Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Chapter Seventy-Three

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After such a steamy kiss, it seemed like Jane and Rafael were finally on the road to their happily ever after on Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 9

Except a steamy kiss was no longer enough. Back in the day, it would have been everything they needed, but now that they're raising a 5-year-old who fully grasps the concept of "family," it simply doesn't cut it.

Relationships are uncertain, and they are far from perfect, especially when there's so much baggage and history. 

Making Decisions - Jane the Virgin

Kids don't understand any of that, which makes it a bit harder to explain that their just "exploring the relationship."

Mateo quickly jumps to conclusions, exclaiming that his parents are getting married, then turns on Jane when she has her hesitations because she believes she's ruining the happily ever after that his little kid brain has envisioned. 

It's a slippery slope and a big reason why divorced parents are so careful about who they bring around their children and when they finally make the introductions. They don't want to give kids false hope or the wrong impression. 

Rafael admits he's really digging Mateo's idea of happily ever after but like us, Jane is experiencing some whiplash. 

We've come to a point in the series where Jane and Rafael are comfortable enough to express their concerns to each other and address problems head-on, without the fear of insulting each other. That's proof that whatever "this is," it's progressing in the right direction. 

I want to believe that Rafael is the hero, albeit flawed hero, in Jane's story. I do believe it, but I don't think he's fully ready for a committed relationship. 

Mateo's Confusion - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 9

For someone who was bouncing between both Jane and Petra — and briefly Katherine — not too long ago, he seems a bit too confident in what he's saying. 

Yes, it could be a good sign that he's matured, but it's also an indicator that he may be desperate to have someone and to secure himself a family. He's not in the best financial spot at the moment, and he's lost virtually everyone except for the Villanueva's. 

Forced to make a decision, Jane and Rafael agree that neither of them is in the headspace to provide a solid relationship in Mateo's eyes. There's too much pressure — pressure that will likely fail them before they even begin — coming from not only their son but also Alba, Xo, and Rogelio. 

Moosh, be the bigger man since you are.


Rogelio isn't the most relatable character, but I've never related to him more than when he rolled his eyes at their announcement. "Here we go again," we both thought. 

Then, the most surprising plot-twist; when no one was looking, Jane and Raf decided to pursue their romance 'as is.' Currently, it's the state of acting like two horny teenagers in the backseat of the car and Jane promising "lots of sex." As a "fresh" relationship should be.

It might evolve into something more, naturally, but at least they don't have to worry about letting anyone else down. Finally, we've figured it out writers! 

Jane and Rafael's relationship wasn't the only one making headway and truthfully, I ship Petra and Jane way more. 

Petra's Brunch - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 9

If an "end-game" exists, it's these two being allies who rely on each other for checks and balances.

Petra has always cared about Jane's opinion because she sees her as her moral compass; she knows that out of everyone, Jane is good by nature, and she's able to gauge how badly she's messed up by Jane's reaction. 

The narrator should provide us an "on a scale of 1-10, this is how horrified Jane is with Petra's actions," diagram. 

If you're ever confused on how to insert yourself back into someone's life, please take a page out of Petra's book. She charged right into the Villanueva household, established her presence in Jane's life and reminded her that brunch was never about the boys.

Petra: I've done plenty of things out of the goodness of my heart for you, haven't I?
Krishna: Like what?
Petra: Well, I can't remember right now. You're putting me on the spot.

And she's right — brunch formed because these two women needed guidance and support when he went to prison. 

Why should that change now? There's nothing I love more than women standing by each other! Alright, maybe Jane assertively explaining that second-book writers, especially women of color, don't get as many opportunities is up there too, but girl power! 

Almost immediately after she makes that comment, however, Petra, a less-experienced person, is extended a book deal without even trying. 

To be fair, Petra's life story is fascinating and the being looked into for murder angle could probably sell quite a lot. And it's not like Jane came completely prepared or even inspired by a second novel. She simply wanted to secure a deal because she was dropped by her publisher. 

Her ideas were a book about vampires and a reversal of Fifty Shades. Been there, done that. 

Kinky Rafael - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 9

Her headspace was filled with Rafael fantasies, including one where he wore leather and was whipped by dominatrix Jane. 

Mrs. Villanueva will see you now! 

Jane becoming Petra's ghostwriter was obvious, and it allows these two women to spend more time with each other, thus connecting them on a deeper level than ever before. 

The pay is also great, and Petra needs the help. All she wrote was "I am Petra" for crying out loud. 

Good luck on your Czechoslovakian bootstrap beach lifestyle book.


Rogelio's role as "Danny," a definite Full House reference, was the least effective part of the episode. 

Rogelio never had a chance to raise baby Jane, so his desire to be a part of Baby's life is understandable, but it's also why he has no idea what he's getting into. 

Babies are more than cute selfies for Instagram and definitely more than poop. If they continue to keep him on this path, hopefully, they'll find an angle that explores the commitment of a stay-at-home father raising a child. We don't see that enough on TV. 

Selfies with Baby  - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 9

Xo's dance studio storylines have never been giving, and at this point, I don't think she even knows what makes her happy anymore. If becoming a teacher at a competitor studio will stop her from talking about enrolling more students, I'm all for it. 

Petra always provides the drama, unintentionally; this time it comes with the help of complicated Lawyer Jane. 

Lawyer Jane is likable, but like most characters on this show, she cannot be trusted. 

Narrator: And in that moment, Rogelio thought: "if you take a selfie and no one sees it do you even exist?

She's working with Luisa and Rose, right? That comment about her "ex-girlfriend" was a huge red flag. 

Petra is so desperate for an ally and friend, she takes to Jane immediately, which is the whole goal of her employer, who expects her to get close to Petra and secure the blueprints to the Marbella guest room. 

Why would they need those?

Lawyer Jane also confirms that this person is sure Petra is guilty. Luisa would be the keenest on revenge, but if it isn't her, then it has to be Magda. Since Anezka's death, we haven't heard a peep from the mob-mother. 

It seems like Lawyer Jane will find herself in a moral dilemma as she does like Petra, but is being forced to take her down. 

Her mother existing and having Alzheimer's was a nice touch to building the multi-dimensional character that we'll soon love to hate. 

Thoughts on the episode?

Make sure you watch Jane the Virgin online and share your comments with me below! 

Chapter Seventy-Three Review

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