Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Finally, A Miranda Centric Episode!

By Jasmine Blu at

It was all about Miranda Bailey on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 11!

Miranda fought like hell to prove to her doctors that she was having a heart attack, and in the interim, we found out more about the beloved chief of Grey Sloan Memorial.

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Paul Dailly, and Jasmine Blu as they break down this character-centric hour. Join the discussion below!

On a scale of 1-10, how much did you appreciate a Miranda centric episode after all of these years? Did you believe she would be killed off at any point?

Stacy: 10. I don't always love these character-centric episodes, but as long as they're doing them, it's about time Miranda got one. She's one of the originals, and there was so much about her past that we never knew.

No, I never believed she'd be killed off. I was confident she'd survive. Plus, if she had died in another hospital with incompetent doctors working on her, it would have been too similar to how Derek died.

Paul: 10. I thought it was a perfect hour of the series that proved it still has a lot going for it. I was happy we got to learn more about Miranda. She's one of the best characters.

I was 50/50 on whether she would be killed off. The show sure knows how to have the element of surprise.

Jasmine: 9. I loved finding out more about this woman we've come to know over the course of 14 seasons. It was long overdue. If anyone could carry an hour of Grey's, it was her.

I'm with Paul. It's Grey's Anatomy, so no one is ever safe on this show. I was fine until they kept putting all those flashbacks in the episode. It was one thing having flashbacks to her childhood, but the other clips felt ominous.

Was it shocking to you that Miranda had to advocate so hard for herself? How much of that do you feel was due to her being mentally ill and a woman?

Stacy: Yeah it was. She's the chief of surgery at a major hospital for crying out loud! It should not have taken that much effort for someone to take her seriously.

Also, she has a well-paying job and medical insurance, so what's the harm in running the stress test that she requested? If they wanted to get her out of there, appeasing her would have been a faster approach than patronizing her and requesting a psych consult.

As soon as she admitted to her OCD, I knew that was going to be what stuck in that doctor's mind. It was interesting to see the writers follow up an episode on racial bias with one that tackled bias against mental illness and gender.

The fact that she's a surgeon and knows her own body should have trumped both of those things, so clearly a good deal of how she was treated was due to bias.

Paul: I felt so sorry for Miranda. Like Stacy said, she should have been treated better. She knew what was going on with her body, and it sickened me that the doctors were not taking her seriously.

Jasmine: I wasn't surprised in the least bit because I have seen it first-hand, but it did surprise me that as a medical professional there was no point where she was given the benefit of the doubt at all.

I agree with Stacy. I knew she was going to catch it more than ever when she admitted she had OCD. I appreciated the continuity there. It was nice that they kept the bias streak going. No holds bar this season.

Did any of the flashbacks stand out more to you or make you emotional? Which one(s)?

Stacy: Seeing George again definitely stood out for me. I always loved the relationship between him and Bailey, so it was fitting and heartwarming to see those flashbacks.

Paul: I've been rewatching old seasons recently, and I was shocked that George appeared. If only the character could somehow return.

Jasmine: Yeah, the George one for me. There is a lot of George references and callbacks this season. I loved Bailey's relationship with George, and it was adorable that Tucker has a similar disposition.

Would you want Maggie in your corner if something ever happened to you?

Stacy: Absolutely! Maggie is a bad-ass! The way she stood up to that doctor, called him out for not knowing how to do a procedure, and then demanded privileges was amazing. I would definitely want her advocating for me in a situation like that.

Paul: Yeah, Maggie was phenomenal. She knew there was something off with the way Miranda was being treated and she set out to make sure she could save her.

Jasmine: Hell yeah! If anyone ever asks me why I'm a Maggie fan, I will direct them to this episode. She's so fiercely protective of her people. She read that doctor the riot act all the way through Miranda's surgery. It was magical.

Are you happy Miranda made peace with Ben's decision to pursue his dreams?

Stacy: Yes! These two are my favorite Grey's couple, and they just keep proving why with moments like these. They disagree often, but they always support and love each other, which is why their marriage is so successful.

No matter what comes between them, they always manage to work it out. If Shonda ever broke these two up, I don't think I could handle it.

Paul: Yes, it wouldn't have made sense for them to break up because we already knew Ben was going to be part of the spin-off. This plot went on long enough and it was time to draw a line under it.

Jasmine: Yes and no. Yes for all the reasons mentioned, but no because the initial issues weren't addressed. Miranda being concerned about her husband's new dangerous job was only a fraction of the issue.

This is the third time Ben made a career change, and he did most of it without consulting Bailey. He told everyone but her. Those were the biggest issues. That aside, I'm glad they're moving on.

What was your favorite quote and/or scene?

Stacy: Everything involving Maggie standing up to that obnoxious doctor. I loved that she was still telling him off while operating on Bailey.

Paul: Miranda calling her mother to let her know she had been hurt. It was powerful and poignant. It's time for Miranda to move on with her life, and her mother was constantly worried that her daughter was going to be hurt. Miranda needed to let her mother know she got hurt and that she was fine.

Jasmine: Miranda making her case to the doctors. It should have been enough, and it's insane that it wasn't. Also, Miranda telling Ben to build her a tree house. They're so cute.

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