Days of Our Lives Round Table discussion.


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