Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 15 Review: An Inconvenient Ruth

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On Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 15, Riggs feared that he was losing his edge, and Roger got a taste of the Daredevil life.

If that wasn't fantastic enough on its own, Riggs caught a glimpse of himself in the future via Ruthie. If he remains sober and takes care of himself, that is.

Ruthie may be the best character introduced on the show to date.

In a Tizzy - Lethal Weapon

Roger channeling his inner Riggs was entertainment for the ages and led to another one of those classic franchise scenes. How could you not enjoy every second of it?

Of course, Roger's walk on the wild and crazy side was all thanks to being mistaken for Harper's grandfather. First, while Roger is old enough to be her grandad, he doesn't actually look so old that he could only be her grandfather.

That young firefighter mistaking him as such felt a bit off. Trish was unfazed by it, but Roger spent the rest of the hour trying to prove he's not some old dude.

It proved to be great entertainment for us, and it brought out the best in the Roger/Riggs bromance. That is something that has been inconsistent all season.

Trading Dispositions

Unfortunately, it didn't sit well with Trish. This may be the biggest spat between the couple we've ever seen. It may not be resolved as quickly as usual.

It was all fun and games with Roger leading up to that final confrontation with Trish. Roger rode atop a speeding car during a high-speed chase (it was ridiculous at times when he didn't appear to be holding on to anything, but ridiculously fun nonetheless).

He also took a more aggressive approach interviewing witnesses. He saved Allie from a bomb and recklessly went into a gasoline-soaked cabin on the brink of exploding just to save Mr. Bellbottoms.

Roger rescuing a cat almost made up for a dog being killed a couple of episodes ago, but it didn't impress Trish at all. He could barely enjoy his moment with Avery and Scorsese before reality came crashing down.

Roger's Risky Behavior

Trish has every right to be upset about Roger taking such life-threatening risks. Of all the things he could pick up from Riggs, recklessness shouldn't be one of them.

Any time Roger ends up in the hospital, Trish goes back to that day he had his heart attack. She's terrified of losing Roger. She understands that danger comes with the job, but she also doesn't want him jeopardizing life for thrills when it isn't necessary.

All of that is perfectly reasonable. Yet a part of me wonders if Trish should lay off of him a bit. Roger needs to rein it in, but he's feeling so alive right now. Shouldn't he be allowed to feel alive?

How can you deny a man who typically plays it safe the happiness that he was experiencing throughout this installment? Trish has to ease up a bit. She loves and wants to keep her husband safe, but is she stifling him in the process?

Trish: I need you to tell me that this reckless behavior will end.
Roger: I can't.
Trish: Well, until then, you can sleep on the couch.
Roger: C'mon Trish, are you sure this is what you want?
Trish: If I have to learn to live without you, I may as well start now.
Roger: Ok. Fine, but be careful what you wish for.

It's something to think about.

Ruthie stole my heart the second she pulled out that gun and shot one of the robbers. In that moment, we were given an older female version of Riggs, and it was easily one of the highlights of the season so far.

It's a relief that she's sticking around.

While Cahill does her absolute best supporting and getting through to Riggs, including slapping him when he asks for it (another fantastic scene), Ruthie understood Riggs on a deeper level. She would make the perfect sponsor for him.

Cahill Slaps Riggs

For starters, it was deliciously good watching Riggs get a taste of his own medicine. Ruthie was about as unpredictable, uncouth, and kooky as Riggs. He didn't know how to handle it.

She gave him a run for his money at every turn. But outside of all of those fun moments, with her large personality, a penchant for nudity, and similarities to Riggs, her presence was emotional too.

Riggs felt like he was losing his edge because he was sober. He came close to hitting the bottle again, but each time, Ruthie was right there.

Ruthie saw right through Riggs and had no problem letting him know it. She's so good at reading him because of their similarities. She sees herself in him.

Honey, I'm not judging. Do what you gotta do. Drink. Slice your finger. Smash a bottle. Make yourself hurt so you don't have to hurt inside. But sooner or later, Marty, that's the hurt that gets ya.


Ruthie's presence and the unique hold she has on Riggs tapped into one of Riggs' issues. We don't know much about his relationship with his mother, but we do know she killed herself when he was young.

He missed out on having a mother figure as a child, so as annoyed as he pretended to be with Ruthie, he was quite taken with her. She came bearing wisdom and similar life experiences, and he's taking it all in.

She's the first person in quite some time who gets through to Riggs. If he's resorted to shooting bottles of liquor to avoid drinking it and self-harm to avoid falling off the wagon, he could use a recovering addict to show him the ropes.

I'll take this type of relationship over Riggs being thrown into another romantic one. It's something different for Riggs, and it may be the most fruitful bond he could have if it continues.

You had a good day. I'm happy for you; but until you let go of everything else, all that pain. You'll never be free.


Plus, just think of all the craziness that will inevitably happen with Ruthie living next door to him? Ruthie is a godsend, and she stole the episode.

The case wasn't nearly as enriching. Scheming spouses and their murderous greed. Allie being the baddie wasn't the best curveball, but any case that gives us multiple explosions is OK in my book.

Bowman was entertaining. Personally, I can take him or leave him, but a disheveled Bowman being lost in the world of the dark web provided a couple of chuckles. Also, he and Scorsese are a fun duo, but I missed Bailey.

How about you guys? Did you love Ruthie, too? Should Roger refrain from his risky behavior or should Trish lighten up? Are you surprised that Riggs is still sober? Hit the comments! 

There will be plenty of time to catch up on the season or relive it all over again before the next installment. You can watch Lethal Weapon online right here via TV Fanatic!

An Inconvenient Ruth Review

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Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Roger: We're only six years apart. How do you know about the dark web?
Avery: Korean skincare. Certain ointments aren't exactly legal stateside.

Next one goes between the dimples. What? I come prepared.