How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Is Laurel's Father Innocent?

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Laurel's mother could be just as bad as her father. 

That was revealed on How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 11 when the mother returned and brought a whole lot of questions with her. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Whitney Evans and Paul Dailly discuss Ms. Castillo, Oliver looking guilty and so much more. 

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What did you think of Ms. Castillo?

Jasmine: She's a hot mess. Are there any normal parents on this show? We haven't come across one yet. She's intriguing though--not nearly as innocent as she came across in the beginning. I have the feeling she's about as cunning and manipulative as Mr. Castillo.

Whitney: I had a feeling she was not just going to be a loving mother, coming to Laurel's rescue in her time of need. I agree with Jasmine; I think in time we will see that she's pretty similar to Laurel's dad.

Paul: Yeah, she's not the best mother. She's undoubtedly working more than one angle. Should we have expected anything less? I think not. 

What's Wrong? - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 11

Was Connor right about Oliver looking guilty?

Jasmine: Yeah. Connor was absolutely right about Oliver looking guilty. Oliver has grown way too attached to Simon, and he may be their downfall as the police continue to look into things. He's putting a target on himself.

Whitney: Yes, Connor was right. Oliver is trying to do what he feels is right to make amends for his role in what happened that evening, but the more he tries to "help" Simon, the worse it will look for him.

Paul: I agree. Oliver needs to distance himself from all things, Simon. It won't take anyone from outside the group long to put two and two together. 

Annalise Defends - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 11

Could Ms. Castillo be the true mastermind, or are we getting red herrings thrown our way?

Jasmine: It may be somewhere in the middle. She probably isn't the true mastermind, so that part of it is misleading, but she has a significant role and knows more than she is letting on. I'm dying to know why she met Wes.

Whitney: You just never know on this show. Everyone seemed quick to dismiss her calling Dominic repeatedly, while I found that to be very suspicious. I think there is more to her than meets the eye but is she the real mastermind behind everything? It's usually not that simple.

Paul: Yeah, I'm on the fence. Everyone on this show could be part of the big mystery that's going on, and that meeting with Wes is making me think she's guilty of something. 

A Class Action Suit - How to Get Away with Murder

What is your take on Nate's father?

Jasmine: The system broke him down. It's appalling that he has been in solitary confinement for so long. It's surprising that he is as lucid as he is despite that. With the addition of Nate's father and the effects on Nate, this class-action has gotten interesting.

Whitney: I think he was a very good choice for their face case. He's a prime example of how the justice system can break down and fail people.

Paul: I want him to be the face case. He deserves a fair trial, and it's horrifying the way he has been treated. 

There are rumors swirling that Wes could be alive. Are you for or against this being true?

Jasmine: My love/hate relationship with Wes aside, I'm still pissed he was killed off. I wouldn't be opposed to it. With all the bodies that have piled up over the years, we're about due for a fake death. 

Whitney: When Wes was alive, I was always finding a reason to hate on him and blame him for everything. But the minute I found out he was dead, I was sad because he really was a massive part of this show and core part of the central dynamic. So I may regret saying this because Wes is known to mess things up royally, but I am all for him being alive.

Paul: He should stay dead. It's a sign of a show running out of ideas when a character is brought back from the dead. 

What did you think of all the action, How to Get Away with Murder Fanatics? 

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